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Vacationing? Explore All Your Accommodation Options

When people are planning a vacation, they tend to think immediately of lavish hotel rooms when it comes to accommodation options. But have you really given serious thought to all of the options available to you?
The classics - hotels, motels, and hostels
There’s a good reason why hotels are still the most popular option for people on vacation. You don’t exactly have to stay at some ultra-luxurious place such as Four Seasons or the Hilton to reap the famous benefits. Hotels are a complete break from reality; no cooking your own meals, people tidy up after you; there’s a general feeling of being pampered. This is the case for motels, too, though motels are often cheaper. 
Hostels are something you should consider too, however, if you’re just travelling by yourself. You can read more hostels at A lot of people assume that hostels are basically just for touring college students, but that isn’t the case. If you’re really eager to see a place on a budget, then a stay in a hostel might be your best option. As long as you’re willing to make a few sacrifices and meet some new faces, then don’t dismiss a hostel!

A (temporary) place of your own
Of course, not everyone likes the total break from reality that hotels provide. Some prefer to have a stronger sensation of being ‘at home’ when on vacation. You can get vacation apartments pretty much anywhere; for example, those heading to London can find short let apartments at There are loads of reasons why; the main concern for most is the price. But this can actually work out cheaper than other options if you play your cards right. 
A vacation rental usually gives you access to your own kitchen, which allows you to save a good amount of money by buying ingredients and cooking your own meals. This also allows for greater flexibility if you have particular dietary needs. Having a short let apartment also allows you to have a bit more privacy than a hotel allows. (And certainly more than a hostel allows!)
Getting (really far) away from it all
If you really want to stay somewhere with a strong sense of privacy, then you might want to look into the biggest break from reality of all: renting a lodge, cabin, or cottage somewhere a bit more rural, such as a quiet village or something even closer to the wilderness. This is the best way to get a truly scenic getaway, away from the hectic nature of most vacations. 
If you find the right cabin in the right location, then you can get closer to nature than you’ve ever been before. There’s a useful list of cabin vacation ideas at Without all the noise and traffic that usually comes with vacations, you’ll be able to relax much more effectively. And if that’s the reason for your travelling in the first place, then this may very well be the option you want to consider most. And if you really want to be isolated, you could even consider renting a cabin out on its own island!

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