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Gift Ideas For The Fitness Junkie In Your Life (Including Yourself)

We all know somebody who is seriously into fitness. And if you’re a reader of this blog, then that might just be you! But when it comes to finding those people gifts, things can get a little challenging. Usually, they’re heavily into their diet, and so that rules out things like chocolates or cheese boards. And most of the time their hobby is their fitness, so what are you supposed to get them?

The great thing about fitness is that there is always something new to try out. What’s more, thanks to improving technology, there are more options than ever before. You’re not just limited to buying for fitness friend generic dumbbells. Here are some ideas.

The All-In-One Water Bottle

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There’s nothing more annoying for fitness junkies than going for a run with a water bottle in one hand, towel in another and keys jangling in your pocket, slapping your thigh every time you take a step. But now a company called Kangaroo might have found a solution. They’ve developed a water bottle with a secret compartment for things like keys and credit cards, allowing you to take all the things you need with you on your run, without relying on pockets. As such, the multi-purpose, BPA-free water bottle is perfect for the minimalist in your life.

The Bumbag Alternative

Bumbags are probably the least sexy type of bag out there. (No offense if you like them). But seriously, they’re not a great look. Now a company called Flipbelt has come up with an alternative it hopes will catch on. Essentially, it’s a sleeker version of the bumbag designed to carry just your essentials, like your iPod, cards, and cash. Unlike bumbags which are supposed to be big enough to carry a whole camera, Flipbelts fit snugly around the waist and don’t stick out as much while allowing you to remain active.

The Fur Bike Holder

I Do you own a bike? Do you know a woman that does? Well, you might be in luck. A company has created an ingenious bike storage solution for women which you can find under the Cuckooland gifts for her section, as well as other sites. It’s made from a strong type of plastic, is finished with fur, and is designed to hold your bike up on the wall of your garage, keeping it out of the way of the rest of your stuff. So, if you know somebody who is always complaining that their bike is getting in the way, then this might be the gift for them.

The Fitness Bands

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Wearables have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years thanks to the fitness market. And so it only seems fitting that a fitness band should make it to this list of ideas. Garmin, a company that has been making fitness electronics for many years, has now jumped into the wearables market with its Vivofit band. Like many other bands, it tracks your movements throughout the day and has a handy red bar telling you whether you need to take more exercise.

TOPSHOP Swimwear Wishlist for Summer 2017

So with summer fast approaching and it being only 6 weeks till I head out to Marbella to start my summer off, I thought I would share with you the swimwear pieces I am adoring from TOPSHOP at the moment. So this summer I'm heading out to Marbella, Ibiza and Prague, so it's safe to say I will need plenty of swimwear. I'm gonna seperate these into two sections, pool parties and beach clubs , and chilling out by the pool. Obviously you don't want to be laid by the pool in something that's going to leave you with multiple strap marks, and while your at the pool party fashion is everything.
Here is what I'll be choosing this summer:

Pool Parties & Beach Clubs





Chilling by the pool.




As you can see I'm quite a fan of block colours and very little detail. These are items I would certainly be packing with me for Summer 2017. Is there any swimwear items that you've got your eye on??

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Turtle Bay Preview Night Middlesbrough




No plans on Sunday? What if I was to tell you that there is a new cool restaurant opening its doors this Sunday to the people of Middlesbrough? You've got to head down and check this place out. Anybody who knows me knows I have a huge love for Jamaica after I volunteered out there when I was younger, last night brought back so many great memories for me. 






Walking into Turtle bay, you immediately get hit by the laid back, have fun atmosphere. Reggae music blasting from the speakers and an authentic rum bar with so many great drink combinations. If you just want to pop in for a drink why not grab some of the bar snacks on offer? Jerk popcorn or nuts, or my favourite which was the pork ring with reggae BBQ sauce. YUM!





Last night we got the chance to try out some of the top meals on the menu, to say I left stuffed would be an understatement. I have never bothered to have Caribbean food in England before because I kinda guessed it would never live up to the street food in Kingston. So for me I wasn't sure if I was going to be disappointed with that I got served. Obviously by the great photos you've can see I definitely was not disappointed. It's crazy how much the taste of certain foods can bring back some many memories.




We were served up an amazing starter platter piled high with sweet corn fritters, pork ribs, marinated chicken wings, and beef patties. For me beef patties were probably what I lived off out in Jamaica, I would grab one on the way to work on a morning and then again for my lunch. Out there it's as popular as your local greggs. 



We were then served up an amazing beef cheek curry filled with potato and okra, I've never tasted beef so tendered. The flavours worked well together and luckily it was a milder version of the normal Jamaican spices. I was a little bit gutted I didn't get to try the curried goat, but I suppose it's given me the perfect reason to head back real soon.



