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Healthy eating out in Newcastle



So Christmas is over, the January diet has begun, and by now your probably sick of the sight of soups and salads. Believe it or not it's now possible to eat healthy in January alongside socialising with friends. Would you believe it? It's well known that when the January cut down begins, you ban yourself from leaving the house incase your tempted by something naughty, which normally means ignoring your friends messages when they invite you out. Well not anymore. If your from the North East you may know that Eldon Square has now opened Greys Quarter, a new food hall filled with so many lovely new restaurants, a few I'm yet to visit. You've got the likes of Giraffe, Chaophraya, George's Kitchen, Smash burger and a handful more. The thought of visiting these makes my stomach rumble, and now even more so, now that I've found out a lot of the restaurants are offering healthier options on their menus. 








Last week I found myself at Giraffe alongside a few of my fellow NEbloggers, this is the first time I've seen them since we departed before Christmas so it was a great opportunity to catch up and find out what's on the agenda for the next few months. In Giraffe we were greeted by the lovely Sophie  the Digital Marketing Co-ordinator of Eldon Square, Sophie had put together this evening for us to show that it is possible to eat out while sticking to your healthy eating regime. So we kicked it off in Giraffe with a smoothie & mocktail masterclass, and of course I was well up for giving it a try myself. You could find me behind the bar whizzing up a Giddy Giraffe and an Eldeflower Collins, both turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. A few of the other girls got behind the bar and made up some of the other options on the menu, it was nice to see so many fresh ingredients being used. It makes you think you can drink all these fruity refreshing drinks alongside a meal without getting that dreaded thick head the day after, I don't think this will be the last time I substitute a cocktail for a mocktail. 




After our masterclass we got split up into pairs, ourselves and the guest we invited along, in this case tonight Kayleigh was my date. We were then given a restaurant within Greys Quarter to visit, and ours ended up being Crepe Affaire. I was particularly happy with this choice as it's somewhere I've never been before, and who doesn't love Crepes? However I normally love mine layered up with Nutella, so finding a healthier choice may be quite difficult right? Wrong! Choosing something healthier was actually very easy, the Crepes started at 400 calories with a gradual increase depending on which topping you choose. I went for the Pesto, Mozzerella with Chicken, thinking about this option I actually went with something quite balanced in regards to carbs, protein & fats, it was an all round good option. Everyone always thinks Crepes should be sweet however a savoury option is often just as scrummy. The mix of pesto, chicken, spinach and mozzarella went really well together, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kayleigh had gone for the supreme crepe, filled with plain chicken, mushrooms and peppers, again a very balanced option and equally as tasty as mine. We both commented on how shocked we were at how good they tasted and the size was enough to fill you as a main meal, they make not look it but once you cut inside the Crepes are stuffed full of filling.





We decided to wash our Crepes down with a couple of smoothies, Sam was the assistant that looked after us and she recommended a Kale smoothie and the Pash 'n' Shoot. I went for the Pash 'n' Shoot, and was again overly surprised at how scrummy it was. It definitely made me feel happy that I had enjoyed a healthier choice meal and still been able to enjoy meal and catch up with a friend. 




Then, tables turned a little. And myself and Kayleigh may have been a little bit naughty. As we had had such a healthy meal compared to what we normally would, we thought there was no reason why we shouldn't maybe treat ourself to a sweet crepe. After all we'd never visited Crepe Affaire before so it would be wrong to leave without trying something from each menu, surely? On the wall of the restaurant, there was a lovely canvas photo of a Nutella, Strawberry & Banana Crepe that looked mouthwatering, for a laugh I challenged Sam to create me a crepe that looked just like it. So really it was research, not me just being a massive fan of Nutella. Sam took on the challenge and smashed it, she made a very instagrammable dessert that tasted equally as great! And of course it would have been rude for me to have a dessert and Kayleigh to not, so she treat herself to a Nutella Crepe, again it was definitely for research purposes to see where we should visit on Pancake Day. Who are we kidding? We are just massive foodies! 


The moral of the story is, 
"a balanced diet is a Crepe in each hand"! 

The service in Crepe Affaire was excellent and we'll definitely be calling in again soon. Below I have left you the links to blogposts from the other NEbloggers, see what healthy options they found on their menus.

The lovely Alice from Zest of Alice had shared her hand created pizzas from Pizza Storm. 


Plain Sarah Jane posted about hers and Tasha from Hello Freckles's trip to Chaophraya.


Hello Jennifer Helen dined at Giraffe, find out if she had room for pudding? 


I will add more as and when the girls upload them (:

RB ♡

These meals were gifted to us my intu Eldon Square, however all opinions are our own.

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