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Feel The Best You Can This Winter With These Amazing 3 Health Kicks

As the most popular television show in the world right now is often fond of saying: winter is coming. Summer is drawing to an end and with it the cold nights and shallow mornings which some people love, and some people despise. No matter which side of this spectrum you fall on, it’s important to understand that thanks to the limited Vitamin D and general lack of light, it’s easy to feel worse during winter than a radiant summer. For this reason, staying on top of our health habits is as important as ever. 
This handy guide will help by suggesting health kicks you might like to implement to keep yourself feeling amazing and ready for anything as you should.
Home Exercises
In the drab early morning conditions, in the relatively low light, it can be very difficult to muster up the energy to go to the gym before work. While this is a fantastic hobby and something well worth doing, even the most disciplined folks might find their schedule hard to keep up with. If you feel like the morning cold isn’t something you can routinely brave, there’s no reason why you should forgo your early morning workout. Why not workout in the comfort of your own home? It’s easier than ever to pick up affordable workout equipment. 
For example, kettlebell exercises are by far the most popular method of increasing flexibility and learning difficult yet achievable compound movements which have real effect on your tonal development. Strength training is usually hard to build on gym machines, and so it’s often encouraged that newcomers begin with barbell training. However, kettlebells work in the same way, by allowing ergonomic movement patterns and ‘swinging’ which take advantage of the nuances in your body structure and help it grow in strength and support. The kettlebell swing muscles utilised are strikingly similar to those used in compound barbell movements like the squat or overhead press because you can simulate these movements to a degree while also training for endurance.
To top it all off, why not complete this workout routine with a solid yoga session? Purchasing a how to manual, mat and some candles to get you in the mood is a fraction of the cost of attending a class, and could be just as useful. This can serve as meditation, and these two disciplines combined can make you feel like a new person before your busy workday. Yoga is an ancient Vedic discipline which can help you feel more at home in your body, and more flexible in your daily life. There is something to be said for feeling sprier in your body during the day, because it will help your mind stay focused and active during the more stressful periods you have to face.
The supplementation you take during the day is important in addition to a full and nutritious diet. Taking Vitamin D tablets, in the 4000iu quantity which is healthy for an adult can help you stimulate this hormone and help boost your immune system significantly. Over 60% of people in the United Kingdom are vitamin D deficient. Make sure you’re not involved in that statistic. Vitamin D will help keep your teeth bones and muscles healthy, which is perfect after you have completed a hard kettlebell or yoga workout.
These three things combined, on top of your normal health routines, will help you feel untouchable this winter. When summer comes around, the natural sunlight will increase that feeling even more, meaning there is plenty to look forward to.

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