Next up was the typical street food, jerk chicken and beef ribs! Again both were amazing, the jerk chicken tasted just like it had come out of a tin can grill that they cook on in Jamaica, and the ribs were glazed in a scotch bonnet sauce that had a slight kick but punching with flavour. At this point I didn't care if I had food everywhere, I thoroughly enjoyed getting my hands in and ripping the meat from the bone.


I felt extremely special with the next meal, the chefs of the Middlesbrough store decided to cook us up something special, that being a Caribbean Parmo! Would you believe it? And honestly it was brilliant, just the right amount of flavour that you could still tell it was meant to be, it was served alongside some sweet potato slice and a pomegranate and chickpea salad. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the dish! 


And to finish us off we were served a platter of desserts that are on offer at the restaurant. My favourites had to be the dark chocolate brownie and the passion fruit pie. Turtle bays take on a lemon meringue pie, and it was certainly a winner!

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Blank Canvas Cosmetics Review : which make up brush to use


Every girl needs a full make up brush set, its pretty much the law. So I thought I would share with you the make up brushes I'm using at the moment to create a subtle contour and smokey eye. Along with the brush set that I feel has all the brushes you need to create the full look, there's nothing worse than having to buy each brush you need individually. I've found with the Blank Canvas 12 piece Black and Rose Gold face and eye brushes I can complete my look with only having to use an airbrush blender to smooth off the look. 

As I'm absolutely in love with this brush set, the brushes are high quality aswell as being vegan friendly, I thought I would share with you which brush I use for what.

F27 is a painter style brush, I use the along with my concealer to cover up any bleamishes.

F20 has become my favourite foundation brush, I use this in a patting motion which prevents any streaks in your foundation.

F19 I used to sculpt around my nose and brows to add dimension to my contour.

F36 I use to apply blush to the top of my cheeks.

F33 is perfect for a string contour. I use this when I'm going out along with my cream contour palette, the brush is really easy to work with.

F34 I use to finish off my look, I find this is great for applying setting powder as you know it will cover the whole face.

So that's the face done now moving onto the eyes and brows.

E06 makes your brows nice and easy to complete. With a spoolie on one end to tidy up the brows I then used the brush to apply cream or powder to the brows to create a deeper look.

E05 is used to apply an all over shadow to your eyes, I normally use this with the lightest colour I'm using and cover the whole lid.

E04 I use to apply darker shaders to the outer part of the lid, I use this to build up colour by adding multiple applications of product to the same area.

E01 I then use to create the smokey look by blending the products out of the lid crease and blending together.

You can then finish off your look by using 
E07 to complete your lips with a precise line and blending.

And that's how I create my everyday look using Blank Cancas brushes. I have also recently stayed carrying the F01 brush around with me in my handbag as I find it quick and easy to top up with it while out and about. 

If you like the look of these products then I would also recommend looking at their eyeshadow palettes, I've been using Master Palette 1 to create a nude smokey eye and I've found for once I'm using numerous different shades within the one palette.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Unique Ways To See The World

If you have something of a wanderlust, then you are probably keen on seeing as much of the world as possible as soon as possible. This is something that a lot of people would agree to. But it can often be difficult figuring out how this might be even possible. Fortunately, there are actually plenty of ways of being able to see the world, so long as you are keen on branching out and trying new things. To travel is to broaden the mind, so if you want to travel more extensively, you have to have an open mind, ready and waiting for the experiences. Let's take a look at some of the best ways to see the world.
Half On, Half Off
If you want to travel extensively, but you can’t necessarily afford to do it all the time, then you might want to consider the following idea. Increasingly, people are seeing travel as a half-annual event, and as it turns out this is actually a pretty good way of seeing a lot of the world. If you travel for six months and then return home and work for six months, you might be able to see most of the world that way in a few years. The six months home give you the security to be able to do it in the first place, as well as an opportunity to see your family and friends, and then you have a good long stretch with which to travel.
Do It For Charity
Again, this is an idea which more and more people are taking on board. The great thing about this one is that you get to travel while also benefiting others. There are many ways you can do this. One of the most effective is to carry out charity challenges through the likes of Global Adventure Challenges, and this way you can pick and choose between many different challenges. The benefit of this is that you will probably feel hugely positive about yourself and the trip, as you have benefitted others whilst also having great fun.
For those who would like to extend the trip by going cheap, backpacking is the classic way for achieving those goals. If you are considering backpacking, bear in mind that you will probably need to plan ahead considerably, as this is the best way to save a lot of money. Alternatively, you could do the exact opposite - plan nothing, and see where it takes you. There is something incredibly exciting about that way of travelling, although it’s not for everyone - you have to decide what is best for you, and what you really think you would enjoy the most.
Work As You Go
Another way of helping yourself out with the cot is to work around the world as you travel. There are plenty of jobs available to travellers in many places, most notably teaching English, so you would probably have no trouble finding work if you wanted to.

