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Sunderland Restaurant Week September 2017

If you weren't already aware, Sunderland Restaurant Week is soon approaching. Between the 9th and 17th September restaurants, bars and cafes within Sunderland will be offering special offers for you to try them out. Whether it means you trying somewhere you've never been before or head to the place you love to dine, you can't miss out on some of the fab offers. I mean 2 courses for £10, or 3 for £15, where else are you going to experience prices like that?
It even leaves you some spare change for a cheeky prosecco!
In the run up to Restaurant Week I've had the chance to check out a couple of different places on the list, and as always, I was very impressed. I mean I'm not exactly unfamiliar with Sunderland Restaurant Week, this will be the 3rd time I've attended and the 3rd time I've left stuffed full and extremely happy! 

So first up I visited the Prosecco Bar, ever heard of the funky Indian? Well then you know where the prosecco bar is. Since last Restaurant Week they have had abit of a change round as the Prosecco Bar used to be upstairs and the funky Indian downstairs, now it's the other way round. I visited the funky Indian at the beginning of the year, and it's quite a unique restaurant as they serve tapas style Indian dishes which is a nice change to your normal sauce, rice and naan. On entering the prosecco lounge I immediately felt like it was somewhere I would love to return. The set up was very modern and stylish, a rather dark area but lots of comfy seats to sit back and relax in while you sip on some great quality prosecco. They currently serve up a range of different Scavi & Ray proseccos, ive heard the rose version is lovely.

Next we headed to Asiana, if anyone read my blogpost on the last Restaurant Week you will know I wasn't a fan of Thai Royale so I did have my fears when I heard we were going to an Asian restaurant. Luckily for me Asiana was on a completely different level, the restaurant was immaculate and I couldnt help but notice how clean it looked, the decor made it look very modern. Enough of how it looked, you want to know about the food. As we were visiting Asiana for starters we were served up a plate of Hors d'oeuvre, which I thought was a great idea as it gave us chance to try lots of different items. There were crispy duck spring rolls, ribs, chicken satays, crispy seaweed, and crispy prawns, to be fair these are all items I would happily order from a Chinese. Everyone knows Chinese isn't the healthiest cuisine, however not one item tasted over oily, you know like most take aways do. I almost felt like I wasn't eating unhealthy food. I also felt like this was a great way for us to try different options, it's quite hard to judge a restaurant if you only tried one dish. I would definitely love to return and try a full meal sometime soon.

For main course we headed to the newly opened Tipi at Port of Call, this will have been my 3rd trip to Port of Call! The Tipi is such a great idea, just a completely different eating experience. It's abit of a shame it's coming into autumn because you could definitely feel the chill, however I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad when the place is full. Port of call served us platters of food so we could again try different dishes on the menu. There was a large range of different dishes, beef burgers, buttermilk chicken burgers, ribs, chicken wings, beef brisket, flatbreads and hot dogs, it was quite overwhelming and due to us having three courses over the evening I didn't get chance to try everything. So I thought I would tell you the items I enjoyed, the buttermilk chicken burger was lovely, very well matched with a seeet brioche bun and I also really enjoyed the pulled pork flatbread. The items I would avoid would be the mac and cheese, as I felt it was very bland and could have done with some seasoning, and the chicken wings simply because they were far too hot for my taste buds. Other than that it's a great Restaurant to meet with friends, and a very different eating experience in the Tipi.

For pudding we headed to Serendipity Tea & Trickets, and just WOW!! What a lovely, quirky, and very homely cafe! Everyone's faces lit up when we entered the cafe, from bunting to vintage crockery, it had it all. And never have I seen a couple so passionate about their business. They even went to the effort of opening late for us to visit. This is the perfect venue for tea and cake with the family, afternoon tea with your friends or if your planning an event why not book a table. There was a stunning table set up ready for a baby shower the next day, the effort put into the display was spectacular. The owners had prepared lots of homemade cakes, cheesecakes, brownies and pies, for me it had to be a piece of Rocky Road! Super chocolately stuffed full of marshmallows and shortbread pieces, is there a better partner for a hot cup of coffee?? I think not. Im already planning to take my Gran for an afternoon brew and cake.

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Where are you planning on heading to this Restaurant Week?

Thank you for reading.


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