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Places to eat in Prague...

Recently I visited Prague for my birthday. When arriving we had absolutely no idea where to go for food, and because of that I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the places I would recommend for you to visit from our experince. Don't get me wrong not knowing where to go adds a small element of surprise, but there is also that small amount of fear that your going to end up dining somewhere that isn't very good. So in this guide of places to eat in Prague I have found you somewhere to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So my breakfast recommendation is my number one recommendation, this is somewhere you have to visit if you ever travel to Prague This place is Café Savoy, and if I had to compare it to anywhere I would say its Prague's version of Betty's Tea Room.We visited Café Savoy on the morning of my birthday, with it being my birthday myself and Sean were in the mindset that there was no budget. Funnily this was probably one of the only times myself and Sean ordered exactly the same. We went for a gruyere omelette each and a portion of French toast soaked in maple syrup with fresh fruit. Not only was this an extremely instagrammable meal but quoted from myself and Sean , one of the best meals we've ever had. There were no faults, each part of our meal was amazing and we even debated trying to fit another visit in while we are away. This was actually a recommendation from 

Our second restaurant is somewhere we called in for lunch. And this was Restaurace Malostranska Beseda, just off the route from Charles' Bridge, the reason I would say this is the best place to visit for lunch is that it serves very traditional Czech food, and probably the best Goulash I had on our visit. As ive already said I had Goulash served with traditional dumpling, which was lovely and Sean had potato gnocci topped with bacon lardons and onion. Normally Sean lets me try his meal, as its nice to try what the other orders, however with this dish he had polished it off before I got the chance to have a try.
Also its the perfect place to stop off on your way to Prague Castle.

Finally we have our dinner recommendation, whether we are home or away mine and Sean's favourite cuisine is Italian. Okay that may be a lie, my favourite cuisine is Italian and Sean just comes along because he knows it'll make me happy. So when we spotted ad Italian restaurant when walking through the Old Town it was clear as day that this was somewhere we needed to visit, The restaurant was called Restaurante Taverna Toscano, the serve we received was fantastic. This was the only Italian restaurant I have been to that serves a cheese board as a starter, a range of different cheeses served with fresh bread and a pot of locally made honey. The perfect start to our meal, I went for the carbonara pizza and it was one of the best Italian baked pizzas I've ever tasted, topped with bacon, mushrooms, parmesan and a cooked egg. This was another restaurant we left content and happy.

Don't get me wrong there are probably a handful of different restaurants that serve up high quality foods but these are the ones that we got to visit. Myself and Sean also visited Prague's Hooters restaurant which we both enjoyed, however it was the typical American menu that you would expect.

One last recommendation from us would be to try the Czech tradition, Trdelnik, a sweet cinnamon bread baked filled with a range of toppings. You can find these on every street in Prague, and I think it is a must if you visit the city.

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