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My Top Protein Pancake Recipes

As pancake day is on the horizon, I thought I would share with you my go to recipes for Protein Pancakes. It so hard to stick to your healthy eating regime on days like Shrove Tuesday, so here's a few alternatives to help you keep on plan. Try and jazz them up as much as you like, but make sure you use the right toppings to keep them healthyish! I always cook my pancakes alongside 1 cal coconut spray as to not waste calories. I also always use My Protein Impact Whey Protein Powder  All of the recipes below are to serve one person, so just multiply it to however many your cooking for. Ain't no party like a pancake party!

Recommended toppings:
Jim Jams Hazelnut Spread
Jim Jams Chocolate Spread
My Protein Sugar Free Syrup ( there's a large range of different flavours)
0% Natural Yoghurt
Greek Yoghurt
Fresh Fruit
Dried Fruit & Nuts


My Favourite Protein Pancakes.

P26  C18  F8

25g Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Egg
1/2 Banana
30ml Milk

Blitz in a blender and cook. These are perfect if your following a low carb diet. You can mix this up with different flavoured protein powders to get extra flavour.


Oaty Pancakes perfect for Post Workout.

P31  C47  F8

25g Vanilla Protein Powder
25g Rolled Oats
1 Egg
1 Banana

Blitz well to make sure there are no lumps from the Banana or oats, I use a nutribullet. Cook with coconut oil. 


Very simple & Quick.

P28  C2  F2

25g Vanilla Protein Powder
2 Egg Whites 

Blitz and cook. Very simple recipe so don't expect the best taste, however you can jazz them up with good toppings. I suggest using a sugar free sauce to add some extra flavour. I also like using chocolate protein powder to add a little extra taste.

I would love to see some of your attempts at My Protein Pancake recipes, feel free to tag me over on Instagram.


Or if you really can't be bothered to cook yourself, why not head along to Crepe Affaire and try out the healthy options on their menu, I absolutely loved my visit. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Visiting Handmade Burger Company for Date Night.


















Date Night for us is 99% of the time, food related. To be fair our relationship probably works so well because we both have such a huge love for food. So getting the chance to visit a burger restaurant on our one 'us time' night of the week, was probably Sean's dream. He is a massive fan of burgers I would quite happily say he's abit of a connoisseur, most restaurant we visit he will normally order a burger. Whereas I'm really not fussed on burgers, now your going to question why I visited a burger restaurant aren't you?

The main reason I like to visit Handmade Burger Co is because for people like me who love meat and chips, but not so keen on stodgy bread buns, HBC offer you the option of going bunless and instead you can get a side salad or a side of coleslaw. For me this is a winner, because I love coleslaw!
So now you know why the photo above is bunless, it's not because the chef missed it off.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Handmade Burger Company, the service was faultless! From the moment we arrived at the restaurant the girls who were waiting on were extremely pleasant and made sure we had everything we needed. They also made the effort to hold a conversation with us which you don't see much in restaurants anymore. If you've not visited a HBC restaurant before I'll explain that in the other restaurants you go to the till and pay for and order you food and drinks, this for me always leads to poor customer service I don't feel like you get that bit of banter when your just ordering at the till. HBC in Newcastle Greys Quarter has revamped the system and now has waitress service, and I think it's made a massive difference.

The photos of the food above probably show you how good it was, it tasted just as good as it looks. But I thought I would share with you what we had.
We both started off with a chocolate milkshake, as you do. Thick, creamy and loaded with chocolate, would you want it any other way?
For mains I had the Buffalo Chicken Burger, bunless, with sweet potato fries and coleslaw. There's nothing better than being served up proper meat, a thick juicy chicken breast stuffed with cheese and coated in thick BBQ sauce. Sweet potatoes fries are always my must have side, and these don't let the side down.
Sean went for the Peanut butter and bacon beef burger, I was shocked to see how much meat he was served. As you can see from the photo above the burgers were so thick, he said the toppings were delicious and he's already asking when we can go back for another. He finished his burger off with the Denver chips, a portion of chips layered with pulled pick, cheese and BBQ sauce, I pinched a couple and they were top notch. Probably a meal in itself though.

We already know we'll be heading back to Handmade Burger Company pretty soon. Have you been in yet?

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB ♡

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Visit Beamish Museum this half term.


























As much as I would love to lie and say that this trip was for business purposes, I can't. A few weeks back myself and Sean decided to spend our weekend having abit of fun, escape work for a day and just enjoy some time together, what better place to do that than Beamish? And yes that is correct we went without any children! I have some great memories of visiting Beamish with my close friends as a child, and it was quite nice to relive some of those memories 10 years on, it's crazy how you see things after all the years have past. I never realised how big Beamish actually was, I think as an excited young child I just hopped on and off the tram, or ran from place to place, not actually judging the distance we travelled. Of course things haven't changed, it's all very much the same, but now I'm older I see things a lot differently than I did back then. There is so much to see and you can't quite easily spend the whole day exploring, if the weather is nice you can take a picnic along with you, if not there are a couple of places you can stop off for a bite to eat. We visited the Tearooms, and they had a large variety of food on offer from sandwiches and scones to hot meals and cakes.

