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Glamping: Perfect For Glamorous Adventurers

Glamping - a short-term for glamorous camping - has taken the world by storm in the past ten years. And whether you are into the camping lifestyle or not, it’s well worth looking into a glamping holiday for something a little different. There are, however, many different types of glamping experience, and lots of varying companies offering different things. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of your options - read on to find out if glamping would be a natural fit for your holiday plans! 

Bell tents
Bell tents are extraordinary places to stay. Your typical bell tent is supported by a single pole and tension cables, and they offer an incredible level of comfort if you are prepared to fork out on accessories, Some come with wood burners, beds, mattresses and delightfully soft flooring, as well as extras like makeshift cupboards and wardrobes. Yes, it’s a tent, but if you kit yours out enough, it will feel like a luxurious hotel room.
Safari Tents
As you would imagine from its name, the safari tent was developed for staying on the plains of Africa. It’s very similar to the bell tent in that you can expect all mod cons, but there are a few differences. Firstly, you can separate off areas into rooms, and secondly, the shape is more like a house - whereas the bell tent looks like a small circus tent marquee. Safari tents are also a little harder to erect and transport, as they are significantly more complicated and more cumbersome.

Want to experience something really different? Why not stay in a tree house? There are hundreds of specialist treehouse campsites all over the world right now, and their numbers are increasing every year. It’s the perfect option for the adventurous traveller, and you will use suspended rope bridges, ladders and climbing ropes to access and exit your treehouse of choice. A lot of modern treehouses have everything you need for a relaxing holiday, including proper beds, electricity, and a TV set. 
Mobile houses
If you can’t afford to buy a holiday home, why not get yourself a tiny house on wheels? These little houses can be transported to and from your destination by a trailer and will give you a level of comfort way beyond that which you can get from a tent. They aren’t cheap, of course, but if you use them once or twice a year for the foreseeable future, you’ll get your money back pretty quickly from the savings you gain on holiday spending
Yurts are another tent-like structure, albeit it a little more permanent. Again, you can get them with wood burners to keep you warm, and they are an increasingly common sight on campsites around the country - you get them a lot at festivals, too. Yurts are for a communal experience, however, as you can fit up to 6-8 people in them, and everyone shares the same space. 
Have you been glamping? It would be great to hear about your experiences, so feel free to share in the comments! 

Ramp Up A Sluggish Metabolism With These Genius Tactics

Your metabolism is a vital aspect of health and fitness. It is the system by which your cells convert food to fuel. If your body does this very efficiently, you are said to have a fast metabolism. However, if your body is inefficient or slow at doing this, then you are said to have a sluggish metabolism. The problem with the latter being that it can make you feel lethargic, interfere with your physical performance, and make weight loss pretty tough. Happily, there are some ways that you can boost a slow metabolism, and all you need to do is read on to find out what they are. 
Fasting is something of a controversial subject in the fitness arena. The reason for this being that some nutritional experts believe that if it is done right and strictly controlled, it can be incredibly healthy for the body and speed up a slow metabolism. 
While fasting sounds pretty scary, it doesn't mean having no food at all. In fact, proponents of this method suggest that it should be done for only two days a week, and even then food is still to be consumed on those days. Albeit at a greatly reduced intake of around 800 calories per day.

However, other nutritionists argue that fasting can be dangerous both in day to day life, as you aren't getting enough calories to function optimally, and regarding metabolism, because your body goes into storage mode. Storing up any calories that it does consume rather than burning them off. Something that will have a slowing effect on your metabolism overall. 
Another action to consider when trying to boost a sluggish metabolism is to use supplements. These come in a huge range, and there is more than one on the market that is recommended for a metabolism boost.

One such supplement in particular that can be used is green tea, a natural and incredibly healthy supplement, and something you can read more about here! It boosts metabolism by a process known as thermogenesis, or a faster release of energy from the cells. It even comes in capsule form, so you don't have to glug down 5 cups of the bitter stuff a day! 
Another supplement that is believed to be useful in boosting metabolism is the mineral zinc. This is an essential resource that your body needs to function properly, and by supplementing this in your diet, you can help regulate the function of your thyroid, the gland that controls the metabolic process. Although, as with any other major health changes, you should always consult your doctor before taking a new supplement. 
Spicy Foods

Last, of all, don't forget that you can get some positive effect but just adding a little more flavour to your food. Of course, this flavour needs to be in the form of hot chilli and spices. The reason for this being that they contain capsicum. Something that is known to have a positive booting effective on the metabolism of the persons consuming it.

