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Satisfy Your Travel Bug & Get Fit At The Same Time

It’s an old question - whether or not it is possible to both travel extensively and keep your body in the best shape possible. While we all know that you can often put on weight when you are holidaying abroad, can the opposite be true as well? As it happens - yes. There are ways of travelling in which you can help yourself to keep in the best shape you possibly can. If you take a look at the following, you will find that it is actually a lot easier than one might think. Consider these options next time you are travelling.
Extreme Sports Trip
One great way to ensure that you stay in shape is to take yourself on some kind of extreme sports trip. Instead of the usual relaxing at a hotel kind of holiday, you could instead consider something along the lines of skiing, snowboarding or maybe even surfing. Not only will these activities keep you in fantastic shape, but they are also enough reason to go travelling in themselves. Let’s take skiing as an example. Done right, this can be a hugely exciting way to travel the world. With all the luxury ski chalets to choose from, the beautiful heaps of natural snow on some gorgeous mountains with breathtaking views, and of course the skiing itself, you are bound to have both an enjoyable - and a slimming - time.
The Backpacker’s Dream
Many people would like to travel the world as a backpacker. There are a vast number of compelling reasons why this might be an excellent way for you to travel. But it is also true that it is a great way to keep your body in shape. It is rare that those on backpacking holidays put on weight, and you are much more likely to lose a lot of weight as you move from place to place carrying that heavy bag of yours. Backpacking might not be for everyone, but if you are keen for an adventurous time which will be kind on the body, this is an option you will definitely want to consider.

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How about a holiday centred solely around trekking? You can’t really go wrong here, so long as you choose the destination wisely. If you go to the Himalayas or the Annapurnas, for example, you will likely be blown away by some of the natural beauty that will surround you. And it’s almost impossible to go trekking up mountains without toning up at least a little. If you’re up for something a little kinder on the knees, why not consider the Serbian countryside - well known for being a great place to trek around. If you have a love of walking, then a trekking trip could take care of that and your body in one swift move.
If you usually struggle to keep in shape on holiday, then any of the above ideas will be sure to help you next time you want to travel abroad. As you can see, there is no reason you can’t tone up, slim down and still have a great time when you are on holiday.

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