Get Pumped: Motivation Tricks To Get You Working Out


Many of us understand the health benefits of regular exercise, but this isn’t enough of a motivation in most cases, otherwise we’d all be fitness fanatics. To truly get pumped for exercise, many of us need another incentive. Here are just a few motivation tricks that could help you get off that sofa.

Create a schedule

For many people, exercise requires a routine. This doesn’t just meaning planning the days that you exercise, but also the time you start and stop your work out as well as the individual exercises within your workout right down to the amount of reps. By dedicating strict time to your schedule, you won’t be able to put it off.

Give yourself goals

Your exercise needs specific goals other than ‘to get slim’ or ‘to bulk up’. Set a target for the end of the year as to amount of weight you want to have lost, the distance you want to have run or the maximum weight that you want to be able to lift. You can even create physical goals such as being able to fit into a pair of trousers or putting yourself down for a local 10K run. Make sure to also give yourself microgoals to spur you on from week to week.


Hire a trainer

Some people need others to help motivate them. Hiring a personal trainer to help set an exercise regime and realistic goals may be worthwhile. Book a session and see how it goes.

Make it social

Making exercise a social event might make it more fun, as well as giving you someone to compete against or work with. There are all kinds of exercise clubs such as spin classes, Zumba classes, boot camps, martial arts clubs, dance clubs and local sports teams. You don’t even have to join a club – exercises with friends or relative might work just as well.

Blog your progress

Starting an online blog, tracking your weekly progress and sharing each post on social media might spur you on to keep going. Knowing that your friends and followers are reading each of your posts might make you more determined to keep going in fear of letting yourself down publicly. You can also post regular photos of yourself slimming down or bulking up, or videos of you achieving certain goals.


Download apps

There are many exercise tracking apps out there that can help motivate you by giving you clear stats to work towards and improve upon. If you regularly go out running, such an app might help you improve your time or distance.

Give exercise another purpose

Not everyone enjoys exercising for the sake of exercising. You can make it less of a chore by giving it another purpose. Work an exercise regime around cleaning the house or turn it into leisure time by watching TV as you work-out. Stream a new album by a musical artist you like whilst you run or do your exercise regime. Run in a new and interesting location – get up early and you can take photos whilst you run of the sunrise. This extra sense of purpose may make your exercising more fun and rewarding.

Ever Wondered About The Dangers Of Beauty?

Beauty is something that everyone naturally aspires to. You probably wouldn’t wake up and wish for yourself to be ugly. After all, beauty defines the social approval that we receive from our community, whether it’s your friends complimenting your makeup or a crush falling for your charm. As a result, people develop their ritual that is designed to make them feel beautiful. As everyone is different, it’s not uncommon to find a variety of beauty rituals. Some like to focus on a fitness routine; others like to express their individualism with an inked message; finally, some rely on makeup and cosmetics to find the self-esteem that they need. Most people use a combination of these elements to feel good in their skin. What nobody thinks about, though, are the inherent risks that can turn your beauty ritual into a health hazard. Here are some of the most common dangers of beauty that you want to consider.

The H&S Behind Training

Fitness training is a routine for those who are careful of their health. They look after their body and ensure that it can remain as fit and strong as possible. Primarily, fitness training is a way of keeping cardiovascular diseases and joints pains at bay. But fitness never protects you from an injury. In some cases, too much fitness can even increase your risk of getting injured. Knees and elbows are the first areas that suffer from an excess of training, but that will depends on the type of fitness exercises that you do. What to bear in mind though is that ignoring a fitness injury can leave you with lasting damages for the rest of your life. In short, take it easy and look after yourself.

A Love Affair With Ink

Getting a tattoo may not be the most common thing on earth, but more and more people are happy to get inked as an expression of their identity. There is nothing right or wrong in getting a tattoo nowadays. But there is an important element about the side effects of a tattoo:  We know that with time the ink disappears from the skin, but we don’t know where it goes. Nobody knows for sure whether the ink accumulates in organs over time or whether the body excretes it. Similar questions remain unanswered about tattoo removal. This leads to the second side effect of permanent tattoos: What if you change your mind? Laser treatments, such as performed at the Belgravia Clinic – a London-based skin expert – are effective in removing your tattoo over a period of up to ten months. This is a gentle method that takes care of your change of heart rapidly.

The Hidden Risks Of Cosmetics

Finally, cosmetic products are renowned to cause allergies and skin diseases when they have not been tested. More and more women are looking at organic ranges to limit the risks of a skin reaction and also to ensure that there will not be any long-term side effect. Don’t limit yourself to organic makeup products: Organic washing, cleansing and hair products are key to keep your body healthy and your beauty glowing.

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