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Get Pumped: Motivation Tricks To Get You Working Out


Many of us understand the health benefits of regular exercise, but this isn’t enough of a motivation in most cases, otherwise we’d all be fitness fanatics. To truly get pumped for exercise, many of us need another incentive. Here are just a few motivation tricks that could help you get off that sofa.

Create a schedule

For many people, exercise requires a routine. This doesn’t just meaning planning the days that you exercise, but also the time you start and stop your work out as well as the individual exercises within your workout right down to the amount of reps. By dedicating strict time to your schedule, you won’t be able to put it off.

Give yourself goals

Your exercise needs specific goals other than ‘to get slim’ or ‘to bulk up’. Set a target for the end of the year as to amount of weight you want to have lost, the distance you want to have run or the maximum weight that you want to be able to lift. You can even create physical goals such as being able to fit into a pair of trousers or putting yourself down for a local 10K run. Make sure to also give yourself microgoals to spur you on from week to week.


Hire a trainer

Some people need others to help motivate them. Hiring a personal trainer to help set an exercise regime and realistic goals may be worthwhile. Book a session and see how it goes.

Make it social

Making exercise a social event might make it more fun, as well as giving you someone to compete against or work with. There are all kinds of exercise clubs such as spin classes, Zumba classes, boot camps, martial arts clubs, dance clubs and local sports teams. You don’t even have to join a club – exercises with friends or relative might work just as well.

Blog your progress

Starting an online blog, tracking your weekly progress and sharing each post on social media might spur you on to keep going. Knowing that your friends and followers are reading each of your posts might make you more determined to keep going in fear of letting yourself down publicly. You can also post regular photos of yourself slimming down or bulking up, or videos of you achieving certain goals.


Download apps

There are many exercise tracking apps out there that can help motivate you by giving you clear stats to work towards and improve upon. If you regularly go out running, such an app might help you improve your time or distance.

Give exercise another purpose

Not everyone enjoys exercising for the sake of exercising. You can make it less of a chore by giving it another purpose. Work an exercise regime around cleaning the house or turn it into leisure time by watching TV as you work-out. Stream a new album by a musical artist you like whilst you run or do your exercise regime. Run in a new and interesting location – get up early and you can take photos whilst you run of the sunrise. This extra sense of purpose may make your exercising more fun and rewarding.

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