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After a few weeks off.. I’m back :)

Unfortunately, sometimes life just gets in the way of things. And unfortunately for me life has got in the way of blogging the last few weeks. I’ve spent all my time and energy just getting through the weeks. I have never really been a negative person before, but recently I’ve felt myself really struggling with certain things. Instead of seeking help from others I decided to overcome this on my own, if anyone knows me I am normally quite vocal about problems I’m having but this time was a bit different. The main reason it has been different is because I’m not really sure what has caused me to feel this way, I just know I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve always been very passionate about what I’m achieving, and what I do on a daily basis but the last few weeks I haven’t felt any passion or motivation at all. I really hope this is a one off because I can’t stand the thought of me wasting anymore time feeling down in the dumps. Because of me not feeling 100% myself I felt like this would effect my writing, which is why I took a break from blogging for a few weeks. It was never going to be a permanent fixture, I couldn’t imagine not blogging at all anymore. I just think blogging is quite personal, and I didn’t want my readers to see this side of me. So onwards and upwards ... 

I am going to start putting myself first! I am always there to help others, do things for others and give up my time for others, but sometimes it feels like others wouldn’t do the same for me. So I am ready to start being selfish, for my own sanity! Over the last few weeks I’ve seen myself get stabbed in the back by people I didn’t think would ever bother me. But when people try to cause shit in your life you cannot help but get your back up about it! If there is one thing about me that will never change, I will put my hands up and admit if I have done something wrong, I will always take responsibility for my actions. So when you know you have done absolutely nothing wrong it’s hard to not bite back to accusations. Luckily, I think I have got to the point where I am ready to walk away from this chapter, I am just gonna put my head down and work hard towards my goals.

I am massively disappointed in myself for not reaching out to my loved ones. I have such a strong network of people I know fine well I could have relied on many of them to help me through this, but I just feel like pride took over me. 

What’s next for PrettyLittleGymAddict? 

I am so ready to share with you everything I’ve been getting up to in 2018. Even though I’ve had a bad few weeks the rest of the year has gone pretty well! February was such a crazy month for me including my two trips to Budapest and Berlin, I can’t wait to share with you what we got up to! I also started some great partnerships with some amazing brands, and there will be some super fun content coming very soon to my blog! Eeek! I’ve got a couple of trips to London coming up aswell which I can’t wait for. And I am loving my Instagram feed at the minute, it’s just amazing how much photos can hide what’s actually going on.

Unfortunately due to circumstances my fitness and health are nowhere near where I wanted them to be. My diet has been horrendous mainly due to the amount of binge drinking I have been doing, and I’ve been putting minimal effort into my workouts. Nobody could be more disappointed about this than me. However this is why I write this blog, I am just a normal girl trying to find the balance in life between eating well and working out but having a bloody good time as well. So I have whipped my butt into shape and earlier this week I began to track my food again and I am back to enjoying my workouts! Aiming to eat tracked 6 days a week with just the one more lenient day, this is not a cheat day as I will be looking at consuming only 250 more calories than normal. My aim is to drop 8lbs in the next 8 weeks, this would get me to my lowest weight yet. Even though my heart hasn’t been in it, I have only gained 2-3lbs so I have been quite lucky that I haven’t let myself go too much. I am currently signed up for 2 boxing boot camp sessions a week and will try to match this with at least 3 gym sessions a week and one outdoor run, weather permitting. 

I am sorry for my absence over the last few weeks but it has been a personal journey that I have had to deal with myself. Please keep your eye out for new content coming very soon :)

Ruth x

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