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The sports clothing market hits over £2.5 billion in 2017 in the UK. Athleisure wear is a popular category when it comes to fashion. After all, who doesn’t own a pair of comfortable leggings to hit the gym? However, the activewear market acts as a double-edged sword for consumers. While the back to school/ back to work fashion is already out and pushing new fitness gear, it’s important to keep a cool head before committing to further purchases. In fact, buying fitness gear might even be counterproductive if you’re not careful! If you thought that choosing the best outfit to go to work out was only one of the numerous motivational tools available to keep your focused on your fitness journey, you were wrong. There is a lot more to it than trendy leggings and sweatproof tops. It’s time to dive at the heart of the sportswear fashion industry to understand its complexity and its potential risks. 

Fact #1: you can’t train without fitness gear
It’s fair to say that you can’t really hit the gym wearing your casual denim and shirt. The fitness sector requires functional clothing, which you need to buy before you can train. However, it can be helpful to limit costs by picking a handful of quality items, from GASP pants for male bodybuilders to sport-friendly tops for women. For girls especially, you need to invest in a proper sports bra. Let’s be honest. You can’t train in your favourite bra because it won’t provide the kind of support you need when running, dancing or simply stretching yourself on a yoga matt. So your first step on your fitness journey is actually in a shopping centre. 
Fact #2: activewear comes at a price 
While sportswear is essential for your comfort, it is also highly specialised. You’ve probably noticed that quality sports bras are considerably more expensive than high street bras. That’s because the materials and designs serve a different purpose. However, you need to be careful when shopping for your next sports outfit. Athleisure wear is expensive. Brands like Nike, Lululemon, and Aeance are made with high tech fabric that can cost over £100. The question you want to ask yourself is how much are you ready to pay to just sweat in a pair of trousers? To put it simply, how much is too much? Getting fit doesn’t have to break the bank. 
Fact #3: buying activewear doesn’t mean you are active
Finally, while the athleisure market is growing, the number of people who work out regularly hasn’t increased proportionally. The reason for it is simple. For a lot of people, the simple fact of buying fitness gear provides a fashionable boost of confidence. As wearing sports leggings makes you appear more active, you instinctively begin to feel good about your fitness programme, without actually ever working out. Don’t let this false sense of confidence replace the sports activity. Wearing sportswear doesn’t make you fitter! It’s important to establish strict rules and only wear your fitness gear when you plan to train. 
From overspending on a pair of sports leggings to letting athleisure distract you from your fitness goals, the world of activewear can be damaging. Remember that fitness fashion is only a tool on your fitness journey! Don’t let it define the whole journey.

The First Steps To Shedding The Old You

Humans are very complex creatures. We can never be completely aware of our own preferences or behaviors, and certainly not our neuroticism. Everyone must simple chart the best course they can and try to be the most honest, open person possible. Taking care of yourself is a must, because it helps us realize just how important we are, and how much we deserve to live a happy, healthy and inspirational life.
However, sometimes old behaviors, habits, relationships, or other difficulties can continue to drag us down. R. Buckminster Fuller, legendary American architect once said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Put simply, in order to fight the old, you should build the new. That means sometimes, shedding the old version of you if they are unwanted, unsavory, or stuck can help you become the person you want to be with added clarity.
In order to achieve this, consider the following:
Cut Or Build Ties
Sometimes it’s important to prune or build your friends list. It might be that people are holding you down, or aren’t happy with you trying to change yourself. When you begin to improve who you are and shift, it can unsettle people. Many enjoy seeing their friends stuck in the same place they were because it’s comfortable and they can assign you to a box. Sometimes improving yourself can make people see the failure in themselves. This means that they will try to convince you this is a false effort. Cut those people out. While friends who can be honest and level with you is absolutely important, that should always be mitigated with positive encouragement, and a willingness to always be there. Provide this for someone else as well, and before long your friendships will become much more honest and valuable than they might have previously been.
Seek Professional Help
It might be that our own wit and will is not enough to make it through a problem. This isn’t an uncommon issue. People find themselves tugged in many different directions at once. For example, if you have a drug or drinking problem, it might be that using Ana Treatment Centres can help you avoid the usual cycle of relapse and unhappiness. When you seek professional help you make your internal struggle real, and begin to take steps to improve your standing with real advice, managed feedback and even therapy.
While cutting friends out can be a great idea, sometimes it’s not enough. It might be that moving to a completely new area could help you the most appropriately. Sometimes transitioning from one place to another can help you avoid old haunts and memories, or get you out of the habitual cycle you may have once been caught in. When you move you begin anew, even if this isn’t miles and miles away from your original place of living. This can help you renew your identity and personality, and begin building that life that means something to you.
With these tips, shedding the old you will only lead to a better, happier and more complete version of who you could be. We wish you the best of luck.