Due to the spices, curry that is prepared in a healthy manner is an excellent metabolism booster. Image link

The Hassle-Free Beauty Hacks Every Gym Bunny Should Invest In

When you love to spend a lot of your free time in the gym, it’s easy to believe that you can’t invest in beauty. You’re often in lycra, you’re forever sweating, and you don’t always have that much time to head to the salon. And that will often make you think that you have to forget all things pampering. But that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, it can be a great reason for why you should focus on your beauty bites a little bit more. Because if you choose the right things, you’re going to find that actually, you can make your life so much easier. So let’s take a look at the beauty hacks that will change your gym-loving life.
Dry Shampoo
First of all, there’s always gotta be some dry shampoo in your bag. The chances are, because you love to workout, you probably shower a million times a day anyway. However, that can start to take its toll on your hair. You’ll soon be washing away all of those lovely natural oils that work to keep your hair healthy. Instead, try to stretch your hair an extra day with some dry shampoo. It will free up a little more post-gym time for you too.
You’re probably not one for wearing makeup in the gym - that’s definitely too much of a crazy idea. But you may not be all that comfortable going completely makeup-free in front of a bunch of people (especially the hot ones), so this is where semi-permanent makeup comes in, and microblading in particular. Microblading will give you eyebrows without having to draw them on. It can last up to two years and will mean that you’re a little more put together in the gym.
Gel Nails
Next up, it’s the nails. And you may want to consider gel nails instead of any kind of standard manicure. Because if you’re using your hands a lot with machines and free weights, you may find that your nails chip quite quickly. So, instead, you’re going to want to buy OPI GelColor and use that instead. It will last longer and save you from having to redo your nails too regularly.
Eyelash Extensions
We’ve already established that you’re not all that keen on wearing makeup in the gym, but you don’t exactly want to be fresh-faced either. So, you’re going to want to consider eyelash extensions. They’ll make your lashes look lovely, and you won’t have to wear mascara - in or out of the gym!
Salt Scrub
And you’re definitely going to need a quick fix for freshening up after each session. You may love to throw on a little shower gel, but if you want to make sure that your skin is kept fresh, you should opt for a salt scrub. With a scrub, you’re going to be able to really make sure the sweat is gone, and remove any dry skin that could be leading to post-workout breakouts too.

Need Some Help With Your Weight Loss?

We all do from time to time, so there’s no shame in it! Yet, if you’re continually struggling in your efforts, this might just be the list for you. Whether you’re still looking for the right workout routine for you, or you just can’t seem to stick to a diet, you can chop and change and a make a lot of difference for yourself if you know where to start. Here’s some of the best tips for you to look into. 

Construct Meals the Right Way
Every meal you eat needs to have the same nutrient sources, and those mainly include protein and low carb vegetables, and a bit of fat on the side. It’s not a bad thing, everyone needs fat in their diet to keep themselves going! However, making sure everything works together and comes from unprocessed sources means they’re used by your body in the right way. 
This often means we need to incorporate a bit more meat into our diets, such as lean poultry, and some more eggs. Eating them for breakfast in omelettes and the scrambled variation can make this a lot easier, and chicken is a good basis for any meal. Skipping breakfast isn’t an option anymore, as it can set you up for the day and make lunch a little more prolonged. Whether this is because you tend to overeat when it comes to lunchtime, or work prevents you from having a proper lunch hour, try to eat in the morning. 
Make Weight Lifting a Habit
Weight lifting is a good way to bulk up whilst trimming off the edges and toning yourself perfectly. That means you do it a little more often, and usually you don’t even have to go the gym to do so! Buy some weights for the house and do a few reps a day. 
Do it as many times as you think you can, or set out a schedule to make sure you do some lifting a few times a week. You know your own limits, so let yourself build up to it and never forget the warm up. This protects your muscles, and makes sure the rips in your muscle fibres that grow back stronger each time are never too severe. 
Try Out Medicinal Methods
This option isn’t for everyone, and let’s face it there’s a lot of information out there about why you shouldn’t try weight loss pills, but they can do a lot of good for you as well. If you’re taking them in the right way they’ll work how they’re designed to, and you can always consult a doctor about them if you’re not sure. 
Diet pills have a lot of difference in their purpose, as some can make you feel full and resist any cravings, and some can give you a good detox. There’s even some that can make your metabolism shift a little faster, so it’s all up to you what type you plump for. 
Overall: weight loss works differently for everyone! 

