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How To Break Into an Exercise Regime That You Will Actually Stick To

If getting fit and losing weight was easy we would all be walking around with toned abs and tiny waists. Unfortunately the reality is that after long days in the office, or running around after the kids, the absolute last thing that we want to do is to head off to the gym or to go for a run. Finding an exercise regime that works for you that you actually feel motivated to stick at is certainly one of the biggest challenges of modern day life. However it can be done and it is being done every day. So follow our tips on how to break into an exercise regime that you will actually want to stick at this time.
It is Not All Or Nothing
This is a mentality that is doomed for failure. Thinking that you need to get into an exercise regime with a ‘go big, or go home’ mentality will have you dive bombing onto the sofa the minute you feel that you just can’t handle that dreaded two hours in the gym. We can all be doing more and doing better, however the point with exercise is that something is always going to be better than nothing at all. You are much more likely to go out for a relaxing, brisk 30 minute walk, rather than face a gruelling 10 mile run. Those big fitness goals are there to be worked towards so don’t burn yourself out in the first few weeks, or set initial goals too big that they just seem too unrealistic to achieve.
It's All In the Mind- No Excuses
Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little tough love and realise that we will never get anywhere if we constantly give ourselves excuses to get out of things that we don’t want to do. Whether you are committing yourself to just 15 minutes of exercise a day or whether you are wanting to sign up for an all singing all dancing 24/7 Fitness gyms, then you are going to want to set clear goals in your head, that are realistic.
We all stumble and fall back on old, bad habits and there are very few people that just spring out of bed and are 100% determined to change things for the better. So we should learn to be a bit kinder with ourselves and to not be too hard on ourselves. Expecting too much from ourselves is always going to result in disappointment and failure, so the first trick is to lower your initial goals and just go into it slowly and steadily and work yourself up gradually. Start with good intentions and know that stumbles and failures are going to happen but no one is perfect and they should never demotivate you.
Understand Habits
The sad fact is that most people fail in fitness because they don’t understand that they need to programme themselves into a positive feedback loop. To be successful at fitness and exercise it needs to be done in the same way as sleeping and eating. Integrating exercise into your lifestyle as something that is not questioned or challenged is the absolute best way to ensure that over time, it is something that you do without even thinking about.

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