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The Truth About High Street Jewellery Chains

A nice piece of jewellery is the perfect accessory to any outfit so you should always keep a good collection. When you’re going to splash out on some nice jewellery, you’ll want to make sure you’re going to a trusted retailer so you don’t get ripped off. Most people will opt for one of the well-established chains that they recognise. It makes sense that those places are the most successful because they offer good quality products at a reasonable price, but that isn’t always the case. They might have found success in the first place because they were good, but a lot of them don’t offer the quality that they claim to. It’s usually much better to go to an independent jeweller instead. Next time you think about buying jewellery from a chain store, be aware of these problems. 

Quality Of Diamonds 
These big jewellery chains usually cater to people that don’t know a huge amount about diamonds and they won’t ask too many questions about the quality and the cut etc. But if you were an expert and you went and examined them, you wouldn’t be impressed. They tend to have a small amount of loose stones, the rest are already set in jewellery, and they’re usually cheap and badly cut, with a lot of inconsistencies. Blue Nile is a big online diamond retailer that a lot of people see as a trusted source for jewellery but if you look at this review, you’ll see that experts are not impressed with the quality: As a general rule, the quality in these places will always be worse than the quality in an independent jeweller. 
It’s usually assumed that chain stores are going to be cheaper than independent places, that’s the way that it usually works in other industries. But when it comes to jewellery, it’s a different story. If you shop around, you can usually save about 10% in an independent place. It’s a little tricky because, on the face of it, the actual prices are often lower in a chain store but what you’ve got to remember is that they are exaggerating the quality. So, if you get the same quality of diamond in an independent, they will be more honest about it and charge you less. 
The other major benefit of shopping in an independent jeweller’s is that they’ll be willing to bargain on the price. In a chain, the price is set and there’s no wiggle room. But if you go to an independent and you tell them that you’re interested in something but it’s a little outside of your price range, they’ll often haggle with you. 
Lack Of Expertise
The people working in chain stores are not jewellers, they are salespeople. They’ll be quick to give you their sales spiel when you enter the shop, but if you want to know any detailed information about the jewellery or the diamonds, they won’t have a clue what they’re talking about. At best they’ll be able to reel off a few general phrases about the classification of the diamond but those classifications are problematic in themselves. Visit for more information on classifications and which ones to ignore. If you go to a proper jeweller’s, you won’t have any of these problems because they’ll be an expert in their field. 
The reason that these chains are often considered the best place to get good quality jewellery is simply good marketing. In reality, you’re paying more money for a worse product.

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