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Goodbye January, Hello February.




So this post is just a bit of a check in with everyone that follows me, I know from comments and messages that there are some people that check into my page regularly, so for them this is just a post to let you know what's been going on in January and what's coming up on PLGA.

In January everyone is about new starts, whether it be fitness related, goals related or work related. I started January with what I hope to be a new positive concept on life, I say this because we are only 4 weeks into the year so anything can happen and anyone can piss me off and make me change that pretty quickly. I also promised myself that this year I was gonna begin to get into the best shape of my life so far, I say begin because anyone who is committed to health and fitness knows it takes longer than a couple of weeks to get your body and mind working well together. 

I am lucky to be booked on to two amazing girls holidays this year, being Marbella and Ibiza, and hopefully booking up on another summer holiday just to make the most of the year. Because of these holidays I intend to look my best in a swimsuit, what I think looks good and what others think may be two different things, however if I can walk around in a swimsuit all day without feeling negative about how my tummy looks or my legs, then I'll be 100% happy. Obviously this is a lot of commitment, in January so far everything has gone pretty well, from the beginning of the year I'm already down 6kgs in weight, and I can really see the difference in my body shape and fitness levels. This hasn't just happened over night, throughout the month I have been training 6 days a week, sometimes 7 if I've managed to slip a double session day in. These sessions have varied from cardio, resistance, hiit and fitness classes, the reason being if you keep things different you find you don't get bored. I always look forward to seeing which muscle is going to ache next. As well as training my butt off, this statement is literal, my doctor has banned me from squatting for the foreseeable future so my booty gains are lacking, I have also, hopefully, cracked my eating regime. I have looked at what works well for my body and what foods give me the energy I need to workout. I have also introduced the Nutri Buddy 14 day weight loss programme into my diet, and 10 days in I'm feeling a lot less bloated and can see some changes in my body shape. This has just been used as a boost it's not something I would do week in week out. 

I think my biggest help with my fitness regime this month has to be Dry January, when this post goes up I will have officially gone 31 days without a drop of alcohol passing my lips. A point to make, I was never a serial alcoholic however once you've had a few drinks your healthy angel falls off your shoulder and your tempted with all of the bad things you would never touch when your sober. Over Christmas I was soaking up the alcohol with Chicken Parmos or dirty kebabs or even coming home and raiding the fridge for turkey leftovers at 3am. And believe it or not just because you can't remember consuming all those calories doesn't mean they won't sit on your waistline until you've worked them off. 


So the concept I'm following at the moment and probably over February as well is try to lower my body fat, I'm currently not lifting heavy weights, purely because with loosing body fat already I've seen the muscle definition that is hiding underneath. And I want to be able to see what I'm working with, when you have higher body fat you can't tell what body shape your holding underneath, I for one have found that my waist is a lot smaller now I've dropped a few pounds, and I know deep deep down there are some abdominal there waiting to see the light. So at the moment I have a lot of cardio in my workout diary, at the moment I am aiming to complete 3-4 10km runs per week as well as fitting in some HIIT sessions as well to really blast the fat. I'm aiming to boost my cardio mainly because for some crazy mental reason I have signed up to do the half marathon tough mudder in May, god knows why. This is a team reunion with the group I climbed Kilimanjaro with, so as much as it's going to be a good laugh, it's gonna be a difficult event to take part in. However it's worked out quite well, as I'll be taking part in this about 10 days before I head to Marbella, which should mean that I'll be in good shape to get on that plane. Fingers crossed. 




Eating well doesn't mean you can't still go out and socialise though, you will have seen on Instagram and here on my blog that I have been out for food a few times in January. You can't lock yourself in the house to stop yourself from eating badly, you have to know your body and know what you can eat that won't have massive effects on your results. It's about making the right choices and training around them. You don't need to know the calories your consuming but you also don't have to class it as a cheat meal either. I always go for meal with high protein and very little carbs, but that's because that's what works for me. Each time I've normally already trained that day so I already have a calorie deficit, if you over indulge just know you'll need to work abit harder in the gym over the next week to balance it out. No harm done. If you punish yourself every time you have a treat, you'll give in a lot quicker. The 80:20 rule is great to work by, if you eat healthy and train 80% of the time then you can afford to be abit lenient 20% of the time. Keep your eye out for more healthy meal out reviews here on my blog over the next couple of weeks, including my trip to Handmade Burger Company. 

So I'm gonna finish off here, simply because I don't want to bore you. I hope your all working hard towards your goals and I'm really looking forward to hearing what you are aiming to achieve. Over the next month your going to be seeing a lot more recipes appearing on my site, aswell as hopefully some workout posts. You'll also be seeing some new beauty and fashion posts appear, which I'm actually really excited about.
If anyone has any questions or needs any help with anything feel free to email me over at, I may not be a professional personal trainer but I know how hard it is to transform your life and get back on the right path.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB ♡

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