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Sunderland Restaurant Week's Safari Supper


So this weekend sees the launch of Sunderland Restaurant Week, exciting stuff!! Last week I headed up to Sunderland to join some of the lovely NEBloggers on the Safari Supper. If you didn't see my post back in September, Safari Supper is basically our chance to try out some of the restaurants that will be opening their doors to you this weekend, with some amazing deals. So I'm going to share with you which restaurant were my favourite and which I would choose to avoid. This of course is my own personal opinion and the only way your going to find out if you like them, is by attending! 








So we started off at Cafe Purple, found on Park Lane. I think this was my third visit to Cafe Purple, so as you can probably tell I am a fan! We were greeted with the biggest cocktail selection to choose from, unfortunately as I was driving I had to settle for a non alcoholic drinks but the girls catered for me and made me up a non alcoholic Purple fizz. I already knew I loved this cocktail because I've had it before, why try something different when you can choose something you love? And we were presented with some canapés, it wasn't quite the cheeseboard of you dream from last time, but it was still pretty good. There was a selection of cheese, ham, crudités, nuts and dips, lots of variety and catering for everyone. It was great to tuck in while catching up with the girls.



From Cafe Purple we headed over to Thai Royale. I kind of wish I could miss this part out. I was pretty disappointed with the service and the food at Thai Royale. Knowing how much effort had gone into planning the evening, when we arrived there wasn't a table set up for us, we were left to stand while the waitresses dragged the tables together. We were then left waiting a rather long time before they brought out any food, and what they did bring out wasn't worth the wait. We had to ask the waitress to tell us what it was we had been served up, I'm still not entirely sure what was on the plate. I do know myself and one of the girls tried the 'fishcake' and it was pretty much inedible. This immediately put me off and left me with very little want to try anything else. I did try the spring rolls, and they were okay, just a normal vegetable spring roll,  nothing I would write home about. It's safe to say I was glad when we were told we were moving on to the City Bistro.









So I'm going to be honest, when I read the itinerary and saw we were going to City Bistro I didn't really know what to expect, at first I thought it was a bit of a strange place to go for food. However it happened to be the BEST place we visited all evening! The staff were prompt and polite, the food was astounding. And we learnt so much about why the City Bistro exists. This is where students learn to cook, and our meals had been prepared by the students. The kitchen and the restaurant had the most stunning decor, and you could really tell they cared about the finer details. I went for the Chicken Breast, with BBQ sauce, red slaw and corn. This was incredible, if only photos could produce smells and tastes for you to try! The presentation was perfect , especially knowing the restaurant was going to be full of photographers. And the staff took their time to speak us through what they serve, their menu options and we even got a look round the kitchen. Those copper lights are top of my kitchen inspo list. I enjoyed myself that much, that I've booked up with 3 others to return for a 9 course meal and they chefs table. I'm so excited!!






Last but not least we headed to Port o Call. Again this is a place I've visited previously. We called here for desserts, and that's exactly what we got! I was served a lovely fresh Americano that went down a treat after the feast I had eaten. And we were presented with a platter of desserts, an Oreo cheesecake, chocolate gateau, rocky road and the most delightful treacle pudding. We were fighting over the last bits it was that good. Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for pancakes because I had to get home, but I love that they cooked the ladies up a batch with it being Shrove Tuesday.

If there is one place I would suggest you visit this Sunderland Restaurant Week it has to be the City Bistro, and I would most certainly recommend avoiding the Royale Thai.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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