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4 steps to perfect soft boiled eggs everytime.

Call me crazy but there is nothing I enjoy more on my day off than being able to take the time to cook brunch! During my working week there isn’t a chance in hell I would have time to get up, brew an iced coffee, boil soft eggs and everything else, generally I just mix a protein shake and I’m out the door! So when I get a day off I love to cook a nice breakfast.

Eggs are always my go to breakfast due to their many health benefits ...

- Eggs are filled with essential vitamins

- They boost weight loss

- They are a source of low calorie protein

- They include HDL cholesterol 

And I love how versatile they are, poached, scrambled, omelettes, breakfast muffins, so quick and easy to cook aswell! 

At the moment I love soft boiled eggs on a toasted muffin, there is nothing better than buttery toast and a nice runny yolk is there? So with my love for soft boiled eggs I thought I would share with you my 4 easy steps to a perfect soft boiled egg everytime.


Step 1

Boiled a pan of salted water, ensure the water is bubbling and there is enough water in the pan to completely cover the eggs. I recommend cooking two at a time.

Step 2 

Place your eggs in the water for exactly 6 minutes, this gives you a runny yolk but solid white without any gooeyness (pretty sure I’ve made that word up). Always use a timer, 30 seconds either way makes quite a lot of difference!

Step 3

Take the eggs out the pan and place them in a container of cold water, as cold as possible and again make sure the eggs are completely covered. Leave the eggs in the water for 1 minute, no longer as the yolk starts to go cold. (Nobody likes a cold yolk)

Step 4 

Lay down some kitchen roll and tap the eggs gently until the shell has completely cracked. I find the more you crack the shell, the easier it is to peel off. Peel off the shell, then voila you have perfect soft boiled eggs. You can then pop them on top of toast, a salad or they go perfectly on top of a grilled steak!


Roo x 

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