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Exploring England: How to do it in Style

Are you eager to see more of England and all that it has to offer? If so, make sure you explore this magnificent country in style. It’s the best way to see England. Adding some luxury and style to your trip is always a good thing, and you will get even more out of your adventure. Here are some ideas that will help you see England in style, so read on now.
Catch the Key Cities and Travel Between Them in First Class
England is home to some of the world’s very best cities, and you should try to see and experience as many of them as possible. From London to Liverpool and Bristol to Birmingham, there is so much to see, do and experience in the country’s cities. And if you want to move between them in style, book first class train tickets in advance of your trip.
Don't Skip the Market Towns
Yes, the big cities of England are fantastic. But that doesn’t mean that you should let them overshadow the other places in England that have just as much to offer. In particular, I’m referring to the country’s stunning, hidden and often enchanting market towns. These are small places, and they’re dotted all over England’s map. You should make sure that you don’t skip over them in a hurry to get to the next city.
Take Time to Select Luxury Hotels
There are so many fantastic luxury hotels in England that you can make the most of. Sure, there are lots of not so luxurious ones too. If you want the best experience and you want to keep things stylish, stay away from the cheap places and the chain hotels. Instead, take the time to research the best luxury hotels in whichever part of the country you’re staying. It could make your entire trip much more enjoyable and relaxing.
Have a Day at the Races
Attending a big horse racing event like Ascot is a great way to experience something truly English in complete style. Ascot is not the only great horse racing event on the British calendar, but it’s certainly the one known for its incredible style and glamour. That makes it one to seek out if you’re visiting England during the summer when the event takes place. It’s an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.
See the Glory of English History
English history is fascinating, and it’s one of the things that you will have to explore if you want to see more of England. There are so many old country houses, estates and castles that are packed full of history. You should take the time to stop off at a few historical sites that you can see. That way, you can see the glory and luxury of these heritage spots. You can get lost in a world of kings and queens and learn a lot in the process.
There is so much to do and see in England, and doing it in style is always the best way. Make the most of these ideas, and explore things at your own pace.

Look After The Largest Organ Your Body Has With These Simple Steps

Looking after your body during a change to a healthier lifestyle can become addictive once you start seeing increases in your energy levels, your mobility, and your general daily happiness or focus. Over time, you might even find it amazing how you neglected to look after yourself in this way at all previously.
However, this doesn’t mean that getting fit is an immediate fix-all solution. Sometimes you need to pay more attention to your health than the foods you eat and the exercise you do. Those two previous considerations are a HUGE part of your daily upkeep, but there are other methods of grooming and self-care that can be considered part of leading a healthy lifestyle too.
One of the most important things you can do for yourself is looking after the largest organ in your body. What is that you ask? 
Our skin is the barrier between us and the outside world. It keeps us safe and protected from malady’s, dirt, bacteria and adverse weather conditions. It can stretch due to weight or muscle gain and repair itself with a near dizzying amount of rapidity. Here’s how you can look after it to the best of your capacity.
Wash & Take Care Of Face
Make sure that you keep on top of your facial hygiene by washing with gentle daily face wash, and moisturize with preferably two different products, one that helps overcome any facial injuries such as open spots, and one that moisturizes the skin itself. 
If you’re having further issues with acne, a bad complexion or unruly spots, you should visit Cedar dermatology for a professional and safe medical service that will truly allow you to resolve any deep issues you might be facing. 
Wash Hands With The Correct Soap
You might feel as though using handwash is as simple as using an anti-bacterial soap and leaving it at that. Of course, why would you want excess bacteria on your hands? We are repeatedly told as children to wash our hands before or after toilet trips, meal times and just normally throughout the day. If you’re used to working in a professional hygienic medical or food environment, there’s no doubt that you are used to washing your hands with consistency. However, your hands can actually suffer from this. 
Removing all bacteria from your hand has the adverse effect of making your hands suffer regarding their skin flora. Instead, opt for soap that has probiotic elements to help you keep the best skin immunity as possible, such as those that use tea tree or eucalyptus oil. This is a much more natural way to wash your hands, and your skin health will thank you.
Maintain Skin Flora
Eat correctly. Skin flora is as much affected by your internal world as it is your external. Gut and skin flora are intimately linked, and so eating good foods will show up in your skin as glowing and clear. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates. Reduce your sugars, salts, saturated fats and fried foods. These will only lead to outbreaks of spots that could potentially become skin infections.
Keep on top of these tips, and your skin will stay healthier for longer.

Giraffe World Kitchen, Intu Eldon Square Newcastle

Last weekend my sister and I visited Giraffe World Kitchen in Eldon Square to try their new summer menu. Normally when I try a new menu out at a restaurant the food is what I concentrate on, I mean that just makes sense. However at Giraffe it was the customer service that stood out to me the most. I have recently read a book called 'Celebrity Service' by Geoff Ramm, the moral of the story being if a celebrity was to walk into your shop or restaurant would you treat them any differently? If so, why? We should treat everyone the same as we would a celebrity. And I personally think that Giraffe excel at their celebrity service. 

When I invited my sister along with me, I kinda dreaded it, I know that sounds nasty. But my sister suffers from a nut and seafood allergy which can make eating out quite difficult, there is always that fear that traces can end up in her food. After we were seated I addressed the manager with my sisters allergies, "not a problem" he quickly popped away from the table and returned with a tablet, on the tablet was a checklist of many different foods that you can select if your allergic to them. The results are then filtered and you receive a list of items on the menu that you can order and comfortably know that there won't be any traces. What a brilliant idea, and something I certainly haven't seen anywhere before. My sister said it really did put her at ease. 

