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Vitality Health and Life Insurance Opportunity



Do you take your health for granted? Are you in a position to pay out private health care costs when you really need to? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, then you need to think about Vitality Health or Life Insurance. This may come across as a sales pitch however it's actually something I really do think its important. As an avid gym goer and healthy eater I know how much I have taken my health for granted in the past, I've also recently been put in a position where I've needed health care and had to wait over 24 weeks because I couldn't fund it myself privately. 
When my local Personal Trainer got in touch with me about Vitality, I decided to do some research before I would sign up for anything. Like yourself I questioned what can I really get from this? Baring in mind the price is equal to what I pay for my phone bill, so at such a low cost what could I really get out of the scheme? So I did my research and found that Vitality can give you: 
  • 24/7 access to a private GP helpline, video consultations and up to £100 towards the cost of private prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests. 
  • In patient and day patient treatment.
  • Extended cancer cover, covers all eligible costs after diagnosis.
  • Vitality Care, trained professionals available to give care and advice whenever it's needed.
  • Home Nursing
  • Private Ambulance
  • Oral Surgery
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Childbirth cash benefit
  • Weight Loss Surger
  • Talking therapies
And additional add ons of
  • Outpatient cover
  • Therapies cover
  • Psychiatric cover
  • Worldwide travel cover
All great opportunities yeah?

Now let's discuss the rewards that's I've found.
  • Discounted fitness tracker
  • 50% virgin active gym membership 
  • 50% running shoes at Sweatshop
  • 50% cash back on an Evans bicycle
Not only these but as you create a healthier life for yourself, you are continuously rewarded. Reach 12500 steps a day and you'll receive free drinks at Starbucks aswell as tickets for vue cinema. So basically they treat you for living a healthy lifestyle, that to me is great motivation.

My lovely friend Karen is the perfect person to speak to if your looking for more information, email her at . As a personal instructor she knows just how important it is to keep in good health, and how it's just as important to have the insurance to cover you if anything does go wrong. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Finding a personal trainer with Bidvine



Are you looking to create the perfect summer body? But lacking in motivation? How about getting yourself a personal trainer that can push you to achieve your goals? I love a good PT session, it's great to have someone who knows exactly what your body needs, both diet wise and exercise. I used Bidvine to find myself a personal trainer in my local area. Whether your wanting a one off training session or regularly 3 times a week, the site can help you find a trainer that's perfect for you. If you hate working out inside that's fine, you can select to find a trainer that works outdoors. Where else can you be so precise with what you want? Another thing is the site is so simple to use! In a matter of minutes you can create your request and start to receive bids from potential trainers, straight to your email or mobile. The professionals have 4 days to contact you with their bids as to not delay you commencing your training, each professional will contact you with what they can offer you and then it's up to you who you choose. Your request is sent to local professionals, so if they are available and send you a bid then you could be working with them in a matter of days. And then you are already one step closer to reaching your goals. Hurray to the summer body!

Below I have attached step by step photos so you can see exactly how easy it is to find yourself a personal trainer.











It really is that simple. Crazy right? Not only can you find a personal trainer that quick but you can find so many more trusted professionals at the click of a few buttons, whether it's a cleaner your after or a wedding caterer, Bidvine can find you the perfect solution. Now that they've helped me find a personal trainer I can't wait to find a nutritionalist to help me reach my goals.


Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Creating that Summer body with USN

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Creating that summer body with USN products



I have teamed up with USN to help me create that summer body that I desperately want to achieve. The guys at USN have been extremely generous and have sent across some amazing products for me try out. I thought I would share with you what products I'm going to be using along the way.



First off I'll be using Phedra Cut LIPO XT Fat Burners these are going to help me strip down the excess body fat that I'm hoping to get rid of. This dual tablet includes a 2 phases release system as a multi action thermogenic. So far I can feel these give me a massive burst of energy while training, and after a couple of days using them I do feel tighter in areas. 


I am using these along side the Ultralean Diet Fuel Shake, chocolate cream flavoured. Yum! I love how sweet this shake is, so enjoyable before or after your workout. I mix mine with water as I like to keep shakes thin and easy to drink. I'm going to be using this as a meal replacement, but not to replace my breakfast, dinner or tea. I find having 5 meals a day a lot more beneficial for my body, so this will be used as one of my 5 meals.


It's not often I look for something to snack on because I like to have my meals planned, however I'm keeping one of the Protein Delight bars in my gym bag from now on. They are super tasty and low in carbs so perfect if you get a sweet tooth craving between meals. Also great post workout if your looking for a boost.



Last but not least I'm using the Amino Ener-g drink, this is a pre mixed BCAA drink that you can pop in your gym bag and costume before, during or after your workout. These are great when your on the go, and can't be bothered to drag your tub of BCAA powder around with you. 


The lovely guys at USN also sent me across this lovely Pink stainless steel shaker, I love it! It keeps my shakes nice and cold and it pretty! We all need a bit of pink in our gym bags!!

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Hilton Hotel Gateshead Review



A nights stay in the Hilton Hotel, Gateshead, with breakfast included and full use of facilities. Not forgetting a wonderful 3 course meal, what better way to spend your Sunday evening?

