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Newcastle's Grainger Christmas Market











There is nothing I love better to get me into a festive mood, than a good old Christmas market. So I was thrilled to be asked to head along to the Grainger Christmas Market in Newcastle. This fell on the 1st December, the day where singing Christmas carols, eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine become acceptable, no sooner! Heading along to the event I wasn't sure what to expect really because I've never been to Grainger Markets before, which to the locals I know is quite a shock, when you get a handful of geordies in the market you have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, when in a group there accent becomes stronger and they seem to talk at some supersonic speed. It became obvious to me that for the locals this was somewhere they would visit regularly, I was even told that some people came that regularly that the cafe's gave them free cups of tea and coffee. The market was full of every themed stall possible from market cafes, to Spanish wine stalls. Pet Lamb Pattiserie to the cheese market. With added Christmas stalls, selling mulled wine, cider, wreaths and decorations. It was such a lovely atmosphere. Smack bang in the middle of the market there was a live band playing, where local dancers got up and jived, it was really great to watch. They even stopped to take part in the Mannequinn challenge, not sure we made the video though.

As VIP guests we gained to option to view from the balcony and learn the history of the Grainger Markets, again it was great to hear how one place brought together the locals. And it made a great place to take photos from. This was also a great place to watch the band and dancers, just from looking from above you could really see the joy and happiness filling the room.











We also got access to the air raid shelter, this was an original from World War II. I'm not the biggest fan of history but from having family members who fought in the 2nd World War I do find it amazing to see for a couple of seconds what it may have been like for them. And it made such a great addition to the market, as much as parts were blocked off, we were told that the shelter would actually run all the way down to central station. Obviously nowadays health and safety has gone a little crazy so we are very restricted what we can see, but what we did see was pretty fantastic. I have included some photos so you can see images of the toilets, escape hatches and graffiti, that I was told has been there since the war.






On the evening I choose not to buy anything from the market as I plan to have a big Christmas shopping day in Newcastle in the next week or so, and I will definitely be calling into the markets to pick some things up. I'm definitely returning to get some Serrano ham and some orange and champagne Wensleydale cheese, there is no better reason than Christmas to over indulge on foods that are bad for you.

Which Christmas market are you heading to this year? 

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