Luxurious Gift Guide from Clive Christian

If your like me and really struggle what to buy your loved ones, this gift guide will be perfect for you. This should give you a little guidance as to what different family members may like. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with buying fragrances for people and Clive Christian have a fab range of Luxury Fragrance Gift Sets.

For Her

You have the Elegance & Grace Gift Set, perfect for the lady in your life. A sparkling fresh and creamy perfume set, with notes of lemon, cocoa and benzoin.  A combination of striking sun fringed perfumes capturing feminine grace and style throughout the ages. Details at £420, the perfect gift for a lady that loves luxury.

Or if you have someone who is a little indecisive about what they like why not treat them to the Small Wonders gift set, featuring 5 of Clive Christians iconic scents. Perfect for every occasion.

Or you get the smaller box as a perfect stocking filler to  finish off someone’s Christmas gift. Again a perfect way of sampling the different fragrances on offer.

For Him

The most stunning packaging. The jasmine scent of X compliments No1 so well that together they create a creamy floral scent. Or you have the option of wearing separately. So the gift set can be used for every occasion. Retailing at £500 this makes the perfect love affair.

Or if he likes something a little bit more woody, the Private collection would be perfect! With leather notes mixed with saffron and tobacco, such a perfect combination.

Head over and purchase your gift set today and see if you can find the daily Christmas bauble hidden on the website. Every day a clue is posted on Instagram, all you have to do is find the bauble, screen shot it and post it on your account and tag @clivechristianperfume for the chance to win the daily prize.

Thank you for reading.


Ginni’s Home Delivery

Home delivery boxes are the new thing. From make-up and beauty products you can now get healthy snacks or sweets delivered to your home. Ginnis sent me two of their home delivery boxes to have a try and see what I thought, to fit in with the niche of my blog here at PLGA, they sent me the ‘nuts box’ and the ‘raw nuts and dried fruit box’. Of course these made perfect snacks to fit into my health lifestyle. 
The boxes came well packaged within another cardboard box to prevent any damage which is essential these days as you never know how much they are going to be thrown about or whether they are going to be left outside by the courier. I must say I was rather shocked at the quantity inside the box, the boxes retail at £10 and between the two boxes I received approximately 18-20 different items. I can’t count exactly because I know there was a pack of honey roasted cashew nuts that got demolished almost immediately. Ooops.
The best thing about the boxes is the vast range you get within them, no packet is the same and there are lots of different flavours to try. The only bad thing is the size of the bags, unfortunately I’m one of those people that when a bag is open I can’t finish until it’s empty, and to stick to a healthy lifestyle you could probably get 4-5 portions out of each bag. But I suppose that’s only a downfall to me because I have no limits to my snacking. 

These would make great gifts at Christmas for those like me who love to snack!!

Why Everyone Should Go To Marbella

What are you searching for?
So you’re looking for a holiday, but where do you go? It could be you’re looking for a nice relaxing holiday on the beach with as little effort possible, or maybe you’re looking to explore and go mountain climbing! There are many types of adventure out there, but how can you be sure you pick the one that’s right for you. Marbella has a lot to offer when it comes to holidays, and we’re going to be looking over why it’s the right place for you.
First of all, it doesn’t matter whether you’re alone or with family, there’s a lot to be offered out in Marbella. You don’t need to stress about getting out there and having a lack of things, as there’s something for everybody’s interest. Let’s start with that beach holiday that 
Your holiday in the sun
If the beach holiday in the sun is what you’re looking for, then Marbella is definitely a great pick for you. Located on the coast of Spain, you’ll have no trouble finding a hot beach to relax on, and a great hotel to stay in. For example, look at these apartments to rent in Marbella, again right on the beach making it the ideal place to stay if you’d prefer to spend your time lounging around. Laying around on the beach isn’t all this place is good for though! There’s a whole lot of things you can get up to while you’re there. First off, there’s a lot of beauty to be explored, from old towns to pretty parks, plenty to keep you occupied.
So let’s talk about these beauties. Starting with Alameda Park. A collection of exotic plants and fountains, and decorated with tiled benches. While also only a short walk from the beach and old town, a great place to visit in your spare time if you want somewhere pretty to relax. Although it is small, many of the tourists who have visited have said it to be an oasis, and a stunning park to get out of the heat with. Perhaps you’re just walking by and want to grab a drink to cool down, the tranquil park is a great spot to cool down and enjoy your surroundings.
Another place you could visit is Marbella’s Constitution Park (Parque de la Constitución). While not a place you would go seeking thrill, but yet again a place of beauty to explore. While only a short walk from the beach and a café nearby, this garden is the perfect place to get out of the sun and enjoy nice meal or beverage. Also if you’re traveling with family, there’s a children’s play-park to give you that extra space to relax.