So the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead is currently offering,
One night’s B&B priced from £109 based on two sharing a Hilton guest room or even cheaper if people book and pay in advance. 
For bookings visit: 

  So while this offer is on I thought I would share exactly why I think you should take full advantage of this offer. 
On arrival the staff were extremely pleasant and 
helpful, I  was checked in in minutes and directed 
towards my room. I couldn't have asked for a 
better room location, right next to the executive 
lounge, with full access why would I have wanted 
to be anywhere else.



My room was stunning, overlooking the Tyne and the 
Tyne Bridge. King sized bed with desk space and a balcony, and also a very decent sized bathroom with both bath and shower. I had full coffee making facilities in my room, and robe and slippers for travelling to and from the pool area. Included in my room was full use of the pool and spa facilities aswell as use of the gym, unfortunately due to quite a tight schedule I didn't get chance to take full advantage of these.
Once I was settled into my room I took some time to capture some photos, enjoy a nice relaxing drink in the executive lounge and get ready for an evening meal and cocktails with some of my fellow Newcastle based bloggers.





When we were ready we met in the Hotel bar where we were served up an amazing platter of minature cocktails, giving us the opportunity to try out cocktails we might not usually try. Over looking the tyne again, this makes a lovely location to enjoy evening drinks.




Before our meal we visited the executive lounge for 
some champagne and to learn a little about the 
Hotel and what it aims to achieve. And of 
course order a evening meal, there was such a large choice of meals to choose from I did find it quite difficult. The Windows on the Tyne restaurant is based within the hotel, and offers gluten free, and vegan menu options, if there is nothing on the menu that you fancy they offer to make you something else up, not many places offer you this. And I think it makes for great customer service. 
The food served in the restaurant was unreal, I 
honestly couldn't knock any part of it. The 
service from Shannon and Alex was exceptional, 
the hotel should be proud to have such fantastic 
members of staff! 

I ordered the ...


Duck egg with asparagus and Parma ham.


Fillet steak with garlic prawns.

Cheese Board.

All of which receive 5 stars from me. The whole 
stay was amazing, and I can't wait to venture 
back very soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Sunderland Restaurant Week's Safari Supper


So this weekend sees the launch of Sunderland Restaurant Week, exciting stuff!! Last week I headed up to Sunderland to join some of the lovely NEBloggers on the Safari Supper. If you didn't see my post back in September, Safari Supper is basically our chance to try out some of the restaurants that will be opening their doors to you this weekend, with some amazing deals. So I'm going to share with you which restaurant were my favourite and which I would choose to avoid. This of course is my own personal opinion and the only way your going to find out if you like them, is by attending! 








So we started off at Cafe Purple, found on Park Lane. I think this was my third visit to Cafe Purple, so as you can probably tell I am a fan! We were greeted with the biggest cocktail selection to choose from, unfortunately as I was driving I had to settle for a non alcoholic drinks but the girls catered for me and made me up a non alcoholic Purple fizz. I already knew I loved this cocktail because I've had it before, why try something different when you can choose something you love? And we were presented with some canapés, it wasn't quite the cheeseboard of you dream from last time, but it was still pretty good. There was a selection of cheese, ham, crudités, nuts and dips, lots of variety and catering for everyone. It was great to tuck in while catching up with the girls.



From Cafe Purple we headed over to Thai Royale. I kind of wish I could miss this part out. I was pretty disappointed with the service and the food at Thai Royale. Knowing how much effort had gone into planning the evening, when we arrived there wasn't a table set up for us, we were left to stand while the waitresses dragged the tables together. We were then left waiting a rather long time before they brought out any food, and what they did bring out wasn't worth the wait. We had to ask the waitress to tell us what it was we had been served up, I'm still not entirely sure what was on the plate. I do know myself and one of the girls tried the 'fishcake' and it was pretty much inedible. This immediately put me off and left me with very little want to try anything else. I did try the spring rolls, and they were okay, just a normal vegetable spring roll,  nothing I would write home about. It's safe to say I was glad when we were told we were moving on to the City Bistro.









So I'm going to be honest, when I read the itinerary and saw we were going to City Bistro I didn't really know what to expect, at first I thought it was a bit of a strange place to go for food. However it happened to be the BEST place we visited all evening! The staff were prompt and polite, the food was astounding. And we learnt so much about why the City Bistro exists. This is where students learn to cook, and our meals had been prepared by the students. The kitchen and the restaurant had the most stunning decor, and you could really tell they cared about the finer details. I went for the Chicken Breast, with BBQ sauce, red slaw and corn. This was incredible, if only photos could produce smells and tastes for you to try! The presentation was perfect , especially knowing the restaurant was going to be full of photographers. And the staff took their time to speak us through what they serve, their menu options and we even got a look round the kitchen. Those copper lights are top of my kitchen inspo list. I enjoyed myself that much, that I've booked up with 3 others to return for a 9 course meal and they chefs table. I'm so excited!!






Last but not least we headed to Port o Call. Again this is a place I've visited previously. We called here for desserts, and that's exactly what we got! I was served a lovely fresh Americano that went down a treat after the feast I had eaten. And we were presented with a platter of desserts, an Oreo cheesecake, chocolate gateau, rocky road and the most delightful treacle pudding. We were fighting over the last bits it was that good. Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for pancakes because I had to get home, but I love that they cooked the ladies up a batch with it being Shrove Tuesday.

If there is one place I would suggest you visit this Sunderland Restaurant Week it has to be the City Bistro, and I would most certainly recommend avoiding the Royale Thai.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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