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Vegan Restaurant Week Newcastle


A good friend of mine Emma over at has organised Vegan Restaurant Week in Newcastle from the 23rd to 29th January, only two weeks away. This is a great opportunity for vegans to try out new restaurants, that they may not have known serve up vegan meals. It's also a great chance for those who haven't tried vegan meals and have always been intregued or interested to try it out. I've always questioned veganism, not because I doubt a vegans beliefs, but simply because I've been small minded and enjoy eating meat far too much that I couldn't understand why someone wouldn't eat it. It's a regret of mine that I haven't looked into vegan foods before now. I've known Emma for about a year now and I've had some really interesting conversation with her about veganism, the great thing about her is that she doesn't try and ram these things down your throat. She has her own beliefs and opinions and she allows other to have their own. Recently Emma told me to research a little about the benefits of Veganism when it comes to wanting to be healthier, which of course I have done as I love incorporating new things into my health regime. 


So these are what I believe to be the top 5 health benefits I have found from my research of vegan diet and lifestyle.

Helps with weightloss.
Cutting out animal products means consuming less food with high levels of saturated fats and cholesterol found in meat and dairy products. By cutting these out of your diet you may find a loss of fat, perfect for this wanting to drop a few pounds after Christmas.

Consume your 5 a day more easily.
By removing meat and dairy products from your diet, you are allowing yourself more room to consumer more fruit and vegetables.  Vegans are known to consume more fruit and veg than those who don't follow a vegan diet. And we know it's vital to consumer 5 a day to help lower our risk of heart disease, we already know by eating 8 portions of fruit and veg a day lowers the risk by 22%.

Your sleep cycle improves. 
Plant-based foods are high in nutrients like magnesium, calcium and vitamin B6, these are known as sleep-inducing nutrients. Following a vegan lifestyle allows you to consume a lot more of these nutrients than you would otherwise. Allowing you to sleep a little better.

Less aches and pains.
For those who train regularly, we know how annoying and frustrating it is when you have those aches and pains that get in the way of your training schedule. Little did I know that meat-based foods are high in inflammatory agents and are very acidic, which certainly don't help towards our aches and pains. Whereas plant-based foods are much less, the majority being alkalising. This has definitely got me think about introducing vegan foods into my diet.

Healthier skin, hair and nails.
Introducing more nuts, vitamin A and vitamin E can help improve the appearance of skin, the increased amount of vitamins can also help the growth and condition of hair and nails. 


These are only a small percentage of health benefits gained from following a vegan lifestyle, I'm stunned by the information I have gained through my research. I am definitely contemplating introducing a vegan diet at least one day a week to see the effects it has on my body. I think attending the Vegan Restaurant Week is going to help me think up some recipes I can try at home on my vegan days. I am also quite shocked how many restaurants offer vegan options nowadays as previously I've seen a very limited selection on restaurant menus. Head over to to see the huge variety of restaurants available to visit during the restaurant week, I hope to see some of you there!

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