(Source: Pexels)
Looking for adventure?
If you’re not looking to lay around in the sun, Marbella has plenty of alternatives for you to explore! Maybe you’re looking to see the mountains, or perhaps visit their old town, which is said to be one of the “most enchanting” places in Marbella. If you have an eye for pretty architecture and picturesque towns, then this is definitely the place for you to visit. There’s also plenty of cafés to choose from if you want to relax and enjoy your surroundings over something to eat.
On the more active side of things, you have La Concha, which is said to be the tallest mountain in Marbella area. Many take the time to hike to the top of this mountain for its stunning views, as you can see all the way across the Costa Del Sol from its peak. However, the mountain isn’t the only attraction on the journey, as the route is said to be beautiful all the way. Don’t threat if you can’t climb, the hike isn’t too challenging for those who would like to visit and doesn’t require you to be a top-tier athlete, more just up for the walk and prepared with water to keep you hydrated. If that still doesn’t sell it, take a look at this review and see what you could be missing out on!
These aren’t the only attractions Marbella has to offer, with just a little searching you will find plenty more activities and areas to suit your taste. Whether you’re seeking culture or clubs, Marbella has it all. So if you’re looking for that perfect holiday, this might just be the perfect place for you, just be sure to plan ahead of time, as there’s plenty to be missing out on when you get there!

London After Dark

Think London is all about shopping, visiting Buckingham Palace and taking a ride on the London Eye? Sure, they are all great things to do, but London is also a great city in the evenings as well. In fact, you could have a lot more fun once the sun goes down. Ready to have a great time in London after dark? Here are some things you might want to do.
Go To A Comedy Club
There are comedy nights all over London. No matter where you are, you won’t be too far from the nearest comedy club, that’s for sure. And what’s more, there are lots of free club nights throughout the week. Angel Comedy features free comedy seven nights a week, and you’ll get to see some of the best up-and-coming names in the business. There are, of course, lots of well-established comedians regularly gigging around the city. Just be expected to book well in advance for those tickets as the shows tend to sell out quickly!
See A Gig
If comedy isn’t really your thing, you might want to see a concert instead. Luckily, there are plenty of nightly gigs as well! If you want to see a famous name, you will have to book a few weeks in advance to snap up a ticket. But there are lots of cheap - sometimes free - open-mic nights and pubs that have live music. If you like your jazz, you should check out Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho. For a chilled-out open-mic, try The Castle in Ealing.
Relax With Shisha
There are lots of bars in London, but have you ever thought about relaxing in a Shisha Lounge? These lounges are just like regular bars, so you will be able to get plenty of drinks. However, they come with the added extra of shisha. This is a pipe that you smoke that is flavoured with fruity flavours. Don’t worry - it isn’t like smoking tobacco at all. It’s a popular Turkish pastime and tastes delicious!
Sip Classic Cocktails
Want some sophistication with your evening entertainment? If so, then it’s worth spending some time at a bar that serves classic cocktails. Don’t worry; you don’t have to have an expensive night if you don’t want to. Most cocktail bars have a daily happy hour, perfect for students and budget travellers, as there are usually some big discounts on their drinks. 
Take In A Show
Something else that London is well-known for is its many shows and theatres. Don’t worry if you don’t want to go to a stuffy old play as there are many amazing musicals that you might enjoy instead. For instance, you could see The Lion King or Wicked. You’ll be sure to have a great evening filled with plenty of culture!
As you can see, the city of London really does come alive once the sun goes down. There’s so much to do, you could do something different every night. How do you think you will end up spending your evenings?

