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Conquering The Calorie Control Conundrum

Before we get into the meat and veg of the matter, we’ll start by making sure it’s well understood that calories aren’t all that make a healthy diet. What you eat matters as how much you eat. Getting to know your body’s nutritional demands is just as big a part of healthy eating as controlling your calories. However, if you’re looking to lose weight, then some calorie control is crucial. But it’s also where a lot of people stumble. Here, we’re going to look at ways to make it easier for yourself to stick to and measure a better diet for yourself.

Know how much exactly you need
People rely on body mass index measurements to get an idea of just how overweight they are, for which they are reliable, if not approximate, tools to use. However, some BMI calculators can also give you a good idea of what calorie ranges you should be keeping your diet to. It’s important to pay attention to the lower limit of your metabolic rate. Not only will going underneath it make you feel terrible, but it can actually make it harder to lose weight as your body goes into “starvation mode” holding onto as much fuel as it can.

Think volume over calories
When you’re cutting down the calories you take, your body is going to think that it’s eating less than it should and you’re going to feel hungry. So, trick the body. High-volume, low-calorie foods are some of the best tools for doing just that. Meal replacement shakes are a nutrient balanced way to fill your body up with a big drink that’s low in calories but significantly portioned enough that your body thinks it’s getting a lot more than it does. Carrots and nuts are other good foods for doing that. You’ll feel that hunger much less despite the fact you’re cutting your calorie intake.

Make it much harder to fall to the dark side
It’s time to start addressing the missteps we all make that cause us to eat that little bit extra that we shouldn’t. For one, start clearing the cupboards and the fridge of anything that could lead you to temptation. If you share the home, ask whomever you’re living with if they wouldn’t mind storing their treats in their own space. When you go shopping, make sure you use a shopping list that contains everything you need, adding to it with each week. This will lessen the chances you have to pop back to the shop later and end up picking up a chocolate bar while you’re there. Planning meals and preparing them in advance can make it much easier to eat healthily, too. After a day of work, when you’re faced with the choice of cooking a healthy meal or ordering a takeaway, your tired, stressed mind might fall to temptation. By having some prepared or mostly-prepared meals right there, it makes it easier to make the right choice.

With the tips above, calorie control is going to become a lot easier. You’ll fall to temptation less often, see what habits might be contributing to your progress, and know exactly what you should be aiming for to make sure you’re losing weight healthily.

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