To start we ordered two portions of Nachos Nirvana one with chicken and one with pulled beef, had I known how big the portion would be we would have probably just shared one. Oops. It's safe to say they were amazing, loaded with toppings and different flavours. Unfortunately we couldn't quite finish them due to having another course to come.

For mains I ordered the Katsu Chicken Noodles and my sister ordered the Chicken Milanese. I'm a huge fan of Katsu Chicken, so I suppose this was quite a challenge to see how highly it rated compared to others I've tried. Luckily when I tucked in I was pleasantly surprised to find it would rate at one of the top Katsu Chicken dishes I've tried. As I try to eat healthy majority of the time it was nice that the dish included lots of fresh vegetable along with the noodles. Things then went a little downhill for me and my sister, with absolutely no relation to the food, my sister took ill after the main course was served to us. Like I said this had nothing to do with the food or her allergies it was just an unfortunate event. My sister left the restaurant for some fresh air, meanwhile the waiter Ed came over to check up on us. Couldn't have asked for a nicer waiter, he showed genuine concern for my sister and wanted to double check that it wasn't due to our experience at the restaurant. He also stuck around and kept me company while I dined alone. He then took away my sisters meal and got a fresh serving made for her and boxed up for her to take home for when she felt better. Baring in mind at this point Ed had absolutely no idea I was actually there to review the menu he just showed unreal customer service and I would hate for that to go unnoticed. 

Unfortunately due to everything that happened and the sheer amount of food I consumed there was no chance I could squeeze in a dessert, however I know both me and my sister would love to return very soon. 

My sisters view.

The general atmosphere at giraffe was very relaxed and friendly, all the staff were very welcoming and obliging. As a severe allergy sufferer eating out can be quite daunting and trying to pick meals that will not quick off an allergic reaction is not always easy. When I explained my allergies to the staff at giraffe they immediately showed me how to find the meals that would be safe for me by using an iPad to tick the ingredients I was allergic too which gave me confidence in ordering. On top of this the staff took note of my allergies and advised they would tell the the chef to ensure there was no cross contamination. This made my dining experience much more relaxed and much more enjoyable, I felt I could enjoy the delicious food and enjoy spending time with my sister without having to worry about having a reaction. We had starters of nachos we chose to have two plates to share one with chicken and one with pulled beef, nachos are ideal for sharing the portion size was very generous and they were both delicious! Due to the large starters and me not feeling well when my main arrived of chicken Milanese which was so tasty the garlicy potatoes and tomato covered chicken went perfectly, I was unable to finish it as I was so stuffed. The waiter who served us was so helpful and offered to put the rest of my main in a box to take home which was wonderful cos I did not want to miss out on my main! I could not fault the service and they made us feel like VIPs and did anything to make sure we enjoyed our meal. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone and would particularly give them praise for giving so much consideration to people with food allergies it makes dining out so much easier for us! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Frequently asked questions to a fitness blogger.




Over the last few months I've been hosting polls on twitter trying to get other fitness bloggers involved in this. As my blog is mainly about me sharing my fitness journey with my audience, I find that regularly I get messages from people asking how I achieved my results, I love this and I love engaging with my followers. But I feel like there are people out there that would like answers, but don't feel comfortable asking the questions, so that's what this post is all about. Obviously I'm not going to go into a lot of details, just going to share with you the answers I have found from FAQs. All percentages shown are what I have found from my twitter polls.

What is your go to workout?
Cardio  42%
Weights  19%
Fitness Classes  19%
HIIT  20% 

For me mine would definitely be weight training, as much as I've always been abit of a cardio queen there is nothing I love more than throwing weights around in the gym.

How many training sessions do you have a week?
1-3  18%
3-5  45%
5-6  27%
6-7+  10%

Again I would disagree with this as I normally train atleast 5 times a week, I try to push for 7 but it can become difficult fitting it in around working full time.

When do you prefer to workout?
Morning 55%
Lunchtime 0%
Evening 45%

I definitely much prefer training on an evening, I don't mind a cardio session on a morning but I don't feel I can fuel my body right to fit in a weights session before work.

What's your go to breakfast, that fuels you to achieve your goals?
Eggs  67%
Porridge  33%

I completely agree, 2-3 eggs every morning helps me reach my protein intake for the day.

What's your motivation?
Yourself & your results 100%
Your role model 0%
Other  0%

I completely agree, people think you put together a transformation photo for a few likes, when in fact for us it's a massive shock for us to see the difference we have created in our bodies. 

What is your favourite supplement?
Whey Protein  80%
BCAA's  0%
CLA  20%
Pre Workout  0%

Here I would choose BCAA's as they help fuel my recovery, I also do find CLA's are great for helping cut down fat. For the last month I haven't used any whey protein because I decide I wanted to try and hit my protein intake within my meals and it seems to be working really well for me.

And one just for fun.

Is there anyone in the world that actually enjoys burpees?
Hell No  82%
I don't mind them 12%
I actually enjoy them 6%

I am yet to find out who said they enjoyed them, I would love some kind of proof. I detest burpees, they make me feel sick, but I still include them in my workouts because I know they are good for me. There are so many combinations of burpees nowadays, and not one of them is enjoyable!

I hope some of these answers have helped you with your training, feel free to leave any other questions in the comments and I will includes them in FAQs part 2.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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