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Stir-Fried Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Last year courgetti was the new craze, I even wrote a blogpost about how I make mine here. The great thing with courgetti is that it makes a great substitute for carbohydrates, and if your like myself and hate the effect carbs has on your body, then you are always looking for alternatives. I personally over did it with the courgetti and ate it far to frequently that I then didn't look forward to having it. So over the last couple of months I've been looking out for other alternatives, and over the Christmas period I found an alternative that I have grown to love for one/two months of the year. Stir fried Brussel sprouts, you either love sprouts or you hate them, I'm a lover and this new Recipe has made me like them a whole lot more. So far I've tried these with steak, chicken dishes and mixed into an actual stir fry and each dish ended up tasting pretty good, if I do say so myself.
So let's get to the point, this is actually a super easy and quick recipe, I'd say it will take you 5-10 minutes depending how soft you want your sprouts.

Ingredients per person

1tsp coconut oil 
8-10 Brussel sprouts
1 cloves of garlic crushed
1 small piece of ginger grated
1/4 of a red chilled deseeded and chopped
50ml of water

So in these photos I made enough for two portions, as part of my meal planning.



Peel the sprouts and chop off the ends.


Slice into 0.5cm slices.


Heat the coconut oil in a pan, and add garlic, ginger and chilli in a pan for 1 minute.


Add the sprouts to the pan with the allocated water. The water will steam the sprouts slightly making them a little bit more softer.


As the water boils off the sprouts will then begin to stir fry.


It's up to you when you want to take them out of the pan, id say after roughly 5 minutes then they will still have a slight crunch to them.


Plate up with your favourite dish.


Let me know if you give these ago, if so what did you pair them with?? I'm thinking they would taste great with pancetta cooked in with them. 

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