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Meaningful gifts don’t have to be big and expensive. If you’re on a budget and you want to show your appreciation for a loved one or a friend, here are a few gift ideas that are certain to make an impact.
Share photos
Photographs can make for a very meaningful gift. This could be a single photograph in a frame or it could be multiple photos in an album or a collage. Sites like Resnap can allow you to compile your own album digitally, although you may prefer to stick to an old-skool photo album. Try to look for happy memories that the two of your both enjoyed. You may even have photographs that they’ve never seen before or simply forgot existed.
Personalise items
You could also consider personalised gifts. Whilst items such as bespoke clothing can be expensive, there could ways of monogramming items or printing photos on them such as these KK phone cases. You could even consider etching a personal message into an item such as a bracelet or a tankard, or embroidering a custom design onto a wallet. Such items will have a unique personal meaning to the recipient, making them better than any generic gift.
Handcraft a gift
If you’re good with your hands, you could even consider crafting your own gift. This could be anything from custom-made jewellery to a hand baked cake. It takes true time and effort to craft someone a gift and your recipient will appreciate this. There are plenty of tutorials on the likes of Youtube that can help you to craft your own gift. Make sure to leave yourself enough to craft the item – in the case of something hand-knitted or embroidered you may want at least a couple weeks.
Combine hobbies and interests
You may be able centre gifts around hobbies and interests. In some cases, you may be able to combine two interests into one gift. For example, if someone really loves coffee and really loved cars, you may be able to find a car-themed mug. If someone really loves dogs and travelling, you may be able to get them a dog themed passport cover. You’re best searching for such gifts online through the likes of Amazon and Notonthehighstreet.
Get something foody
 Most of us appreciate foody gifts such as chocolates and sweets. Try to get creative with food-themed gifts and don’t just opt for a generic selection box. For example, you may be able to find luxury chocolates or personalised chocolates. If you’ve collected lots of foody gifts, you could even consider creating a food hamper to store all these foods in. There are premade gift hampers out there, but these tend to be expensive – you can save a lot of money by crafting one yourself.

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