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Le Raaj, Sedgefield

It's always the same, me and Sean are so indecisive that every time we plan to go out for food we leave it till the last hour or so to finally come to a decision. Neither of us ever want to make the decision incase we upset the other, and it's getting rather boring dining at the same restaurants every time. I'm not normally a fan of chain restaurants because I feel like the quality of food is nowhere near on par to that at independently owned restaurants, just writing this has made me realise how picky I actually am. A friend of mine Laura over at WhatLauraLoves invited me to try out Le Raaj in Sedgefield, it's always refreshing to try somewhere new as it's an addition to choose from when we choose to go out. 

Prior to our visit I would only normally dine at one specific Indian restaurant local to me, I actually used to work there, and I'm always guaranteed great quality food and excellent customer service. So why would I want to try somewhere else? Well I suppose it was time to broaden my options, and that we did. We choose to visit Le Raaj on a Wednesday evening, it worked out well due to us both working during the day, and it was a lovely change to not have to come home to cook till daft o'clock. I had looked up the menu before our visit just to give me an idea of what was to offer and knowing Sean is extremely fussy I wanted to make sure there was something on the menu that he would enjoy. I was surprised at how big the menu actually was, from chicken dishes to fish, it was also great to see a list of chefs specialities that's actually where I choose my main meal from.

From outside Le Raaj looked very modern and clean with a crisp white and deep purple colour scheme, we were seated almost straight away and promptly asked for our drinks orders. It had to be a pint of tiger beer, what else would you drink with Indian food? The waiter brought over some poppadoms for us to start with, I was extremely happy  to see no lime pickle on the pickle tray, instead there was a spicy mango chutney, a mint Yoghurt, onion salad and a mildly spiced sauce, unfortunately I forgot to ask what it included. The poppadoms were still warm and crisp, I could have eaten plenty more. 

For starters I ordered the Bhuna King Prawn on puree, an all time favourite of mine. And Sean order the Chicken Tikka Chat on Puree both were served after a relatively short period of time. The king prawns I was served were huge, and super tasty, luckily for me there wasn't too much spice as I'm not a massive fan of hot food. Sean wolfed down his started so it's safe to say it must have been good.

For main I went with the Chicken Niagria a creamy curry sauce with mango and chicken, it was unreal, I'm a sucker for a fruity curry and this went so well with my peshwari naan. I suppose I'm sounding like a right fairy with all the mild food, but I appreciate flavouring a lot more than I do spice. Sean on the other hand ordered the Chicken Tikka Vindaloo with a glass of iced water, he would always be dissapointed if he didn't break a sweat during a curry. I did try some of his and for the small mouthful I had the flavours were lovely but there was an extremely large amount of burn. We got both our dishes with a pilau rice and a keema
rice and went for half and half, it was the first time I've had keema rice and I really enjoyed it, it was nice to have different textures.

We did take a look at the dessert menu, but realistically we had already eaten a ridiculous amount of food and there was no way we could squeeze in any more. Our whole experience at Le Raaj had been cracking, the young girls waitressing were lovely and friendly and very helpful. The service was quick and efficient but we didn't feel like we had been rushed at all. For a Wednesday evening the restaurant was half full which I felt showed how good the restaurant was, I over heard the table next to us say it was their 4th visit to the restaurant. The positioning of the restaurant probably isn't the best for them to be packed out every night but being near the services it's the prime location for those staying in the hotel on site. Sean said the food was "blooming amazing" so I think we'll definitely be paying another trip fairly soon.'

I had to share this image with you all for abit of a chuckle, this Australian chap, with the help of his family and a few of the other diners managed to polish off a 6 litre bottle of merlot wine. 

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