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Over the last few months I've been hosting polls on twitter trying to get other fitness bloggers involved in this. As my blog is mainly about me sharing my fitness journey with my audience, I find that regularly I get messages from people asking how I achieved my results, I love this and I love engaging with my followers. But I feel like there are people out there that would like answers, but don't feel comfortable asking the questions, so that's what this post is all about. Obviously I'm not going to go into a lot of details, just going to share with you the answers I have found from FAQs. All percentages shown are what I have found from my twitter polls.

What is your go to workout?
Cardio  42%
Weights  19%
Fitness Classes  19%
HIIT  20% 

For me mine would definitely be weight training, as much as I've always been abit of a cardio queen there is nothing I love more than throwing weights around in the gym.

How many training sessions do you have a week?
1-3  18%
3-5  45%
5-6  27%
6-7+  10%

Again I would disagree with this as I normally train atleast 5 times a week, I try to push for 7 but it can become difficult fitting it in around working full time.

When do you prefer to workout?
Morning 55%
Lunchtime 0%
Evening 45%

I definitely much prefer training on an evening, I don't mind a cardio session on a morning but I don't feel I can fuel my body right to fit in a weights session before work.

What's your go to breakfast, that fuels you to achieve your goals?
Eggs  67%
Porridge  33%

I completely agree, 2-3 eggs every morning helps me reach my protein intake for the day.

What's your motivation?
Yourself & your results 100%
Your role model 0%
Other  0%

I completely agree, people think you put together a transformation photo for a few likes, when in fact for us it's a massive shock for us to see the difference we have created in our bodies. 

What is your favourite supplement?
Whey Protein  80%
BCAA's  0%
CLA  20%
Pre Workout  0%

Here I would choose BCAA's as they help fuel my recovery, I also do find CLA's are great for helping cut down fat. For the last month I haven't used any whey protein because I decide I wanted to try and hit my protein intake within my meals and it seems to be working really well for me.

And one just for fun.

Is there anyone in the world that actually enjoys burpees?
Hell No  82%
I don't mind them 12%
I actually enjoy them 6%

I am yet to find out who said they enjoyed them, I would love some kind of proof. I detest burpees, they make me feel sick, but I still include them in my workouts because I know they are good for me. There are so many combinations of burpees nowadays, and not one of them is enjoyable!

I hope some of these answers have helped you with your training, feel free to leave any other questions in the comments and I will includes them in FAQs part 2.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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