Finding Comfort In Fitness

Working out isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. But, nevertheless, we all know that it’s something we need to do to stay fit and healthy. If you are someone that generally needs a bit of motivation to get your workouts in, then it’s likely that you need things to be as easy for you as possible. If it’s cold or dark, you may easily dissuade yourself from doing anything. If you get a social invite, the gym may also get passed over. So, the last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable when you do workout, as this can stop you from wanting to do it too. If that’s something that generally affects you, let’s take a look at how you can find comfort in what you wear to workout.
Steady Your Feet
So say start at the top, but we’re going to start at the bottom. Because tennis shoes are often a huge seller for fitness fans. So you need to scan the market for some that will suit you. Whether you want to go with trending sneakers or find yourself some women's Brooks running shoes on sale, you have to work with a pair that will be comfortable. Because if your feet aren’t steady, you’ll find it hard to motivate yourself to workout.
Give Yourself Some Room
From steady feet to breathing room, you’re going to need to work with clothing that you can move in. This is definitely the case when it comes to your workout pants. Because it’s just too easy to find yourself in something that is too restricting, or that moves too much or doesn’t move at all when you’re in the gym or playing a sport. In general, leggings or pants with movement will always be the best choice. You just have to find a pair you feel both comfortable and confident in.

Find Some Support
From here, it’s on to your support. You will always need a good sports bra when you workout. When you wear something that lacks support, it can make you feel self-conscious. It can even impact on your workout. So this can often be the most important piece of clothing for you to get right.
Wrap Up
If one of the main reasons you can’t always find the motivation to work out, is because you’re often cold, then you’re going to want to wrap up warm. This winter workout clothes inspiration should help you to find something that you’ll love the look of, but that can keep you warm too. It might be all it takes to get you to the gym.
Then Pack Up
Finally, you’ve then also got the accessories to be thinking about too. Because you’re going to need something to carry all of your workout clothes in. Not only will this help you to feel prepared and ensure that you have some way of carting your workout wear around, but you can also keep some motivating fitness accessories in their too. From music and headphones to fitness apps and workout watches, not only can your accessories make your workouts easier, then can make them enjoyable too.

The George Hotel Keswick: customer service at its finest

So from Instagram you may have seen that we have just got a new puppy, Monty. As much as we love him dearly, we’ve found it is quite difficult to find somewhere here in Keswick to eat out due to his playful behaviour. We wouldn’t want to upset anyone due to the fact that he likes to chew on fingers, ears and hair. So after searching trip advisor for take away restaurants and seeing only average reviews, I decided it would be an idea to ring our favourite restaurant and see if there was any chance they could make us some takeaway food. I rang The George Hotel, Keswick and they said they would make us up some meals to takeaway. We’ve visited that many times that we all have the same favourite, the Lamb George. Lamb George is our favourite meal on the menu, lamb cooked in a mint gravy served with the creamiest mash and seasonal veg. To you it may sound like a simple meal but the meat is cooked so perfectly that I wouldn’t order it anywhere else because I’m sure I would be dissapointed. We’ve always loved the George Hotel and every time we visit Keswick we go in for a sit down meal but with Monty at the moment being so playful it’s become quite difficult. I can’t describe the excitement from my mum and step dad when they found out they didn’t have to have pizza for tea.

We headed to the pub and ordered our meals to take away, Pete the staff member that organised this for us was absolutely fantastic! I hadn’t even got 2/3 down my pint by the time the food was plated up and ready for us to takeaway. And the presentation was equal to that we would have got if we had sat in the restaurant! I honestly can’t thank the George Hotel enough for their amazing customer service alongside their fantastic food. I can’t wait to visit again next time I get chance to pop up.

