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Why The Fit & Healthy Individuals We Admire Aren't Cut From A Different Cloth

When we’re out of shape, it’s extremely easy to make excuses. The more out of shape and overweight you become, the easier it is to think this way. Thinking that you ‘simply don’t feel like it’ is easy to come up with and accept, without much mental challenge throughout that process. It’s much harder to say ‘I’ll do my best right now,’ especially if you haven’t trained that mental muscle. This leads to a negative cycle. Lack of activity can lead to a lack of mental clarity, which leads to lethargy, which leads to lack of activity, which can lead to increased weight and a lack of mental clarity, and the downward spiral goes on from there. It might be that you’ve felt this negative weight pull on you before. It can be insidious because often it’s not the most altering or overly immediate cycle to experience. It happens over weeks, months, years. Before long simply the idea of walking to the gym becomes scarier than even walking through the doors and signing up.
When we enter this mindset, it can be easy to view those who are engaged in a fit and healthy lifestyle with a form of disdain. How come they get to seemingly enjoy the fruits of a healthy lifestyle without any of the personal challenges? Are they cut from a different cloth?
No. No they’re not. You know this, but it can be easy to suppress that understanding. The truth is, if you’re able-bodied and mentally capable, you have every chance of becoming one of these people. It’s quite amazing how putting effort in can often help you feel restored, and you may realize all along that you had the power within you. It’s quite humbling to see just how much of our time we might have wasted in other pursuits.
This article will focus on this state of mind that is so easy to fall into, but not to criticize or downplay its effects. Instead, we hope to help you realize just how you can become one of these fit and healthy individuals with a set of assertions, attitudes and beliefs. After all, the hardest battles are always fought in the mind. We’d hope you find 
some comfort and strength in the following words:
Incremental Progress

We often see people in the gym and think ‘wow, I wish I could be that in shape.’ It might be that you see a young lad half your age squatting twice that you can, or perhaps you feel ashamed that you can’t run as fast as the other treadmill users. However, these people started out just like you. Nervous, shy, wanting to make a change, or to get better at something. Some might have been spurred on by the promise of a team sport, or they might be trying to mitigate a health condition, or they might know that exercise is the one anchor to their positive mental health. 
These people aren’t unlike you. They began using incremental progress. They might have had weeks where they felt absolutely awful. They might have skipped training sessions, and felt terrible about it. They might still not be completely happy with how their body is, or they might be struggling to break past an invisible goal you cannot see.
What matters is that you continue to come back. Half of success is simply showing up, and you’ll realize just how true that is the more you show up. Incremental progress is something to celebrate. Sure you might not be able to run three miles right now, but can you run those extra fifty steps? That might be something to feel proud about.
Another important thing to keep in mind with incremental progress is that it’s not linear. Like in all things, you can have good days and bad days. To think you need to do better each and every time can sometimes lead to overtraining, and that 
can take you out of the exercise regiment for some time. The incremental progress you find this week might be taking a rest week off, giving your body time to rest and recover. This matters, and it can help you come back stronger than ever. But all of this can seem fairly too advanced for your liking. It might just be you’re thinking ‘How often should you do cardio in the first place?’ Starting small, building your competency and falling in love with this lifestyle change is essential first and foremost.
Research your new exercise. This helps you develop a love for it. It helps provide more context to your workouts, even if you never wish to compete in that sport. For example, let’s say you wish to one-day rowboats on the water. Reading exercise manuals detailing the correct form, putting in the necessary cardio, finding athletes you respect and following their careers, or simply finding better ways to measure your progress can all help.

This might lead you to find the best stretching schedule for your needs, perhaps introducing you to something like Yoga. It might give you the motivation to join a rowing club instead of using the machines at the gym. It might help you feel more comfortable and engaged in trying new forms of exercise, such as compound weightlifting. Research matters and can help your mindset feel less overwhelmed at this new effort. It’s easy to think of training and exercise as a chore when you begin, but making it a hobby is the true secret to repeated success, and sticking with it all.
The Benefits
When you first see your weight dropping, your abs starting to show, your ability to lift furniture during your move without panting, or perhaps simply feeling better in yourself, you’ll likely be hooked for life. It’s from then you’ll realize that this effort is an anchor, something that supports you as much as you support it. This is how you will then be among those you admire. You will then define yourself partly by your new hobby. Then your self-care can permeate all matters of your life.
With these tips, both motivational and instructional, we hope you can live your healthiest life possible.

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