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Things You Must Do While Travelling

When you travel to different countries, staying in your hotel for the entirety of your stay won’t give you much of an experience of the culture. Similarly, you don’t have to wait for locals to tell you secrets about where to go and what to do – use your intuition. Of course, safety is paramount, so if you’re told to stick to certain areas for security purposes, do so. However, there are lots of ways you can make sure you’ve had a real authentic taste of the country before you leave. Here are some:


Travel the Way the Locals Do
It’s always tempting to jump on a tour bus because you get to see the main attractions without much effort. But, using local transport will give you a bigger insight into how life is led in the country and you may even pick up some tips on where to go and what to do. For example, tour buses in Rome operate until 6pm every day but jumping on the Metro is just as easy and you get to see life from an Italian’s eyes while you’re there.

Take a Good Camera
If you love to travel, having a decent camera is important. A camera can act as a travel diary so you remember every part of your stay. From the people you meet, to the places you go and what you eat, it’s all easy to forget sometimes. Without a camera, you may find that your travel experiences start to blend into one memory and as hard as you try, you won’t remember all the little details as the years pass by.


Party Like Its 1999
You may prefer a nice cup of tea and a movie when you’re home, but never miss the opportunity to let your hair down when you’re away. Visit the local bars, go to a silent disco or ask your hotel staff if there’s anything going on in the area while you’re there. You may be lucky enough to time your visit at the same time as a local festival. Drink the recommended drinks and taste the local cuisine while you’re out. And remember, have fun!


Travel Within Travel
You’ll sometimes be given the opportunity to go on excursions. This means that you can visit other cities and towns close by. It may mean a bit of travelling and you’ll sometimes have to stay overnight but cram in as much as you can with the time you’ve got. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Speak the Language
You’ve probably learnt some basics already, so use them. Don’t be afraid to say something wrong because the locals will correct. You’ll learn more by trying than not saying anything at all. This usually leads to basic conversation and exciting new discoveries. If you want to learn some basic words before you head off on your trip, you can pick up language books at most book stores or go to sites like Babbel and choose your language.

Travelling the world changes you in wonderful ways, so take whatever opportunities cross your path.

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