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Power Salads That Give Strength And Refreshment

Everyone knows that salads are an important part of a healthy diet. However, the thought of eating greenery, vegetables, and fruits, purely as part of an otherwise delicious dish, rich in flavour, puts many people off. The image of salads that are in most people’s minds is that they’re largely tasteless, have a high water content, and thus they’re not very filling. However, although this may be true to some extent, there are ways around this so no excuses can be made. You can add in lean meats cooked to perfection with great and easy recipes to invigorate a humble salad into a mouthwatering lunch option. A plate of salad will be low in calories, but with the right amount of lean protein, this can go up considerably, so it’s a viable energy-infused meal. Some people need the inspiration to make dishes. Therefore the are some popular ones you can make at home. 
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Crispy Mediterranean
Inspiration coming from Greece and Turkey, this Mediterranean salad is full of natural sweetness, lean meats, and fresh vegetables. All you need for this dish is the right ingredients because the flavours are very unique and cannot be replaced by whatever’s in your cabinet. You’ll need to choose the star of the show, which is the protein. The Greek inspired salad uses fresh seafood such as shrimp and prawns. However, the Turkish variant needs to use halal meat products. The Ottomans left behind this requirement since they were Islamic, so you should hold true to tradition.
With the body of the salad sorted, you need healthy fats coming from kalamata olives, and green leafy vegetables like romaine salad. Bell peppers add a touch of gentle spice, but you balance that out with roasted pine nuts. One finely sliced cucumber is great, and a large red onion sliced in rugged chunks is even better. Grab three tomatoes and slice them in cubes, then sprinkle a little sea salt over them. Grill the halal chicken with some Turkish spices. Squeeze a fresh lemon over the chicken to bring out the flavour a little more then pour four tablespoons of olive oil over it all. Toss for about fifteen seconds, and done; a marvellous dish of the Mediterranean. 
Simple black beans and steak
Black beans are high in fiber which crushes the hunger in your stomach because they are high in protein value too. However, couple it with a lean, thinly sliced steak, and it may be the best salad you’ve ever tasted. Add the usual suspects, such as lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Next, grab a fist full of black beans and sprinkle them over the dish. Add a little parsley to balance out the fiber, then add a fist full of sweet corn. A generous helping of olive oil such as two table spoons. The add your lean steak, which should be cooked Italian roasting style. Sprinkle a little black pepper over and then a tiny amount of lemon juice. 
Both of these salads are easy and quick to make, but since have lean protein as the body of the meal, they’re filling. And yet, with the combination of not-so-average ingredients, the flavours are immense and satisfying. These meals can be eaten on their own since they have all the right amounts of nutrition your body needs while keeping calories low as possible.

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