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The Travel Guide For Broke Students

Ah, to be a student again. The freedom, the partying, being around your peers, and being… broke. It’s not all sunshine and lollipops at university, and we’ve all been there. You’re told that you need to spend this time wisely because they have to be the “best years of life”, but you can barely afford drinks for a small gathering of friends in your student accommodation.
The point is that you’d love to travel, but you’ve no idea how you could stretch your meagre funds to afford it. You need your student loan for books and… well, food. Still, there are ways to get creative and travel for next to no money during your student years. Here’s an inventive guide to get you started with some inspirational ideas.
Make a plan.
Write down all the things you’d love to see, no matter how extensive or limited the list may be. You need to get a rough idea of how you’d like to travel around the world because the most important thing is that you cost this plan. Don’t hold back; make a bucket list, of sorts, for places you want to see before university is over. You need to calculate what the damage would be to your funds. Once you have a rough total cost in place, you can spend a few minutes crying at the screen before you consider your next plan of action.
One potential route might involve a same day loan payout with New Horizons or other such loan companies. As a student, you probably don’t have a credit rating just yet, so it might be a smart idea to look into the other financial options available to you. Of course, you will need to fulfil other criteria such as being employed and having a credit card. Still, there can be other ways to fund your travels. The important thing, at first, is simply that you have a plan.
Become a freelance writer.
A good skill to build up in your spare time at university is writing. You’ll probably be doing a lot of it for your course anyway, so you could pursue online opportunities to become a freelance copywriter and improve your skillset. Writing for a travel blog, in particular (or starting your own if you think you can monetise it yourself), would certainly be a good opening into the world of travel. You could fund your trips with the money you make from this.
Obviously, it’s a good idea to pursue opportunities such as this during your summer or Christmas breaks because you don’t want to be spending valuable studying time working hard as a self-employed freelancer. This is still a great idea to fund your travels in your spare time, though. You could continue working abroad if you’re doing so remotely. All you’ll need is an internet connection.
Go on university trips.
Another smart way to go travelling at university is to head off on university trips. Whilst many courses offer opportunities to go abroad and see great places, you’ll have to bear in mind that many of these trips might still put you back a fair bit of money. You could always look into opportunities from the university through which they might fund your travels with a bursary (if it’s directly involved with your course, such as a gap year to a foreign university, then you might find that financial options are provided to you). The point is that, whilst you’re at university, you’re surrounded by endless potential opportunities and exploring the world is one of them. It can be a much more educational experience as part of a university trip too.
One final idea for travelling if you have no money as a student is volunteering. This is probably the best one in the entire list because you’ve probably spotted many opportunities to do so around your university halls. Most of these opportunities probably take place over summer, easter, or winter breaks as well, so that means you won’t have to worry about it impeding your work. Most importantly, it won’t cost you any money.
Much as discussed in the previous point, there are plenty of opportunities to see the world as a student without it taking anything out of your pocket. In this case, it’s more about you putting in hard work and giving back to other people. Of course, you’ll gain more valuable experiences from this than a holiday. That’s certainly something to think about if you want a more enriching travelling experience.

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