Budget Tips For New Students

If you’re about to go to university after the summer holiday, you might want to think about how you manage your budget. Indeed, your student years are determinant in creating your future financial stability. Too many students leave university with both a degree – congratulations, that’s fantastic!  – and a rather impressive accumulation of debts – that’s less good. The problem about your student debt is that it puts you in an awkward position to purchase your first home. If you have missed the current trends in homeownership, Millennials are likely to wait until they are in their late 30s or even early 40s because they can buy a house. In other words, you need to keep an eye on your budget now if you want to become a homeowner any time before you retire! 

Research the location to set your budget
Going to university generally means that you have to leave your parents’ home to find student accommodation options where you will study. As a rule of the thumb, you will find it easier during your first year to use a campus room, so that you can get used to the university lifestyle before you can consider renting out a house with friends. You will find a variety of accommodations, so do make sure to compare their features and costs. Your rental fees will be the primary factor of your monthly budget. 
Juggle health and costs like a pro
As appealing as junk food seems to be, you can’t survive on going to McDonalds 5 times a week. You need a healthy diet – which fast food restaurants don’t provide – that is within your budget. Don’t be afraid to look for affordable options from shops such as Aldi and Lidl. You might even be surprised by the quality of their products! Aim for seasonal fruits and vegetables, some healthy proteins, and snacks to take with you for long days. 
Reward yourself without shopping
When you need to stick to a strict budget, it can feel like you’re not indulging in anything. Instead, you need to look for simple pleasures as a way to reward yourself after a long week or a difficult lesson, for example. It’s important to find activities that don’t cost you anything, but that can still make you happy. How about mixing making some pancakes with what you’ve got in the cupboard? You can make delicious treats that will put a smile back on your face with just 4 ingredients! 
Find a part-time job
There are always expenses that you didn’t expect. You might realise that you need to buy some more books, or maybe you have to get a new laptop. Your student loan can help you with these, but you’ll find it easier to get a part-time job to keep a regular source of income. You can help at events, for instance. Trade shows, conferences and large parties always need extra waiting staff or a steward(ess) to guide people to their seat. You can also get in touch with event organisers to offer your services for all promotional campaigns – it means, you might get dressed up as a hotdog sausage to walk in the local shopping centre. 
In conclusion, there’s no denying that studying comes at a high cost in the UK. However, if you can use your years at university to learn how to manage a budget, you can make sure to protect your future solvability!

Getting Back to the Gym After a Break

When it comes to exercise, working out and going to the gym, routine is key. When you go the same days every week, at times you know you are free and can give it your all, you get into a rhythm. You miss it if for some reason you can’t go but love it when you do. It makes you feel better, boosts your mood, and it’s something that you look forward to. Then, something happens. You take some time off for a holiday or because of an injury. The longer this break is, the harder it is to get back to your rhythm. You start making excuses not to go to the gym and find yourself putting it off. This can affect your physical and mental health, your mood, your confidence and your weight. So, let’s take a look at how to get back to your usual fitness routine after a break, and more importantly how to fall in love with it again. 
Look After Yourself
If you’ve taken some time off because of an injury, or just find that you are stiff and tired after your break, it’s essential that you take care of yourself to prevent further injuries. Get a Sports Massage, watch your diet and make sure you wear any strapping or supports that you might need. If you are worried or had a serious injury, see your doctor for advice before you even try to get back to it. 
Take it Slow
Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’ll be able to hit the machines and weights like nothing has happened. Even after a relatively short time off, you could have lost some fitness and muscle mass. Take things slowly. Drop some weight, reduce your reps, turn the speed down and do less. There’s nothing wrong with starting off with a gentle walk on the treadmill and building up from there, as long as it gets you there. 
Do Something You Enjoy

