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Detangle with my Tangle Teezer Review

"I'm just finishing my hair!!" 
is a common phrase used in our house, normally I'm already running half an hour late, I've just jumped out the shower and my hair looks like I've been dragged through a bush backwards. Trying to tame it before I start drying it can be an absolute nightmare, you name a product and I've more than likely already tried it. I've used serums, oils, mouses, sprays, the lot, some work to get the knots out but then after drying, my hair is just left greesy and flat to my head. And that's not the look I tend to go for. In all honestly I would rather not put any products on my hair, I like to leave it produces its own oils without me clogging up my hair follicles. Which is probably why I was over the moon when I received my tangle teezer blow dry brush. 

This wasn't the first
 time I had used a tangle teezer products, I used to own one of the original hand held tangle teezers, and it was pretty good to be honest, it just used to fly out my hand quite often if I brushed too heavily. A reason why I like the blow dry brush so much, is that it has a handle so I can get the perfect grip when I'm trying to detangle my hair. I actually can't explain how good this product actually is, I've used it every day since I received it and I really don't want to have to revert back to a normal hair brush. My hair always looks so much better now I don't have to battle out the knots and tangles.

Whether your hair is wet or dry, the tangle teezer glides through getting rid of all cotters and knots. The brush has fixed base teeth with built in tension and slight flexibility at the tips, the teeth allow the hair to snake through, for a quick, smooth and gentle blow dry. Very rarely does the brush cause the hair to snap or stretch, making it a much more comfortable experience. I use it straight out of the shower, as well as when Blow drying and styling, I just love how easily it detangles my hair.


To say I've only tried two products from the website and have completely fallen in love with them says something, but there is such a wide range of brushes you can choose from it makes it difficult to decide where to start. I personally think the next brush I'm going to purchase will be the finishing brush in pink, it'll look great with the rest of my collection and think it would help when I'm putting my hair up or straightening it and leaving it down to give my hair a smooth sleek finish.


However there really is a brush for everyone, I mean the magic flower brush created for kids is just brilliant. I couldn't think of a better way to get little girls to start brushing their hair, I really like that you can personalise the brush to each individual child by adding a photo of them to the brush. Such a great idea!


And for those who regularly go the gym and are rushing about in the shower between work and home, or those who enjoy swimming or holidays by the pool, the Aqua Splash brush would be great. This allows you to get knot free hair while still in the shower, meaning you can easily jump out the shower and allow your hair to dry naturally without any knots or tangles. Such a great purchase if your always on the go.

Let me know which brush you love to use.

The blow drying smoothing hair brush retails at £20 online and is available at, along with all of the other brushes I have mentioned above.

This product was gifted to me by Tangle Teezer, however my opinions are my own.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB ♡

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