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What If Victorian Britain Were A Holiday Destination?

When people think of the Victorian era, Sherlock Holmes and Queen Victoria’s we are not amused jumped to mind. In truth, we have to admit that we don’t really know what Victorian Britain was about. It seems like a place of industrial revolution, cheap pies sold in the street, and unequal class system. But what if you were wrong? What if there were more to the Victorian era? If you don’t fancy a trip down the encyclopedia – or Wikipedia if you prefer digital knowledge – have a look for these entertainment options that take you right in the middle of Victoria’s reign. The best thing about it? It’s a fun day guaranteed!

What was life like in the past?

There’s nothing better than walking through the streets of the past to gain a clear image of what life was like at the time. If you fancy a stroll through the 19th century, the Beamish Museum offers an insight into life during the 1820s until 1900s – although they do have a little bit of the 1940s too. There you can explore the urban life, the farm, the train station and its steam engine and get a feel of the old Georgian landscape that still existed. From traditional bread recipe to the pounds, shillings and pence system at the bank, you’ll love this taste of old time. It turns out that Victorian towns were pretty busy, as you’ll discover.

Solve a historical crime

Maybe you would prefer something a little more sensational from Victorian Britain. If you are after a taste of real mystery, head to London for the Jack The Ripper Tour. The tour is guided by published authors who have done their research about the ripper so that you can expect an evening of investigation and crime solving – this is the ideal tour if you love police dramas. You’ll walk through an atmospheric journey into Victorian London, following the old and narrow alleyways of the East End of the late 19th century. It’s a murderous walk, but it’s a walk through the investigation of a lifetime that until today remains a mystery. Sign to solve it! 

Or dream of a journey to Hogwarts

Maybe you are after a lighter and more cheerful atmosphere. Why not embark on a steam train journey through Britain? If you’ve been loving the Harry Potter films, you may have a clear image of Hogwarts train carrying Harry and his school friends to a new year of adventures. The train exists, and you can book a ticket to travel in style: It’s called the Jacobite Steam Train journey, and it takes you through an 84 mile round trip across Scotland. 

But beware, some have never left the era

Be careful not to fall too much in love with the Victorian era. This is what happened to this young lady from Washington. She and her husband have embraced the beauty of the Victorian time. What first starting as a collection of antique clothing and items turned into a new lifestyle. She now follows beauty routines from the 19th century and loves every minute of it. 

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