We all have favourite things at the gym. Some of us prefer swimming or fitness classes, others love lifting weights, and some enjoy cardio much more. We also have things that we can’t stand, and either avoid entirely or only do when we need to, to complete our workout. 
When you are just getting back into things, and you are struggling to hit the gym without making excuses, it’s a good idea to start with the things that you enjoy. Don’t worry about missing parts of your workout, just feel good that you’ve done more than you would if you hadn’t been at all. 
Set Attainable Targets
Targets are always a great way to push yourself. But, when you are just getting back to it, especially after an injury, it’s important to be realistic. Set your targets too high, you won’t meet them, and you’ll be disappointed. This can cause a huge setback. Instead, lower your expectations and set yourself goals that you’ll be able to meet. Reward yourself when you hit them.

My XLS - Nutrition journey so far ....

Hi Guys!!

I thought I would do a little check in with you, I’ve been a little quiet on my blog recently because I’ve been so super busy I just haven’t had a minute to finish off some of my posts. I’m so bad I know. However one reason I have been super busy is because I have been following the XLS Nutrition journey, and trying to fit meal preparation and exercising into working full time and blogging, is bloomin’ difficult.

I choose to take part in the XLS programme because I was struggling to lose the last few pounds I wanted rid of. If you are a regular follower of my blog you will know that before this I had already lost 50lbs previously, however with Christmas and a very busy social life I had managed to gain 8lbs back. I dreaded this happening, but as much as I exercised regularly my diet and alcohol intake just didn’t cut it. 

XLS is a 8 week weight loss programme, followed by a 4 weeks maintenance programme. It’s all well and good loosing pounds and inches but it’s maintaining it that’s the hard part. So for 8 weeks I’ve been trying to replace 2 meals a day with and XLS shake and then consuming a 500-600 calorie meal once a day. 

I am going to be completely honest here, I have in no way stuck to this plan completely. I have snacked when I most definitely shouldn’t have, I have had two meals a day on days where I have burned excessive calories exercising. Ohh and I may have had a couple of gins too.. (facepalm). However I have managed to have atleast one shake every day. I have made sure I walk between 10,000 and 15,000 steps a day, included in that I have made sure I go to the gym atleast 5 times a week. I have upped my water intake to 3 litres a day, and drank more green tea than coffee. 

I am now on week 5 of 8 and I am 6.5lb down in weight, which I am very happy about. My initial plan was to lose 8lb, 1lb a week so to already be ahead of that plan is great. As much as I haven’t stuck to the plan religiously, mentally it has made me a lot more prepared and I have worked a lot harder than I did before I was on the plan. I have decided to not measure my inches until the very last week so that I can see just how much I have lost.

You may think that 6.5lb isn’t a great loss, however I didn’t really have a massive amount to lose in the first place. Also I incorporate weights into my workout sessions so there is the chance that that has slowed down my weightloss number because muscle weighs heavier than mass, this is why I think inches lost show better results. 

So look out for Instagram posts over the next few weeks, as in 3 weeks time I will be publishing my final weightloss numbers.


Turtle Bay’s Vegetarian Menu

Recently I headed to Turtle Bay in Middlesbrough to try out their vegetarian menu. I am in no way saying that I am a vegetarian however I thought it would be nice to give it a try, not only to give myself a fresh idea of meat free meals but also to help my readers find restraurants that offer a great variety of options. Turtle Bay definitely offers a large variety, not like most places where there are only one or two options for vegetarians or vegans. I took along my friend Zoe who has recently cut quite a lot of meat out of her diet, so I felt she was the perfect person to accompany me. We both had such a lovely time, the food was amazing but even that was topped by the exceptional customer service. They couldn’t have done anymore for us! 