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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Say No To Socks: All The Things On My Xmas Wishlist

If I could choose all the gifts I received at Christmas time, there wouldn't be a sock among them, no not one single one. There would, on the other hand, be some stylish items for adding subtle flair to my outfits, some exciting items with a sense of mystery, and some techy items, because well why the hell, not? With that in mind read on for the low down on my festive wish list. Something that you are welcome to use as inspiration for your own Christmas requests, as well as ammo in the fight against festive socks! 
Big shot cufflinks 
Talking of ammo if you like things that conjure images of steampunk and the Old West then why not request the nifty pair of shotgun cufflinks from the Deakin & Francis store? Featured in Country Life magazine and perfect for the English gentleman these 12 bore shotgun cufflinks have movable parts and are finished in rose gold plate, with black rhodium barrels. Not meant to be taken too seriously, these are a fun little detail to add to your otherwise boring penguin suit over the festive season that will remind you just who the biggest shot in the room really is.  
Enigma box 
If you are after a little adventure and excitement in your life, you need to go no further than your own front room. That is if you put the Enigma Box on your Christmas list. A Kickstarter project that has already met its funding goals, this little beauty is a reverse escape room mystery in a box with over 6000 hours of play time, loads of puzzles and even a board game to boot!  The deluxe edition even has wearables and some extra content that looks quite intriguing. 
The Enigma Box is Suitable for solo players, or you can invite the whole family round to help when you get stuck, but however, you play you will need to use your wits and access the latest technologies to virtually travel all over the world and find the ‘secret of secrets.’ 
A word of warning though you have to purchase the box soon, although it's not going to be shipped until early 2018. Something that means you will have to wait a little longer for your adventure to begin. 
Bose Wave SoundTouch music system IV
Last, what Christmas list would be complete without a little tech? Music tech in this case in the form of the Bose Wave Music system. 
Available in platinum, silver and white this remotely controlled gizmo can stream music from many different platforms, as well as access DAB radio. There is even space for a CD if you still have any of those lying around? 
It's the waveguide speaker tech that really packs a punch though, delivering crystal clear sound, perfect for listening to all your playlists on. Do watch out, however, as your Christmas visitors may insist on listening to carols on it, or even insist on organising a festive sing-along if they spot it. Although, that is still perhaps preferable than receiving 15 pairs of novelty Rudolph socks. 

Cote Brasserie Newcastle: The perfect place to dine this Christmas

I’m not a fussy eater but I am quite fussy on standards in restaurants. I don’t mean to sound pompous by saying that but if I’m paying for food I want it to be worth it, I also think customer service is rated 50:50 to the food. Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to Cote Brasserie for their opening press night. Normally these nights are pretty near to average, but with Cote it was a completely different evening. We were spoilt!! From the moment we entered the restaurant the waitresses were straight with us and get our drinks topped up, it was also nice to hear their recommendations. 

We started the evening with a couple of glasses of fizz learning about the launch of the restaurant and what they wanted to offer the city. Cote is going to be the perfect place for formal dinners, pre theatre meal or just catch up friends, I can honestly picture it being the perfect for every occasion. We were then presented with an array of starters, normally I’m not a fan of nibbles because I don’t think you get much of an opinion of the food, however there were so many of these you could try a couple of each. And there were lots of different options to choose from including the charcuterie board, crab mayonnaise, chicken liver pate and a goats cheese and onion flatbread. I thoroughly enjoyed the charcuterie board and the crab mayonnaise. 

For our mains we were able to choose whatever we would like from the menu, when I get this kind of offer I always go for a steak. Not because I’m greedy! But because it’s one of those dishes that I think really help you judge a restaurant because you can compare it to other places. It’s also a dish that can be so good or can end up so wrong. 
I went for the 30 day aged sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce, and it was cooked to perfection. Served with frites. Definitely one of the nicer steaks I’ve had. My sister went for the belly pork which was served alongside gratin potatoes, it didn’t last long so I’m guessing it went down well. No she did say it was very nice. 

I was quite happy with my main and felt very satisfied, and then I was tempted by the dessert menu. I normally have more of a savoury tooth than a sweet one but that evening I was really tempted by the warm chocolate fondant with ice cream. So glad I ordered this because it was beautiful, not at all stodgy but super chocolatey!! My fav kind of pudding.

The whole evening was amazing! I really did enjoy myself. And we have already booked another table for next week. I would definitely recommend you give it a try next time your in Newcastle.

Here’s some other reviews I’ve collected for you of Cote Brasserie...

Hope you enjoyed reading, RB 

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