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Christmas Q&A

Today I have created a Q&A for some of my fellow bloggers. First up we have Helen from 
HonestlyHelen sharing her answers to my super festive Q&A. 

What does Christmas mean to you?

I always thought as a child christmas was about family but as i got older i realised it was actually genuinely about good will to all. I grew up on an army base in Europe away from my extended family so we would always have some random young soldier round from christmas lunch who could't make it home to England to be with their own family. I selfishly hated it because i didn't know then and just wanted to be with my mum, dad and brother. As i grew up I realised what an amazing thing that was for my parents to do, and how meaningful that must have been for the young lads who had no where else to go. 

What are your Christmas traditions?


The only stringent tradition we have is hot pork sandwiches at my parents on Christmas eve. It started when they lie din Germany before me and my brother were born and one of the German officers gave my mum the gift of a pork joint for christmas (they do love their meat over there!) mum had already bought their turkey for christmas dinner so they had the pork on xmas eve in sandwiches with stuffing and gravy, and a tradition was born. Other than that i's also customary to get very drunk and argue over trivial pursuit on christmas day evening

What is on your wish list this year?


It's boring and unimaginative but i could really do with the cash this year, I've booked a trip to Vegas with my best american friend Meagan in March next year to see the Backstreet Boys (the band that made us friends in the first place). I've had to put it all on an interest free credit card for now so some universal gift vouchers wold come in very handy to get that paid off before i start getting charged!

Which advent calendar have you got this year?

I'm a real brat when it comes to advent calendars, i can't bear what i call 'crap chocolate' so it's cadburys or nothing for me i'm afraid!

What is your favourite Christmas film?

I've never been massively enamored with christmas films as their all much of a muchness. I love Plane,s Trains and Automobiles (even though that's technically about thanksgiving - it's still a 'holiday'film) but i do love Love Actually and Fred Claus was quite funny

What is your typical Christmas Day outfit?



I used to get super stressed about my christmas outfit and go all out with the perfect dress but these days it's way more casual and the recent resurgence of the christmas jumper/t-shirt has been a massive help. I usually rope the hubs in as well in some sort of festive attire. Jeans and t-shirt is way more expanding waistline friendly than a dress and tights anyway!

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

It's hard to pick just one as christmas 'time' for me is always a happy time. When we lived in beligium they used to rope in one of the young squaddies to dress up as Santa and come round the estate with some extra presents for the kids. That was also fun (particularly as it was customary to 'pay' santa in bottles of beer - we lived on 9th street of 11 so he was very, very jolly by the time he reached us!) 

What are your reflections from 2016?

That as far as years go i'd mark this down as s successful one. I've finally manged to get my health under control after a rocky year last year, Dave and I have had some lovely holidays to Portugal and Norway, Dave's achieved loads with his ultra running and mu blog had taken off more than i ever dreamed it would, hoping for more of the same in 2017!

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