What I thought was great was that their vegetarian and vegan menu had a range of starters, main courses, desserts and a drinks menu all suitable for those following. Like I said previously I’m very used to seeing such a small selections of vegetarian or vegan dishes on menus.
I was a little sceptical at first because I didnt have a clue what to try, I’m normally just a meat and veg kind of person so trying something different was good for me but quite scary aswell. We decided we would start with the Vital Veggie Platter, this way we got the option to try a little bit of all the starters on the menu. The platter included sweetcorn fritters, crispy okra, jerk pit grilled mushrooms and peppers, halloumi and mango flatbread, sweet plantain and a super green salad. Honestly it was amazing! There wasn’t one item on the platter that I didn’t enjoy. It was so nice to see how differently vegetable can be cooked and made so tasty! I think I liked the crispy okra and sweetcorn fritters the best, but it was a close call.

For mains I went for the Spinach, Aubergine & Sweet Potato Curry served with steamed rice and flatbread, actually we both did. I would normally order a sweet mild curry from a takeaway as I’m not a massive fan of spice, I prefer something with good flavour. This curry had a chilli kick, along with lots of different flavours. It’s something I would love to try and make at home, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I always thought a meal wasn’t complete without meat however this has changed my opinion completely. Sweet potato and spinach work really well together.

We were a little naughty and decided to have pudding too, oooops! I ordered the chocolate brownie with ice cream, again this was on the vegetarian menu aswell. OMG!! It was beautiful, rich but not too heavy. And it just finished the meal off perfectly! I will definitely be ordering it again next time we head to Turtle Bay!

All round we had such a perfect evening. Turtle Bay is somewhere you can go as a couple, a family meal or even just a catch up with friends, I love the reggae reggae them that’s runs through the whole restaurant, decor and bar. It’s nice to go somewhere abit different for a change, you’ll have to give it a try!

Roo x

Lose Weight Without The Calorie Calculators

Every trainer in the land (well, most lands) will tell you that the truest way that you can lose weight is to create a deficit in your calories. The hard part about this is that calories can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest here; they’re correct. A deficit in your daily calories, no matter how big or small, will lead to weight loss. Here’s the thing about that: calorie counting may be a great way to lose weight, but it’s sure as anything not the ONLY way to lose weight.

Weight loss is a touchy topic for most people. So many out there have a specific way to do things and watch the scales move, that to suggest anything other than their own plan is going to be met with disdain. And that’s okay; not everyone will want to make a change when there is already something working for them. Weight loss is entirely possible without counting every calorie that passes your lips. Choosing lifestyles like the In-Sync Diet, for example, can help you to lose the weight that you want without having to count those pesky calories in every bite. The other thing about calorie counting is that so many are terrible at it! Eggs in one size have a different number of calories as eggs in another size, and if you aren’t counting the calories correctly you can find yourself accidentally eating more anyway!

Calorie labels on food aren’t always accurate. A punnet of grapes in one store will have a different calorie content to grapes in another store, and so you can find that labelling can be wrong up to a fifth of the time. Rather than spend your entire grocery shop counting all the calories in the store, you could let go of the boredom. You can’t calorie count through every situation in your life, either. Calories are present at weddings and social events, too, which means your whole plan can go flying out of the window with a canape at your next social event. It’s not always a convenient way to lose weight.

One of the most positive ways that you can lose weight is intermittent fasting. This doesn’t mean eating nothing, it means following a principle of say skipping out on one of the meals in your day and during that time, enjoying peppermint tea and water instead of the meal you would have eaten. Pairing foods that are high in protein as well as being high in fiber (such as chicken and veggies) can also help you to slim down without having to count every bite that you eat. Drinking water to fill the gap between meals where your body is craving carbs and fakes you out with hunger is a great way to flush out your body. Increasing your metabolism is going to be the best way for you to stay healthy throughout each day.

Calorie counting can be boring and stressful; lose the weight you want without the math.

