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14 Day Weight Loss with Nutribuddy - First Impressions




Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive the 14 day weight loss kit from Nutribuddy, I have decided to use this kit to help lose the last few pounds that seem to be sitting on my waistline. I know myself just how hard it is to get motivated in January, the days are cold and the nights are dark, and it's much easier to just have a cosy night in with a takeaway or nibbles. No matter what, you've got to want to achieve, to get motivated! Only you can push yourself to train hard 3-4 times a week and choose the healthier options at meal times, even choosing the healthier choices when eating out. I've always believed that if you can do it for 21 days straight then it becomes a lot easier to keep up. After 3 years of training and dieting I completely understand that sometimes we need abit of a boost, which is why I've decided to try this product. Nutribuddy say that you should be able to notice results after 1 week if you stick to the plan, so I am going to give it ago for two weeks and show you what results I have seen, if any.




Let's just talk about the packaging of Nutribuddy, it might just be me, but it automatically makes me think of summer, quite inspiring to help gain that bikini body ready for our summer holidays. I also really like that everything is individually packaged into different sachets, it's perfect to set yourself up for the day. I can just pick up the supplements I need for the day and carry them around in my handbag/gymbag without them taking up too much room. It's also nice to have a shaker than doubles up as quite a nice water bottle, I seem to have some kind of addiction with purchasing new water bottles and shakers, my kitchen cupboard is bursting with them.



So you might be thinking, what's actually included in the 14 day weightloss kit? It's probably time I got to the point and told you, ey? 

Within the 14 day kit you receive:
1. Sculpting Whey Shake (chocolate/vanilla)
2. Hunger Fix tablets
3. Multivitamin tablets
4. Shaker Bottle (red/black)
5. Little Book of Weight Loss
6. Recipe Book

Let's discuss the basics of what each of these actually do.

The sculpting whey shake, is a low calorie weight loss shake that you can use as a substitute to a snack or as a meal replacement shake, depending on how busy your schedule aswell as what results you want to gain. 

The Hunger Fix tablets include glucomannan, an ingredient that is clinically proven to help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite. Taking these before meals can suppress your want the snack between meals, and can also stop your from wanting large portions of food.

Multivitamins are great to keep you on the straight and narrow, they are filled with the right vitamins to keep your immune system healthy. Resulting in boosting your metabolism and fat burning.

These 3 products are meant to work well together to help you gain the results you deserve. Head over to 
Nutribuddy to purchase your 14 day weightloss kit, feel free to tag me in your results.

This product was gifted to me by Nutribuddy, however all opinions are my own. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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