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My Favourite Christmas Film.





I would like to say I only have one favourite Christmas film but that would be a bit of a lie. From a very young age my all time favourite Christmas film had always been The Santa Claus, I remember watching it ever year and it was a film I have never got bored of. Over the years my favourite list grew as in 2002 Santa Claus 2 was released and in 2006 Santa Claus 3 was released, becoming my favourite trilogy of all time. I love how Tim Allen portrays Santa as just your average guy with a hidden secret, over the trilogy you see him share the secret with his family, him find his Mrs Claus, him battle with Jask Frost and have his 2nd child, along with lots of other exciting happenings. And still after all these years the part I find the most exciting is that Santas sleigh makes its own hot chocolate and cookies. I really am a big kid at heart. I'll stop there because obviously I don't want to ruin the stories if you haven't seen them already. As i'm sat writing this I've just swapped over from Santa Claus 2 DVD to Santa Claus 3 DVD as I've decided to watch the whole trilogy to get me into the festive spirit ready to write up my Blogmas posts. Last year I upgraded my The Santa Claus and Santa Claus 2 VCR to DVD as we no longer own a VCR player. Its also become a tradition to indulge in a hot chocolate while watching, purely because I like to pretend it was made in Santa's sleigh. I may be 24 now but I still get just as excited as I did when I was 7 when it comes to Christmas and watching Christmas films on an evening gets me in the perfect festive mood. I try and find any excuse to watch a Christmas film whether it be when wrapping presents, decorating the house, writing blogposts or just when I'm feeling a little bored.

Christmas films are the perfect way to get all the family filled with Christmas spirit. This year I have found an even better way to enjoy Christmas films. And that is by updating our TV to a Panasonic 4k TVThese have recently been unveiled as the ultimate in home cinema entertainment system, featuring a Studio Master HCK Processor, Professional Cinema Display for out of this world clarity, contrast and brightness as well as beautiful art & interior design. This TV is going to make watching Christmas films so much better than how it was with my old 19 inch tv, this will be the perfect Christmas gift for all the family especially the technology fans. The TV currently retails at £429 and can be purchased direct from Panasonic aswell as Argos, Currys and PC World. 



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