The Truth About High Street Jewellery Chains

A nice piece of jewellery is the perfect accessory to any outfit so you should always keep a good collection. When you’re going to splash out on some nice jewellery, you’ll want to make sure you’re going to a trusted retailer so you don’t get ripped off. Most people will opt for one of the well-established chains that they recognise. It makes sense that those places are the most successful because they offer good quality products at a reasonable price, but that isn’t always the case. They might have found success in the first place because they were good, but a lot of them don’t offer the quality that they claim to. It’s usually much better to go to an independent jeweller instead. Next time you think about buying jewellery from a chain store, be aware of these problems. 

Quality Of Diamonds 
These big jewellery chains usually cater to people that don’t know a huge amount about diamonds and they won’t ask too many questions about the quality and the cut etc. But if you were an expert and you went and examined them, you wouldn’t be impressed. They tend to have a small amount of loose stones, the rest are already set in jewellery, and they’re usually cheap and badly cut, with a lot of inconsistencies. Blue Nile is a big online diamond retailer that a lot of people see as a trusted source for jewellery but if you look at this review, you’ll see that experts are not impressed with the quality: As a general rule, the quality in these places will always be worse than the quality in an independent jeweller. 
It’s usually assumed that chain stores are going to be cheaper than independent places, that’s the way that it usually works in other industries. But when it comes to jewellery, it’s a different story. If you shop around, you can usually save about 10% in an independent place. It’s a little tricky because, on the face of it, the actual prices are often lower in a chain store but what you’ve got to remember is that they are exaggerating the quality. So, if you get the same quality of diamond in an independent, they will be more honest about it and charge you less. 
The other major benefit of shopping in an independent jeweller’s is that they’ll be willing to bargain on the price. In a chain, the price is set and there’s no wiggle room. But if you go to an independent and you tell them that you’re interested in something but it’s a little outside of your price range, they’ll often haggle with you. 
Lack Of Expertise
The people working in chain stores are not jewellers, they are salespeople. They’ll be quick to give you their sales spiel when you enter the shop, but if you want to know any detailed information about the jewellery or the diamonds, they won’t have a clue what they’re talking about. At best they’ll be able to reel off a few general phrases about the classification of the diamond but those classifications are problematic in themselves. Visit for more information on classifications and which ones to ignore. If you go to a proper jeweller’s, you won’t have any of these problems because they’ll be an expert in their field. 
The reason that these chains are often considered the best place to get good quality jewellery is simply good marketing. In reality, you’re paying more money for a worse product.

My new skincare regime with Liz Earle

It’s not very often you see skincare reviews or hauls on my blog, mainly because it’s not my forte. Over the years I’ve tried lots of different products but I’ve never really had a specific skincare regime. I’m a massive lover of make up and have boxes full of all of the new brands and products but with skincare I’ve never really known where to start. And in all honesty as gross as it sounds majority of the time I don’t think you can beat a good facewipe when you’re short on time. I know there will be so many people yucking and that comment but when I get in from a night out I just give my face a quick wipe over and then head to bed. Other than that I wash my face in the shower daily but that’s about it. 

Back in 2015 one of my very first blog posts was about the Liz Earle products here. I remember going out and treating myself to the box set that was on offer at the time in Boots, it was a recommendation from the Beauty Therapist that I use. And as much as I loved the products back then I still only used them now and then, I never picked up a routine with them. And I think the tub of moisturiser I still use now was actually out of that box set. Luckily I think I’ve got to the age now where I have realised that I need to start taking care of my skin, 25 is the age wear ageing starts to show signs on your skin, and I’m not prepared to start looking old anytime soon.

