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Healthy Habits For The New Year

Now that we are in the full swing of 2018, it is time to start thinking about how to incorporate some healthy habits into our lives. Here are some of the ha it’s which you should be adding into your daily lives this year. 
1. Stock up on healthy foods
It is incredibly important if you want to stay healthy in the new year that you keep plenty of healthy options on hand. If you have a ton of fruit on the kitchen tables and veggies in the fridge ready to go, you will be much more likely to reach for those when you fancy a snack rather than reaching for the sweets. By having healthy food everywhere in your home it will be much easier for you to stay on track with your diet and avoid falling into a trap. 

2. Mindful eating

How many times each day do you sit down and enjoy your meal without distractions? When we eat while watching TV, working or playing with our phones we tend to eat much quicker and not fully enjoy the food we consume. Because of this we tend to overeat and this can cause us to put on weight. Ideally when you are eating your dinner in the evenings you want to be concentrating on what you are eating and ignore everything else. 
3. Drink water instead
Ditch the liquid calories and stick to water as much as you can. It is understandable that not everyone likes to drink water, but you can add fruit and herbs like mint to your water if you don’t feel like it tastes of anything. Drinking water instead of soda and fruit juice will have a massive effect on your diet and help your digestive system hugely. It will make a massive difference to how you feel overall and the way you live your life. 

4. Chew your food

It is crucial that you learn to chew your food thoroughly. It is not only for your digestion, but also because it will allow you to eat slower and get full much quicker. Also make sure that you pay attention to your oral hygiene and always brush your teeth for at least two minutes morning and night, you might also want to look at All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening to make sure that your food doesn’t cause stains on your teeth permanently.

5. Snack on fruit 

If you are hungry during the day, grab an apple or a banana. Avoid buying bags of crisps or chocolate from the vending machine because these both can make a huge dent in your calorie intake for the day and won’t satisfy your hunger. Instead try eating a big bowl of fruit which contains lots of vitamins and minerals, and will you up for the afternoon without an issue. 

6. Eat colourful food

Stay away from the plate of beige and brown food, and instead swap this for foods with vibrant colours. Fruits and vegetables are full of different vitamins and minerals depending on their colours which is why you want to be eating a range of colours every single day. For example having a salad with leafy greens, antioxidant containing red veggies and yellow starches can make your body feel much more energised and healthy. 

3 Dieting Myths You Probably Believe

When you’re trying to lose weight, you might decide to do a quick Google search and find some tips. You’ll soon be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there, a lot of it contradictory. Every year there is a load of new fad diets and everybody seems to have their own quick fix for losing weight and keeping it off. It can be difficult to work out the good from the bad when you’re looking over all that advice. That’s a problem because if you start following the tips that don’t work, you might find yourself putting weight on rather than losing it. To help you avoid that, these are some of the most common diet tips that just don’t work. 
Protein Shakes 

A common way of trying to lose weight is having protein shakes in place of meals. While it can help you to lose weight because there aren’t many calories in there, it’s going to cause you all sorts of other problems. The first issue is the taste; they aren’t pleasant to drink which is going to make it much harder to keep up with it. Even if you aren’t bothered about drinking the same tasteless shake every day, you’re missing out on a lot of important things that your body needs. True, you’ll get plenty of protein, you just won’t get much of anything else. All of the essential nutrients and vitamins that your body usually gets from healthy, home cooked food aren’t in protein shakes so you’ll have a lot of deficiencies. Your body gets hungry because of a lack of nutrition, not because of an empty stomach. That’s why it’s easy to carry on eating loads of junk food and still feel hungry because you aren’t giving your body what it needs. So, if you start replacing all your meals with protein shakes, not only will you be unwell, you’ll also be hungry all the time still. 
If you’re working out regularly then taking protein supplements is a good idea, just use it as part of a balanced diet. Click here to find loads of great flavoured powders to add to foods as well as spreads and all sorts of other food products. You’ll get the protein but you’ll also get the nutrition you need and it’ll actually taste nice so keeping up with the diet won’t feel like a chore. 
Drinking Water 

Another common myth is that drinking water flushes out fat and makes you lose weight. It can help you to lose weight because studies found that drinking water before a meal means you eat slightly less and drinking water is good either way. Just don’t expect to drop a load of weight by drinking water and not changing anything else. 
Honey Is Better Than Sugar

The word ‘natural’ is dangerous because it immediately makes us think that something is healthier. Honey is a great example of this. People often think that they can eat as much honey as they like because it’s a natural sugar so it’ll help them lose weight. Actually, the opposite is true, honey has more calories weight for weight than normal granulated sugar. It’s best to avoid either if you’re trying to lose weight. 
As a general rule, don’t take anything at face value. Try to research these tips and see if they’re confirmed anywhere else before you follow them.

