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4 Ways To Travel And Save Money At The Same Time

Traveling is one of the most amazing ways a person can spend their time but unfortunately, it’s also quite expensive. When you’re broke and you’re trying to save up money for a car or a house, it seems like you’ve barely got enough to put enough into a savings account let alone think about going away somewhere. The thing is, it’s still possible to do both, it’ll just take a bit of hard work and a few sacrifices. If you’re itching to travel but you need to save up some cash as well, here’s how you do it. 
Take Shorter Trips 
When people are looking over their finances and trying to work out if they can afford to travel they’re usually thinking about the price of a week or two. They decide they can’t afford it so they give up on the idea altogether. Even if you can’t afford to fly halfway around the world for a week, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience somewhere new. Why not have weekend getaways somewhere cheap? It doesn’t even have to be somewhere outside of the country. If you take a few shorter trips throughout the year you can spread the costs out and still quench your thirst for adventure as well. 
Travel In Winter
Obviously the summer months are the most popular for travel, especially in school holidays, which means it’s going to cost more. A lot of people turn their nose up at the idea of traveling in winter because half the reason they’re going is the sun. It’s probably not a good idea to go to a beach resort in the middle of winter but there are so many great European cities that are amazing to experience when the weather is cold. Places like Prague or Budapest are perfect for weekend breaks because they’re cheap and they’re magical in winter. 
Cut One Cost
Most people will tell you that you need to write a strict budget that only includes the bare essentials for staying alive if you want to save for travel. You could do that and you’d probably save the money up pretty quickly, but your life would be pretty grim in the meantime. A much better way of doing it is to cut just one unnecessary cost and put all of that money into a travel fund instead. Something like buying coffee everyday costs a fair amount of money when you add it up and that one small change makes it far easier to save for traveling. 
Alternate Months 
Another big problem people have is that they don’t want to put money aside for travel because it seems like they’re only saving a tiny amount for other things. If you alternate months and save your extra cash for travel one month and then put some in a different savings account the next month, you won’t have that problem. Whenever you’ve got extra money from a bonus at work or something, put all of it straight into the travel fund. It’ll take longer to save the money but you can have the best of both worlds. 
Trying to balance financial responsibility and a passion for travel is a struggle, but it can be done.

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