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Open Your Eyes: What Poor Sight Is Doing To Your Appearance

No matter how much we deny it, our eyes deteriorate over time. You may have had perfect eyesight during your teen years. But, by your early twenties, things could’ve changed. Even worse, most of us notice the decline. It may be that you have to sit up so that you can see the television guide. Or, perhaps you can’t see the behind-counter menu in your local coffee shop. These are some of the warning signs that your eyes need help.

But, the vast majority avoid making that appointment with their optician. Most people just don’t want to concede defeat to glasses. There are contact lenses, of course. But, the idea of putting anything to close to their eyes is even worse for some. 

So, why this constant fight against glasses? Now, you can get designer choices by everyone from Kylie Minogue to Cath Kidston. Glasses are nothing worse than an extension of an outfit. Some people even buy fake options to use as accessories! And, while you avoid eye tests because of beauty worries, not being able to see can do damage of its own. If you fail to get your eyes checked before you're 30, don’t be surprised if you encounter these issues.

The constant squint
In case you hadn’t realised, continually squinting isn’t exactly attractive. And, though you may not be aware of it, there’s a distinct possibility that you fall into this habit. It’s a natural go-to when your eyes struggle to focus. This is especially the case if you’re short-sighted. When looking at anything from a distance, you probably resort to a good old squinting face. As well as looking unattractive, squinting when wearing makeup can lead to smears and smudges you don’t even notice. Plus, doing this often could lead to…


That’s right; your squinting habit could have serious repercussions as you age. The wrinkles around your eyes and mouth are liable to be much deeper if you’re flexing those muscles all the time. If that happens, you do have the choice to turning to an anti ageing treatment like Perk Eyes to rectify the issue. But, surely it’s better to avoid the problem altogether? Given a choice between increased ageing or glasses, the majority would pick the glasses. While the time hasn’t come yet, you should choose before it’s too late. Because trust us; this is a choice you will face at some stage. 

Major makeup mishaps

And, let’s not forget that not being able to see can cause havoc for your makeup routine. While most mirrors have magnifying sides, even this won’t help if you’re long sighted. Without even realising it, you could have orange streaks on your neck or mascara down your cheek. Remember that old woman you saw in the market who clearly had no idea what she’d done to herself? Well, that could be you. And, the issue will only get worse over time. Remember, your eyes may not be able to pick up mistakes, but other people will.

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