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CrossEyes Independent Opticians Newcastle


Its pretty crazy how things can change. Go back 15 years, back to the school playground, day in and day out you would hear children pick on and bully others kids for wearing glasses. "Four eyes" "Speccy", were often heard, and you would watch bullies steal peoples glasses so they couldn't see. Now, glasses are one of the most sort after accessories on the market. Whether it be glasses or sunglasses both are extremely well loved at the moment. The problem is there are so many to choose from, aviators, cateye, wayfever, round or square, how are you meant to choose something that suits you but also follows all of the current trends. Well, I may have a solution for that.
CrossEyes is located on High Bridge in Newcastle City Centre, and is probably the most instagrammable opticians I've set foot in, and from experience I've visited quite a few.
Not only is CrossEyes pretty epic to look at, the service is 5 star. The sight test itself is the easy part for you as a customer, the difficult part is frame and lens selection, how many times have you stood in an opticians not having a clue where to start looking? How many time have you asked youself, what shape suits my face? The staff at CrossEyes take time to help you choose a shape and size that suits your face, not just which frame is most popular at the moment. They are open to offering you suggestions as well as helping you choose between the final two. All of this in the least pushy way possible, by the end of my visit I felt like I had just been shopping with a couple of friends, I was made to feel that comfortable.
"The CrossEyes concept is built on honesty, dedication and smart design. Through honest and hardworking employees, and low and transparent prices, CrossEyes is able to create an environment where you receive the right guidance when looking for quality spectacles. CrossEyes has hundreds of different custom made frames, which ensures that everyone can find glasses suitable for both their look and personality."
Another great thing about CrossEyes that really appealed to me, was how different their frame selection was to other opticians. I have a lot of experience and knowledge about glasses, as I've worked in the business for over 3 years. I am yet to see anywhere else that sell glasses with such creative detail and style, yes they do sell aviators and cat eye frames, however they are nothing like the ones you've seen elsewhere. They have such extravagant colour selections, and their coloured mirror tinted sunglasses are stunning. I'm honestly so excited to visit again to pick up some sunglasses for my summer holidays, knowing that its very unlikely that anyone else will have a frame like mine.



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