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Oddball Beauty; 3 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

Everyone follows fashion trends, it’s an inevitability of living in the 21st century and so most of us do so. However, we don’t all have to be looking the same! Everyone knows that one person who dresses different but still somehow manages to pull the look of fantastically, and we all wonder how they do it! But wonder no more, if you keep on reading you’ll discover the best 3 ways to stand out of the fashion crowd.
DIY Jewelry
Jewelry is the way that we enhance our look. By putting jewelry on we are making a statement, whatever that may be is up to you! Some people wear huge gemstones and others wear thin golden chains, so the choice is up to you to. However, one thing is for certain; everyone buys it. Hardly anyone makes it themselves, and if you want to stand out this is a great way to do so. You can make a huge amount of things, ranging from wood and yarn bracelets with custom engraving (or brandishing if you have the skills!) to a daisy chain tiara, the possibilities are endless! There is little guidance with this, there is no right and wrong it’s just what you like the most!
Change Up Your Hair
Our hair gives us a sense of identity, we spend hours and hours grooming it to perfection to achieve the look that makes us feel confident and comfortable. Most people do the same thing with their hair, but that’s not what we want to do! There are 2 main options to alter your hair to an uncommon standard, one is hair dye and the other is a wig. Wigs with a lace front are great because they are the most natural type of wig and will suit your head just fine, giving you a complete change of length and colour that you want! Hair dying is another option, it’s more permanent so it’s less flexible than a getting a wig but it can be less expensive, the choice is yours!
Try A New Makeup Style
Makeup is a part of a lot of people’s daily routines, so if it is part of yours too then listen up! We often do our makeup the same way every day, but if you want to stand out then buy some bright makeup palettes that can really make the dynamics of your face change! Using brighter palettes means that you get more flashy colours, bright oranges and yellows create some of the most fiery looks, so if that’s your thing then why not go for it?
Try any of one these things and you’re guaranteed to become an oddball beauty. If you give your hair a huge change up and dye it a different colour or even get a wig that’ll give you the standout colours you want. Making some home made necklaces and bracelets to will make you look more authentic and different so give it all a go! Makeup however is the most difficult thing here, it has to go onto an even and smooth face! If you’re trying to achieve that, look no further than this.

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