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Exercise Without Working Out

If you’re one of those people who either hate working out in the conventional way altogether, or who frequently gets bored of the same old routine sweating it out at the gym, so you end up going long periods without doing very much exercise at all, would it surprise you to know that it is possible to exercise without working out?

Exercise is all about being active, moving your body and burning calories. You don’t have to spend an hour a day on the elliptical or lift weights four times a week to do that if you don’t want to. Here are just some of the ways you can keep fit without working out:


If you like to dance, it doesn’t feel like a workout at all, even though, really it is. You can burn upwards of 445 calories or hour dancing even if you’re doing it home alone. Not only that, but regulars will tell you that a good Zumba dance workout will boost your mood. So, dancing, unlike the kinds of exercise you force yourself to do in the gym, could actually leave you feeling a whole lot better as you burn those calories.

Walking or Hiking

Walking or hiking in the countryside, or even the local park, especially done with friends, family or your pet dog, can be an extremely enjoyable experience. You get to feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and breathe in fresh air as you take in the many beautiful sights of your local area. All of this takes your mind off the fact that you are actually being active, increasing your fitness levels and burning calories (as many as 440 per hour if hiking).

Playing with the Kids


If you or any of your friends and family members have kids, you can get a lot of exercise in just by running around after them in the garden or at the local park. They’ll get you involved in impromptu games of football, ask you to jump rope and make you chase them in a fun game of hide and seek, and you won’t even realise that what you’re doing could be construed as exercise.


Geocaching is a bit of a niche hobby, but if it’s the kind of thing that sounds interesting to you, it’s an easy way to get some exercise in while having a good time, Basically, you use your phone’s GPS to track down various ‘treasures’ and leave your own for the next person. These ‘treasures’ can be hidden anywhere from a local park to the top of a nearby mountain, so you’ll definitely have to do some serious moving to find them.

Working at a Standing Desk


Okay, so standing isn’t exactly exercising in the traditional sense, but if you switch your sitting desk for a standing desk, you will certainly burn more calories and tone up your leg muscles. What’s more, since you’ll be working, you won’t even notice the extra effort.

Exercising and working out, as you can see, don’t have to be one and the same. They key to staying fit throughout your life is to find a way of burning calories that works for you.

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