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Vitality Health and Life Insurance Opportunity



Do you take your health for granted? Are you in a position to pay out private health care costs when you really need to? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, then you need to think about Vitality Health or Life Insurance. This may come across as a sales pitch however it's actually something I really do think its important. As an avid gym goer and healthy eater I know how much I have taken my health for granted in the past, I've also recently been put in a position where I've needed health care and had to wait over 24 weeks because I couldn't fund it myself privately. 
When my local Personal Trainer got in touch with me about Vitality, I decided to do some research before I would sign up for anything. Like yourself I questioned what can I really get from this? Baring in mind the price is equal to what I pay for my phone bill, so at such a low cost what could I really get out of the scheme? So I did my research and found that Vitality can give you: 
  • 24/7 access to a private GP helpline, video consultations and up to £100 towards the cost of private prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests. 
  • In patient and day patient treatment.
  • Extended cancer cover, covers all eligible costs after diagnosis.
  • Vitality Care, trained professionals available to give care and advice whenever it's needed.
  • Home Nursing
  • Private Ambulance
  • Oral Surgery
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Childbirth cash benefit
  • Weight Loss Surger
  • Talking therapies
And additional add ons of
  • Outpatient cover
  • Therapies cover
  • Psychiatric cover
  • Worldwide travel cover
All great opportunities yeah?

Now let's discuss the rewards that's I've found.
  • Discounted fitness tracker
  • 50% virgin active gym membership 
  • 50% running shoes at Sweatshop
  • 50% cash back on an Evans bicycle
Not only these but as you create a healthier life for yourself, you are continuously rewarded. Reach 12500 steps a day and you'll receive free drinks at Starbucks aswell as tickets for vue cinema. So basically they treat you for living a healthy lifestyle, that to me is great motivation.

My lovely friend Karen is the perfect person to speak to if your looking for more information, email her at . As a personal instructor she knows just how important it is to keep in good health, and how it's just as important to have the insurance to cover you if anything does go wrong. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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