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What can you do with abit of spare time?

Procrastination is a strange thing, however at the time we never really think about it. Social media has completely taken over our lives and we lose track of how many hours a day we spend scrolling through our newsfeed and timelines. Not only that but it can also anger us quite a lot, regularly we read articles we wish we hadn't, we see people posting stuff we completely disagree with and for us bloggers we see algorithms totally ruin the hard work we put into our content.

So over the past 7 days I decided to take a break from my blog, I haven't created any new content, replied to emails or anything else to do with my website. I've also ignored my twitter, the only thing I have kept up to date with is my Instagram and that's simply because if I hadn't the new algorithm would have completely killed my following. It's safe to say I feel completely refreshed and now extremely inspired to create new content. 

By taking a break from my blog, this meant I have had a rather large amount of time on my hand. It's been quite a realisation seeing how much time I put aside for creating content, editing photos, scheduling posts, attending events and replying to emails, all of that as well as working full time in another job role. I feel I've used the spare time well, simply because I now feel rested and caught up with everything else in life. I've managed to finally get the chance to sit down and book a holiday with my other half, something we've been trying to do for months but just haven't had the time to search for a hotel and flights. So in eight weeks time we are now flying out to Prague for a well needed break. I've also had time to socialise, catch up with my family, drinks with the girls and workout daily, and for once not had to try and squeeze them into my ever growing schedule. I also declined invitation to two different events, simply because I was enjoying my time off and I knew if I attended I would end up blogging straightaway. I've found it is actually possible to sleep for over 8 hours by switching off social media at 9pm giving myself an hour to unwind before bed. It's amazing how these little things make a difference to your whole mood, I feel so relaxed and happy, not my usual stressed self.

In an average week I've worked out that I would spend roughly 17 hours working on my blog, crazy isn't it! That's roughly 2-2.5 hours a day. In that time I could have flown to Ibiza, Dubrovnik or Stockholm, seems extreme when you think of it like that doesn't it?
Find out where you could travel to if you freed up some spare time here
I'm so glad I took part in this challenge by Monarch airlines, I think in future I am going to value my time a lot more.

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