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Ushaiya has launched at Elle Sport




As you may have seen ELLE Sport have recently released their new Ushaiya collection. Over the last few weeks I have been trying out a few of the items so thought I would share with you my opinion of them. And it's actually quite simple, I LOVE them. Normally the majority of my gymdrobe (gym wardrobe) are black, grey or white items, I'm not normally one for training in colours, so I have actually loved training in colour for a change. I feel a lot more summery when I'm wearing these pieces, and it's good not wear black in the sun. I have found the items very versatile, and now I would be lost without them in my gymdrobe.

So the pieces I  have been trying are: 



To be brutally honest I don't really have anything to support in this area, however I do love the added shape this sports bra gives me. Due to being flat chested I have the option of wearing this with or without the padding and both look great, however I actually prefer wearing it with the padding as it feels a lot more comfortable for when I'm doing cardio. The bra includes DriActiv technology which prevents too much pespiring while working out, its nice to still feel fresh after a workout. The bra also runs with the colours of the other items. 



These are probably my favourite item out of my purchase. With going to the gym regularly I am quite happy with my shape and I do feel quite toned however these just give you that added shape and really do enhance your silhouette. I love that they have built in a deep double lined waistband that sits at around belly button height, with my tummy being my trickiest area to lose fat from, this helps hide away the part I don't like and adds extra support to my tummy. They have also added in leg panels that enhance the curvature of your muscles, my legs are probably one of my favourite features so I like that they are highlighted in these tights. The tights also include DriActiv technology which helps keep you feeling fresh after your workout, as well as including reflective rainbow detailing to keep you noticeable while running at night.




This jacket finishes off my outfit, and brings it all together. As this is my summer workout set I don't always need a jacket, however some nights are colder than others, and some days I just don't always feel comfortable in just my sports bra. This jacket is actually perfect for out running or in the gym, it includes two concealed pockets to stash away your essentials, for me I'm always looking for somewhere to put my car key so this is perfect. My favourite feature about this jacket is that it doesn't sit on your hips, the back of the jacket sits just under your bum, which I find stops it from riding up while your running. Again it also include DriActiv technology and reflective detail to keep you safe on an evening.



The items are probably some of the highest quality that I own, with being a regular gym goer my gym sets can get washed 2-3 times a week, these haven't faded in colour or changed in shape when they've been chucked in the wash. They also stick to their word and keep you feeling fresh after your workout, obviously I do sweat, but it very rarely shows up through the material. I would definitely recommend you purchasing from the Ushaiya, I have been so pleasantly surprised.

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