What’s pushed me to start looking after my skin then? Last week I was invited by the lovely Charlotte from the Liz Earle counter in John Lewis, Newcastle, to attend an exclusive event where we would get to learn how to achieve the Liz Earle Glow. In all honesty I don’t normally attend many of the skincare events that I get invited to, that’s not me trying to sound snobby, I just don’t have a clue where to start with it all. However this time I thought why not, when I have a box of products at home that are going to waste because I don’t really know what I’m doing with them. It turns out that the event was a success, as a result of that I’m currently writing this post while enjoying the Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask 

So.. what did I learn? Aswell as learning I am absolutely rubbish at looking after my own skin I also learned a lot about the background of the Liz Earle brand. As much as Liz Earle is quite a new brand, they launched in 1995, they have become one of the best selling skincare products on the market. One reason being that they are high quality products but are sold at a relatively high street price, but not only that. Liz Earle is economical in so many ways, their packaging is fully recyclable, their head office is ran off their own renewable energy, all ingredients used in their products are ethically sourced and on top of all that they are against animal testing. Also with products to suit every skin type there isn’t a reason not to try their products! 

Talking about products, I’ll just mention a few of the items we got to try and which ones I have decided to add into my routine. If anyone has ever heard of Liz Earle it will normally be because of their hero product Clean and Polish or Hot Cloth Cleanser as some people like to call it. This cleanser strips off every bit of make up, even stubborn waterproof mascara, and a heated pure cotton muslin cloth is used to remove the cleanser from your face and clear out your pores. This product smells amazing too. I’m going to be using this every day alongside the Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is a toner in the Liz Earle range. I have also decided to use a moisturiser different to the one I already own and I have gone with the Superskin moisturiser as I feel this hydrates my skin better. I am also going to try and use the Nourishing Treatment mask atleast once a week, with exercising daily and showering daily I think this might help keep my skin glowing and replace all the oils I wash out of my skin.

My results so far? Girls.. I’m glowing! I know it’s only been a week but my skin feels so hydrated. Obviously I’ve had a couple of spots come up but that’s because my skin isn’t completely used to the products yet. I feel pampered just by taking 10 minutes out of my day to take care of my skin, something we all should do really. I also feel that my make-up is a lot easier to apply because my skin is nowhere near as dry as it was. Honestly I can really see myself sticking to this regime now. I’m also thinking about trying some of the Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner and seeing if that will help my hair quality because it’s so oily I struggle to do anything with it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post, I know it’s not something you would normally see on here. If any of you decide to try the Liz Earle products let me know what you think...

Roo x 

4 steps to perfect soft boiled eggs everytime.

Call me crazy but there is nothing I enjoy more on my day off than being able to take the time to cook brunch! During my working week there isn’t a chance in hell I would have time to get up, brew an iced coffee, boil soft eggs and everything else, generally I just mix a protein shake and I’m out the door! So when I get a day off I love to cook a nice breakfast.

Eggs are always my go to breakfast due to their many health benefits ...

- Eggs are filled with essential vitamins

- They boost weight loss

- They are a source of low calorie protein

- They include HDL cholesterol 

And I love how versatile they are, poached, scrambled, omelettes, breakfast muffins, so quick and easy to cook aswell! 

At the moment I love soft boiled eggs on a toasted muffin, there is nothing better than buttery toast and a nice runny yolk is there? So with my love for soft boiled eggs I thought I would share with you my 4 easy steps to a perfect soft boiled egg everytime.


Step 1

Boiled a pan of salted water, ensure the water is bubbling and there is enough water in the pan to completely cover the eggs. I recommend cooking two at a time.

Step 2 

Place your eggs in the water for exactly 6 minutes, this gives you a runny yolk but solid white without any gooeyness (pretty sure I’ve made that word up). Always use a timer, 30 seconds either way makes quite a lot of difference!

Step 3

Take the eggs out the pan and place them in a container of cold water, as cold as possible and again make sure the eggs are completely covered. Leave the eggs in the water for 1 minute, no longer as the yolk starts to go cold. (Nobody likes a cold yolk)

Step 4 

Lay down some kitchen roll and tap the eggs gently until the shell has completely cracked. I find the more you crack the shell, the easier it is to peel off. Peel off the shell, then voila you have perfect soft boiled eggs. You can then pop them on top of toast, a salad or they go perfectly on top of a grilled steak!