"Mirror, Mirror, What Do You See?" Look Irresistible This Winter

Look irresistible this Winter with our below beauty tips (image:
With Blue Monday around the corner, the saddest day of the year looms upon us. It is not easy to look gorgeous when the skies are greyer than an old abandoned factory and rain threatens to ruin our make up day in and day out. Still, this is the season that we must face when Autumn ends and before we get to the gorgeous Spring.
If you feel under the weather and think you could do with some pampering that will make you look and feel better, read the below tips on how to look irresistible this Winter.
Hit the shops and shop to impress
Christmas has just gone, and your account is looking poorer than ever before. However, there is no gain without pain they say, and it’s true. You cannot expect to look classy if you are still wearing the coat that your grandmother knitted for you five years ago, while the rest of the world has moved on and is shopping garments that make them look fabulous. If you are feeling the winter blues and need something that will cheer you up, hit the shops this Winter and buy the dress you have been admiring through the shop window ever since you started your new job. Spending and making sure you do this wisely is about following a strict expenses plan and with one of these in place, you too could afford the fashion item of your dreams.
Invest in your beauty
You cannot wake up every day and complain about your appearance if you are taking no steps to look after this properly. Your beauty is most likely a reflection of how you are feeling inside, and as a result, it pays off to be thinking positive thoughts and leading a happy life. However, beauty is also what we do with our bodies and paying attention to our exterior and taking good care of it will pay off not only in the short term but the long term too. If you would like to look top dollar this Winter, why not invest in the following Aesthetic Treatments? They will help you become the woman you have been dreaming of ever since you became a beauty-conscious teenager.
Don’t neglect your hair
Your hair is like the icing on the cake, the part of your body that adds to your beauty. Some have it long, others have it short, and some prefer to shave it off. Whatever the length, the health of your hair is incredibly vital for you to keep maintaining the killer looks you have inherited. According to experts, you should be washing your hair two to three times per week, no more and no less, and the water when you shower shouldn’t be too hot in order for it not to damage the naturally looking hair you were born with (if your hair is coloured this should still be washed with lukewarm water). You should always towel dry your hair after a shower, even before you apply your hairdryer to it, and it would be beneficial if you brushed it at least twice a day, so that it remains shiny and untangled. Your hair is one of your best assets, make sure you look after it!

4 Ways To Travel And Save Money At The Same Time

Traveling is one of the most amazing ways a person can spend their time but unfortunately, it’s also quite expensive. When you’re broke and you’re trying to save up money for a car or a house, it seems like you’ve barely got enough to put enough into a savings account let alone think about going away somewhere. The thing is, it’s still possible to do both, it’ll just take a bit of hard work and a few sacrifices. If you’re itching to travel but you need to save up some cash as well, here’s how you do it. 
Take Shorter Trips 
When people are looking over their finances and trying to work out if they can afford to travel they’re usually thinking about the price of a week or two. They decide they can’t afford it so they give up on the idea altogether. Even if you can’t afford to fly halfway around the world for a week, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience somewhere new. Why not have weekend getaways somewhere cheap? It doesn’t even have to be somewhere outside of the country. If you take a few shorter trips throughout the year you can spread the costs out and still quench your thirst for adventure as well. 
Travel In Winter
Obviously the summer months are the most popular for travel, especially in school holidays, which means it’s going to cost more. A lot of people turn their nose up at the idea of traveling in winter because half the reason they’re going is the sun. It’s probably not a good idea to go to a beach resort in the middle of winter but there are so many great European cities that are amazing to experience when the weather is cold. Places like Prague or Budapest are perfect for weekend breaks because they’re cheap and they’re magical in winter. 
Cut One Cost
Most people will tell you that you need to write a strict budget that only includes the bare essentials for staying alive if you want to save for travel. You could do that and you’d probably save the money up pretty quickly, but your life would be pretty grim in the meantime. A much better way of doing it is to cut just one unnecessary cost and put all of that money into a travel fund instead. Something like buying coffee everyday costs a fair amount of money when you add it up and that one small change makes it far easier to save for traveling. 
Alternate Months 
Another big problem people have is that they don’t want to put money aside for travel because it seems like they’re only saving a tiny amount for other things. If you alternate months and save your extra cash for travel one month and then put some in a different savings account the next month, you won’t have that problem. Whenever you’ve got extra money from a bonus at work or something, put all of it straight into the travel fund. It’ll take longer to save the money but you can have the best of both worlds. 
Trying to balance financial responsibility and a passion for travel is a struggle, but it can be done.
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