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Creating that summer body with USN products



I have teamed up with USN to help me create that summer body that I desperately want to achieve. The guys at USN have been extremely generous and have sent across some amazing products for me try out. I thought I would share with you what products I'm going to be using along the way.



First off I'll be using Phedra Cut LIPO XT Fat Burners these are going to help me strip down the excess body fat that I'm hoping to get rid of. This dual tablet includes a 2 phases release system as a multi action thermogenic. So far I can feel these give me a massive burst of energy while training, and after a couple of days using them I do feel tighter in areas. 


I am using these along side the Ultralean Diet Fuel Shake, chocolate cream flavoured. Yum! I love how sweet this shake is, so enjoyable before or after your workout. I mix mine with water as I like to keep shakes thin and easy to drink. I'm going to be using this as a meal replacement, but not to replace my breakfast, dinner or tea. I find having 5 meals a day a lot more beneficial for my body, so this will be used as one of my 5 meals.


It's not often I look for something to snack on because I like to have my meals planned, however I'm keeping one of the Protein Delight bars in my gym bag from now on. They are super tasty and low in carbs so perfect if you get a sweet tooth craving between meals. Also great post workout if your looking for a boost.



Last but not least I'm using the Amino Ener-g drink, this is a pre mixed BCAA drink that you can pop in your gym bag and costume before, during or after your workout. These are great when your on the go, and can't be bothered to drag your tub of BCAA powder around with you. 


The lovely guys at USN also sent me across this lovely Pink stainless steel shaker, I love it! It keeps my shakes nice and cold and it pretty! We all need a bit of pink in our gym bags!!

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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