Roo x 

After a few weeks off.. I’m back :)

Unfortunately, sometimes life just gets in the way of things. And unfortunately for me life has got in the way of blogging the last few weeks. I’ve spent all my time and energy just getting through the weeks. I have never really been a negative person before, but recently I’ve felt myself really struggling with certain things. Instead of seeking help from others I decided to overcome this on my own, if anyone knows me I am normally quite vocal about problems I’m having but this time was a bit different. The main reason it has been different is because I’m not really sure what has caused me to feel this way, I just know I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve always been very passionate about what I’m achieving, and what I do on a daily basis but the last few weeks I haven’t felt any passion or motivation at all. I really hope this is a one off because I can’t stand the thought of me wasting anymore time feeling down in the dumps. Because of me not feeling 100% myself I felt like this would effect my writing, which is why I took a break from blogging for a few weeks. It was never going to be a permanent fixture, I couldn’t imagine not blogging at all anymore. I just think blogging is quite personal, and I didn’t want my readers to see this side of me. So onwards and upwards ... 

I am going to start putting myself first! I am always there to help others, do things for others and give up my time for others, but sometimes it feels like others wouldn’t do the same for me. So I am ready to start being selfish, for my own sanity! Over the last few weeks I’ve seen myself get stabbed in the back by people I didn’t think would ever bother me. But when people try to cause shit in your life you cannot help but get your back up about it! If there is one thing about me that will never change, I will put my hands up and admit if I have done something wrong, I will always take responsibility for my actions. So when you know you have done absolutely nothing wrong it’s hard to not bite back to accusations. Luckily, I think I have got to the point where I am ready to walk away from this chapter, I am just gonna put my head down and work hard towards my goals.

I am massively disappointed in myself for not reaching out to my loved ones. I have such a strong network of people I know fine well I could have relied on many of them to help me through this, but I just feel like pride took over me. 

What’s next for PrettyLittleGymAddict? 

I am so ready to share with you everything I’ve been getting up to in 2018. Even though I’ve had a bad few weeks the rest of the year has gone pretty well! February was such a crazy month for me including my two trips to Budapest and Berlin, I can’t wait to share with you what we got up to! I also started some great partnerships with some amazing brands, and there will be some super fun content coming very soon to my blog! Eeek! I’ve got a couple of trips to London coming up aswell which I can’t wait for. And I am loving my Instagram feed at the minute, it’s just amazing how much photos can hide what’s actually going on.

Unfortunately due to circumstances my fitness and health are nowhere near where I wanted them to be. My diet has been horrendous mainly due to the amount of binge drinking I have been doing, and I’ve been putting minimal effort into my workouts. Nobody could be more disappointed about this than me. However this is why I write this blog, I am just a normal girl trying to find the balance in life between eating well and working out but having a bloody good time as well. So I have whipped my butt into shape and earlier this week I began to track my food again and I am back to enjoying my workouts! Aiming to eat tracked 6 days a week with just the one more lenient day, this is not a cheat day as I will be looking at consuming only 250 more calories than normal. My aim is to drop 8lbs in the next 8 weeks, this would get me to my lowest weight yet. Even though my heart hasn’t been in it, I have only gained 2-3lbs so I have been quite lucky that I haven’t let myself go too much. I am currently signed up for 2 boxing boot camp sessions a week and will try to match this with at least 3 gym sessions a week and one outdoor run, weather permitting. 

I am sorry for my absence over the last few weeks but it has been a personal journey that I have had to deal with myself. Please keep your eye out for new content coming very soon :)

Ruth x

All you need to know about Protein Powder for women

Protein makes you bulky? Women shouldn’t use protein? These are comments I hear on a daily basis and I’m tired of hearing them. It seems like a lot of other people are sick of it too, that’s why Scitec Nutrition have released an article on exactly why women should use protein. It’s so important to take onboard this information if you are interested in increasing your strength, your performance and your results. It’s time to ignore the myths of women using protein powders.

All you need to know about Protein Powder for women

Getting into fitness but feel like you’re being bombarded by proteins and supplements and wondering if you do really need to be consuming them? There is a myth that protein powder is just for men looking to bulk up for bodybuilding, but are working to dispel this myth. Here they explain the importance and need for protein as part of a healthy diet and fitness routine.