Obviously even before arriving at Beamish I knew the highlight for me would be visiting the Old Sweetshop, however it's so much better when your older because you can spend as much as you want on sweets, rather than being rationed by the parents. I remember as a child standing and watching the gentleman make cinder toffee, and I used to run next door and buy a bag straight after, over the years this has changed and this time he was making little hard boiled sweets, still super yummy.  

I must admit I just loved walking around and taking everything in, we only hopped on the tram twice throughout the whole day, the rest we just strolled around, taking photos and learning all the stuff we hadn't paid attention to as children. It's such a great escape from reality for the day.

The reason I think Beamish is the perfect place to visit this half term, is because it's not all for the children. We are both in our twenties, and I can guarantee we had just as much fun as any child there. Whether it be running around the playground with the stick and hoop, playing hop scotch, visiting the animals or calling in to the fish and chip shop. It makes such a good day out for the whole family, and if you don't have children it's perfect for you to be big kids for the day.

I think we will be taking full advantage of our yearly pass, I mean who could get bored of sugar mice and rosey apples? Now every time you purchase your tickets, they are extended to yearly passes, so you can fill up more school holidays with educational trips. The price is extremely worthwhile for the day you have.

Adult: £19.00
Child (5-16): £11.00
Senior (60+): £14.00
Student: £14:00
Family tickets start from: £35.50

Visit their website for more information

I would also highly recommend South Lakes Zoo, head over and read my thoughts.

Or if you fancy something abit more adventurous why don't you take a take a trek up Skiddaw..

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB ♡

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Fatface Spring Fashion Collection



















It can't be just me that's excited for winter to be over? As much as I love layering up with added woolly accessories, I'm ready to be able to ditch the winter coat and finally get to wear some nice jumpers and dresses. There's nothing worse than getting dressed up in the winter, because all you do is cover it up with a big jacket, it seems pointless putting the thought and effort into creating an outfit. Shame on us for caring too much. 

Hopefully you've enjoyed looking at the photographs above, unfortunately to take photos for spring fashion, they have to be taken in the winter months. So unfortunately we did end up shooting on a gloomy day, however I don't think that takes the attention from the lovely items I got the opportunity to wear. When given an entire spring collection to choose from, it's quite hard to narrow it down to a few different outfits, however I think the 4 outfits I choose work pretty well for the spring months, especially here up north as we never seem to warm up fully. 

I decided to pair all of the outfits with the Fatface Stratus jeggings, I hate to say it but I don't think I've had these off since I purchased them. The reason I paired these with the outfits is because they are possibly the most comfortable pair of jean like item I have ever worn. The fit is perfect, the jeggings sit in just the right place. They are elasticated to go round your bum, but not too much so as to then hand off your thighs, they also cup well round the ankle which is perfect if your wanting to wear with boots or sandles. I think these will be my go to clothing item this spring.

Firstly with the jeggings I paired with the Sennan longline jumper in Golden Sand. I choose this as a bit of a risky item for myself, as it's not a colour I would normally go for, however when matched with tan boots and my recently died dark hair I actually thought the combination looked rather nice. I finished the outfit with my favourite brushed stripe scarf, to create the perfect spring look on a chilly day. 

Above you can also see a small glimpse of the stratus jeggings matched with a very simple basic striped t-shirt, this is the Breton top. Again I loved this item, as much as it was quite simple I thought it created a really lovely spring look. The blue and white stripes went really well with the bold colour of my jeggings, chuck the stunning striped scarf around your neck and you've got a very simple spring outfit.

I'm a sucker for a checked shirt, my collection grows each year and I always find new ways to wear them. Last year it was all about wearing them round the waist and the year before the bolder the better. This year I feel like the nautical colours of blues, greys and yellows work so well through this shirt, the colours are very subtle but they create a rustic element to the look. This shirt makes a perfect casual outfit, matched with jeggings or leggings it makes a safe option for a nice day out with friends.

The last outfit of the collection is probably one of my favourites, I'd been looking for ages for a jumper with a shirt sewn in undernearth as I'm a sucker for something simple, and I feel like this look is a trend that's going to stick around for awhile. This Saskia 2 in 1 jumper caught my eye as soon as I entered the shop, so I knew it had to be part of my spring fashion collection. This top would look lovely with some healed boots as skinny jeans, finished with a nice dainty necklace dropped over the front of the jumper. And that's definitely how I plan to wear it. The grey colour helps you match it with any colour accessories depending on the occasion. As much as this jumper looks great with the jeggings, I feel it would look even better with a pair of black skinny jeans.

So it has been mentioned a little bit in this post, however I must admit that my favourite item from the whole spring collection has to be the brushed stripe scarf. It's so typical of me to love an accessory more than the clothing itself, but honestly this scarf hasn't left my neck. I've matched it with different jumpers, aswell as every coat in my wardrobe. I wear it for days out shopping and just to keep warm on my way to work. It helps that it includes all of my favourite colours to wear which is why I think I find it so easy to match it to an outfit. I love that it's so big and fluffy that it actually keeps you warm, nowadays you buy a scarf and it has less material than a jumper! The idea of a scarf is to look good and keep you toasty, and this one does both of them things.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what items are included in the Fatface spring collection, let me know if you pop along and pick anything up. Don't forget students get 10% off!

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB ♡

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