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The clothes we wear are a showing of our personality. Fashion and style aren’t the same thing however, so we need to follow our personality first if you want to wear clothes that suit your soul. There’s a wonderful saying by Oscar Wilde, and it goes “fashion is so ugly, we have to change it every 6 months”. That hits home to a lot people because ask yourself, how long are you going to follow the crowd? At what point will you truly look and feel how you want to and not how a magazine or Instagram feed tells you to? Accessories are seen as add-ons. You just choose some that go with you outfit to complete it. You may need something that tops off a jacket such as bangles, or you could finish off a bikini look with just the right kind of sunglasses. But have you ever thought that accessories could hold more worth and power in your life than just being add-ons? What if they could become a part of you?

An infinite touch
Have you ever met or known someone that always has one thing as part of their body? You can’t picture them without it, and in fact you can’t remember when you didn’t see them with it. One such accessory option is a pinky ring. This classic small ring, is out of the way and never overshadows any of your other hand or arm accessories. You can easily wear a pinky ring that is purely expressing your personality and meaning and not have it take centre stage over say, your wedding ring or diamond bracelet. A pinky ring isn’t even supposed to be flashy, although mob characters in movies have made them so. Instead, it should be purely sentimental. Rather than a precious stone, how about a subtle stone instead such as marble, pearl or perhaps jade? The ring could be a simple flat metal piece with a message engraved into it. Foreign designs or perhaps including something that you saw on your travels like a mountain or animal into the ring’s design is also a great option.
Marking your body
We only get one body. No matter what happens to it, whether we put on too much weight or have an injury that changes a part of it, we would never want to truly swap it. Well, because it's ours right? There’s only one of us, therefore when something does happen to us we may want to mark ourselves to remind of us of something. Dermal piercings are one of those very subtle styles that don’t show up at first or second glance if they’re not in an obvious place. A dermal piercing behind the ear that places a small jewel or metal design of some kind won’t get spotted unless someone is close or is looking at your from an angle. It's not part of an outfit like an earring would be. It becomes a part of you and is normally used to symbolise something.
Accessories can just be for fun. They don’t have to be serious and can be changed at the drop of a hat. But some, can have great meaning in your life, become part of your image and become normalised.

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