Protein Powder explained

Protein is a macronutrient which is essential to building muscle mass and maintaining a balanced diet alongside an active lifestyle. It encourages your body to recover more quickly, helps you stay lean after working out and may also be used as a weight loss aid.

There are natural sources of protein you can eat as part of a healthy diet. Scitec Nutrition recommends using protein powders if you are looking at building and maintaining muscle, especially if you’ve recently increased your workout routine. If this fits to what you want to achieve, then you should be using it.

You can take Scitec Nutrition’s 100% Protein Professional Powder protein shakes as part of a post-workout routine. It is a high quality whey protein blend designed to help aid recovery and muscle growth. It contains a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate alongside added digestive enzymes and Amino acids. These can help to improve muscle growth and ensure you are recovering faster from your training sessions.

Do you need it?

If you’re working out, using 100% Whey Protein Professional specifically post-workout will enable you to get protein into the body faster than eating alone. If you’re new to fitness and have started a new skill or sport, it’s beneficial in the early days to review your eating first, before introducing supplements. Goals are something to consider beforehand, as fat loss supplements differ to those looking to increase muscle. 100% Whey Protein Professional will fit in with this allowing your body to recover faster and fuel muscle growth.

Scitec Nutrition has made a helpful guide to protein powder, explaining more about what it is, what it does and why you might need it. They also dispel popular protein myths, in particular, those aimed at women such as “protein shakes will make me big” and “protein powder is just for men”. Team Scitec Ambassador, Jenna Beckworth, explains why protein is a vital part of your diet in the guide, plus it explains when you should be consuming your protein shakes, depending on your objectives and what else you need to support a healthy body.

Beauty Gifts That Will Blow Her Mind This Mother’s Day

I mean, you could get your poor mother a bunch of daffs and a bottle of wine again this mothers day. Alternatively, why not earn some extra brownie points and go for something a little more exciting and creative? To help you check out our curated list of beauty related gifts below. 
Cult makeup 
One way to show mum just how much you love her is to treat her to some of those products that she might not spoil herself with. You know the ones that she tuts at when she sees the price but is secretly delighted to receive such a nice gift. 
If you are stuck for ideas here an excellent go to is a good ol’ bottle of Chanel no 5. Although other (and cheaper) products like YSL Touche Eclat or a cheeky little Dior lipstick in her favourite shade might go down just as well. 

Spa days 

Who doesn't love a spa day, and buying one for your mum is certain to make her smile. Just make sure to get the version that includes treatment or too, so she feels totally pampered during the experience. 
You can even get coupons and discount codes for many of the spare locations now, so it doesn't have to break the bank either. Perfect! 
Makeover and photoshoot 
Another beauty related gift that could be a real winner this mother's day is buying mom a voucher for a photoshoot. These are carried out by professional photographers in their studios, and you can choose from a range of styles including vintage and portraits. 
The best thing is mum will get a makeover beforehand to ensure that she looks and feels her best in the pics. You could even book a mother-daughter session, and then you would both get the benefit and have a pleasant day out together. 
Perfumery course 

Something a little more outside the box, but definitely popular with a lot of mothers is a voucher to attend one the many perfumery courses that are now being offered all over the UK. On such courses, mum will be treated to some insights about how scent and perfume work, as well as some information on how to create their own unique blends for themselves or to give as gifts. 
A posh lunch and refreshment are usually thrown too, so it makes a perfect treat day to show Ma how much she means to you. 
Subscription box 
Lastly, the mother's day gift that keeps on giving is signing her up for a beauty subscription box like Birchbox. Something you can learn more about in the video below. 

The great things about this as a gift is that mum will get new products through the post every month, not just in March. Something that means it can be a great reminder for her throughout the year of how much you care. 
In addition, she gets to play with all the new and limited edition products that the box contains. Something that makes it perfect gift if you ma is makeup obsessed. Who knows, she may even let you try a few of them if you're super nice to her and do the washing up once in a while?
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