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The First Steps To Shedding The Old You

Humans are very complex creatures. We can never be completely aware of our own preferences or behaviors, and certainly not our neuroticism. Everyone must simple chart the best course they can and try to be the most honest, open person possible. Taking care of yourself is a must, because it helps us realize just how important we are, and how much we deserve to live a happy, healthy and inspirational life.
However, sometimes old behaviors, habits, relationships, or other difficulties can continue to drag us down. R. Buckminster Fuller, legendary American architect once said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Put simply, in order to fight the old, you should build the new. That means sometimes, shedding the old version of you if they are unwanted, unsavory, or stuck can help you become the person you want to be with added clarity.
In order to achieve this, consider the following:
Cut Or Build Ties
Sometimes it’s important to prune or build your friends list. It might be that people are holding you down, or aren’t happy with you trying to change yourself. When you begin to improve who you are and shift, it can unsettle people. Many enjoy seeing their friends stuck in the same place they were because it’s comfortable and they can assign you to a box. Sometimes improving yourself can make people see the failure in themselves. This means that they will try to convince you this is a false effort. Cut those people out. While friends who can be honest and level with you is absolutely important, that should always be mitigated with positive encouragement, and a willingness to always be there. Provide this for someone else as well, and before long your friendships will become much more honest and valuable than they might have previously been.
Seek Professional Help
It might be that our own wit and will is not enough to make it through a problem. This isn’t an uncommon issue. People find themselves tugged in many different directions at once. For example, if you have a drug or drinking problem, it might be that using Ana Treatment Centres can help you avoid the usual cycle of relapse and unhappiness. When you seek professional help you make your internal struggle real, and begin to take steps to improve your standing with real advice, managed feedback and even therapy.
While cutting friends out can be a great idea, sometimes it’s not enough. It might be that moving to a completely new area could help you the most appropriately. Sometimes transitioning from one place to another can help you avoid old haunts and memories, or get you out of the habitual cycle you may have once been caught in. When you move you begin anew, even if this isn’t miles and miles away from your original place of living. This can help you renew your identity and personality, and begin building that life that means something to you.
With these tips, shedding the old you will only lead to a better, happier and more complete version of who you could be. We wish you the best of luck.

Budget Tips For New Students

If you’re about to go to university after the summer holiday, you might want to think about how you manage your budget. Indeed, your student years are determinant in creating your future financial stability. Too many students leave university with both a degree – congratulations, that’s fantastic!  – and a rather impressive accumulation of debts – that’s less good. The problem about your student debt is that it puts you in an awkward position to purchase your first home. If you have missed the current trends in homeownership, Millennials are likely to wait until they are in their late 30s or even early 40s because they can buy a house. In other words, you need to keep an eye on your budget now if you want to become a homeowner any time before you retire! 

Research the location to set your budget
Going to university generally means that you have to leave your parents’ home to find student accommodation options where you will study. As a rule of the thumb, you will find it easier during your first year to use a campus room, so that you can get used to the university lifestyle before you can consider renting out a house with friends. You will find a variety of accommodations, so do make sure to compare their features and costs. Your rental fees will be the primary factor of your monthly budget. 
Juggle health and costs like a pro
As appealing as junk food seems to be, you can’t survive on going to McDonalds 5 times a week. You need a healthy diet – which fast food restaurants don’t provide – that is within your budget. Don’t be afraid to look for affordable options from shops such as Aldi and Lidl. You might even be surprised by the quality of their products! Aim for seasonal fruits and vegetables, some healthy proteins, and snacks to take with you for long days. 
Reward yourself without shopping
When you need to stick to a strict budget, it can feel like you’re not indulging in anything. Instead, you need to look for simple pleasures as a way to reward yourself after a long week or a difficult lesson, for example. It’s important to find activities that don’t cost you anything, but that can still make you happy. How about mixing making some pancakes with what you’ve got in the cupboard? You can make delicious treats that will put a smile back on your face with just 4 ingredients! 
Find a part-time job
There are always expenses that you didn’t expect. You might realise that you need to buy some more books, or maybe you have to get a new laptop. Your student loan can help you with these, but you’ll find it easier to get a part-time job to keep a regular source of income. You can help at events, for instance. Trade shows, conferences and large parties always need extra waiting staff or a steward(ess) to guide people to their seat. You can also get in touch with event organisers to offer your services for all promotional campaigns – it means, you might get dressed up as a hotdog sausage to walk in the local shopping centre. 
In conclusion, there’s no denying that studying comes at a high cost in the UK. However, if you can use your years at university to learn how to manage a budget, you can make sure to protect your future solvability!
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