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Getting Back to the Gym After a Break

When it comes to exercise, working out and going to the gym, routine is key. When you go the same days every week, at times you know you are free and can give it your all, you get into a rhythm. You miss it if for some reason you can’t go but love it when you do. It makes you feel better, boosts your mood, and it’s something that you look forward to. Then, something happens. You take some time off for a holiday or because of an injury. The longer this break is, the harder it is to get back to your rhythm. You start making excuses not to go to the gym and find yourself putting it off. This can affect your physical and mental health, your mood, your confidence and your weight. So, let’s take a look at how to get back to your usual fitness routine after a break, and more importantly how to fall in love with it again. 
Look After Yourself
If you’ve taken some time off because of an injury, or just find that you are stiff and tired after your break, it’s essential that you take care of yourself to prevent further injuries. Get a Sports Massage, watch your diet and make sure you wear any strapping or supports that you might need. If you are worried or had a serious injury, see your doctor for advice before you even try to get back to it. 
Take it Slow
Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’ll be able to hit the machines and weights like nothing has happened. Even after a relatively short time off, you could have lost some fitness and muscle mass. Take things slowly. Drop some weight, reduce your reps, turn the speed down and do less. There’s nothing wrong with starting off with a gentle walk on the treadmill and building up from there, as long as it gets you there. 
Do Something You Enjoy

We all have favourite things at the gym. Some of us prefer swimming or fitness classes, others love lifting weights, and some enjoy cardio much more. We also have things that we can’t stand, and either avoid entirely or only do when we need to, to complete our workout. 
When you are just getting back into things, and you are struggling to hit the gym without making excuses, it’s a good idea to start with the things that you enjoy. Don’t worry about missing parts of your workout, just feel good that you’ve done more than you would if you hadn’t been at all. 
Set Attainable Targets
Targets are always a great way to push yourself. But, when you are just getting back to it, especially after an injury, it’s important to be realistic. Set your targets too high, you won’t meet them, and you’ll be disappointed. This can cause a huge setback. Instead, lower your expectations and set yourself goals that you’ll be able to meet. Reward yourself when you hit them.

My XLS - Nutrition journey so far ....

Hi Guys!!

I thought I would do a little check in with you, I’ve been a little quiet on my blog recently because I’ve been so super busy I just haven’t had a minute to finish off some of my posts. I’m so bad I know. However one reason I have been super busy is because I have been following the XLS Nutrition journey, and trying to fit meal preparation and exercising into working full time and blogging, is bloomin’ difficult.

I choose to take part in the XLS programme because I was struggling to lose the last few pounds I wanted rid of. If you are a regular follower of my blog you will know that before this I had already lost 50lbs previously, however with Christmas and a very busy social life I had managed to gain 8lbs back. I dreaded this happening, but as much as I exercised regularly my diet and alcohol intake just didn’t cut it. 

XLS is a 8 week weight loss programme, followed by a 4 weeks maintenance programme. It’s all well and good loosing pounds and inches but it’s maintaining it that’s the hard part. So for 8 weeks I’ve been trying to replace 2 meals a day with and XLS shake and then consuming a 500-600 calorie meal once a day. 

I am going to be completely honest here, I have in no way stuck to this plan completely. I have snacked when I most definitely shouldn’t have, I have had two meals a day on days where I have burned excessive calories exercising. Ohh and I may have had a couple of gins too.. (facepalm). However I have managed to have atleast one shake every day. I have made sure I walk between 10,000 and 15,000 steps a day, included in that I have made sure I go to the gym atleast 5 times a week. I have upped my water intake to 3 litres a day, and drank more green tea than coffee. 

I am now on week 5 of 8 and I am 6.5lb down in weight, which I am very happy about. My initial plan was to lose 8lb, 1lb a week so to already be ahead of that plan is great. As much as I haven’t stuck to the plan religiously, mentally it has made me a lot more prepared and I have worked a lot harder than I did before I was on the plan. I have decided to not measure my inches until the very last week so that I can see just how much I have lost.

You may think that 6.5lb isn’t a great loss, however I didn’t really have a massive amount to lose in the first place. Also I incorporate weights into my workout sessions so there is the chance that that has slowed down my weightloss number because muscle weighs heavier than mass, this is why I think inches lost show better results. 

So look out for Instagram posts over the next few weeks, as in 3 weeks time I will be publishing my final weightloss numbers.

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