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A twilight evening at Spa at Ramside













It's a hard life when work involves indulging in Fusion food and relaxing in an outdoor heated pool, but someone has to do it. Last week myself and some of the other North East bloggers headed to Spa at Ramside to see what they had to offer, the Spa can be found on the grounds of Ramside Hall. This was a dream come true for me, I have been desperate for a spa day and haven't had the chance to chill out and relax since late June. The idea of the evening was to see what facilities were available within the spa and what packages you can sign up to, in all honesty if I lived closer I would have signed up to a monthly membership there and then.

On arrival we were presented with champagne & midori, something I would not have thought to mix together, but surprisingly was really taste, followed with a Fusion buffet from their inhouse restaurant. I've always been a massive fan of Thai inspired food so being presented with Sushi, dumpling, spring rolls and noodles was an absolute treat. Probably wasn't the greatest meal to tuck into before getting into swimwear but never mind ey.

After food the lovely ladies of Ramside showed us around their gym, treatment rooms and sleep sanctuary. The gym was full of the latest gym equipment, and had a very modern style, with personal trainers on hand to help you out during the workout. I loved the simplicity of the treatments rooms and loved that each of the treatment rooms was named after different botanics, and each looked so welcoming, that welcoming that I'm already planning my return for a hot stone massage. If you haven't had one yet you definitely need to try one, it's by far my favourite spa treatment. The sleep sanctuary can only be described as pure bliss, a darkened room where you can lay out on heated adjustable beds and cover yourself in layers of soft blankets, house decor inspiration right there. 

After our tour we were let loose to go off and enjoy the spa facilities. The spa itself was a decent size, it included two indoor pools and one outdoor heated pools, a jacuzzi as well as steam rooms and saunas. I liked that there was a range of different rooms you could go into, as I do get bored after awhile of doing the same thing. There was also a Complimentary flavoured bar which I felt was a great added touch, you could order alcoholics drinks but I'm not a fan of alcohol when I'm at a spa. I choose to spend quite awhile catching up with some of the girls in the outdoor pool, so great to be able to sit in a lovely hot pool knowing outside it's bitter cold. However that's not so great when you have to quickly exit the pool and run inside, it was a little chilly. As much as we were there working I heard a lot of the girls say it was quite nice to do nothing for a change. As bloggers the majority of us work full time jobs or have families as well as running our blogs, so we do have crazy busy schedules. It's not often I get the chance to spend a couple of hours doing nothing, so this was a huge treat for me and the others. It was also a great chance for us to catch us as a lot of us have made really good friends through blogging, and it was lovely to meet some of the girls I hadn't meant before. 

I had such a lovely evening at Ramside Spa and I will be returning in the very near future for more pamper time, if your from the North East and feel like you need to treat yourselves take a look at what Ramside have on offer on their website here.

BBC Good Food Show London 2016





I was extremely lucky to get the opportunity to head to London last weekend for the BBC Good Food Show. Since a young age I have always been a lover of food, whether it be eating it or making it, and for many years I've wanted to go to the Good Food Show. So for me this was actually one of the best opportunities blogging has brought me so far. If you haven't been to one of the Good Food Shows I would definitely recommend heading along to one, they make a great day out or a weekend away with friends. I personally loved that it was reasonably close to Christmas as I got quite a few gift ideas from it aswell as thoroughly enjoying myself.

So over the weekend I had the chance to watch Paul Hollywood cook live, which was actually hilarious. Not only did I find out he had a great sense of humour but up close he's actually abit of a silver fox too. I also got to take part in a cocktail master class with Mews who run a stunning cocktail bar in Mayfair, and they showed us how to knock up a beautiful Espresso Martini and a sophisticated Gin Fizz. I then also took part in a wine and chocolate tasting session ran by Tom Kerridge and Lindt, two of my favourite thing. And I am now partial to a nice red wine, previously I felt like they all tasted like vinegar.. Considering I was at the show for three days I actually think there is a small possibility that I missed a couple of things out, when walking into Olympia it's a massive shock to see how many businesses there are to chat too, aswell as all the super theatre shows and tasting experiences.

Instead of giving you a step to step guide of what I did while I was there, I thought I would share with you the brands that stood out to me the most. At least that way if your heading to a Good Food Show you know what to look out for, or it may give you a few ideas for Christmas Gifts.
I will also share with you my purchase, there's only a few because there was only so much I could carry. But I do plan on putting a few online orders through over the coming weeks.



Manilife make the yummiest peanut butter I've tried! The crunch one was up there with one of my favourites! Perfectly suited with sweet apple. This is definitely something I will be ordering and keeping hidden from everyone else. It also helped that the guys promoting the business were extremely funny and had fantastic people skills.



I loved these mini vino wines. They are the perfect size for picnics, festivals or train journeys, not only that but they are a really good tasting wine aswell. And 3 for £5 I found to be a very reasonable price. The same company also made the Chocolate drop mulled wine, I've brought a couple of bottles of this home. I love mulled wine, even though I'm not normally a red wine fan. The added chocolate in this makes such a delicious beverage, I can't wait to heat some up and put up the Christmas tree. It's definitely my Christmas tipple this year.


If you follow my Instagram or twitter you will already know I am obsessed with everything coffee related. This stall attracted me instantly, Press'd is a little handbag size squeeze bottle filled with concentrated coffee. You add the concentrated coffee to hot water for a quick easy coffee on the go. I think this is perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle and a love for coffee just like myself. And much cheaper and quicker than going to the local coffee shop. These retail at £2.50, less than the cost of one takeaway coffee.



Who doesn't love Joe&Sephs? These guys have come up with every possible flavouring for popcorn, including cheese on toast, marmite and gin & tonic. I'm very lucky to currently be working on a collaboration with Joe&Sephs as part of Blogmas, I can't wait to share my festive recipe with you all. As by now you'll probably know you can pick up Joe&Sephs popcorn and sauce from many stores including Fenwicks & Sainsburys. Keep checking in for the Joe&Seph post in December.


Nothing But are a very modern take on healthy snacks. These include all natural ingredients, that are freeze dried to create super scrummy healthy snacks! I think these show how great science and food can be when mixed together. What looks like coloured cardboard actually tastes very similar to what's grown in your garden, I was particularly surprised at how great the beetroot chips tastes. It does show that healthy food can also taste good, which doesn't happen very often. 
These can be purchased from Holland & Barrett or Amazon.


Who doesn't? I certainly do love Vodka. These vodkas are actually amazing! That good that the salted caramel one came home with me in my suitcase. It tasted almost like sticky toffee pudding in a drink. Also the blackcurrant flavoured one tasted like an adult ribena. I can see these flavoured vodkas being an absolute hit at house parties, a great way to make drinking games more enjoyable. 



Last but definitely not least, Jim Jams! Their hazelnut chocolate spread tastes so scrummy, and it's so much healthier for you than other brands on the market. I can't wait to incorporate this into a few recipes for you guys to try. To think this jar includes only 6 teaspoons of sugar unlike some that contain over 50, no wonder people are unhealthy these days. It's about time we all started looking for the healthier alternatives.

So these are just a few of the products that I really loved over the weekend. I didn't get a photo of it but I would also like to share that ALDI's prosecco for £7.49 is particularly nice for the price, well worth stocking up on for over Christmas.
I really hope that this post has shown you a little insight to what the BBC Good Food Show has to offer, if you've ever thought about going. Do it! 

Let me know if your heading to a Good Food Show soon, or have you purchased any of the above?

BCAA Hydro Fuel from Kinetica Sports

 As a gym goer I often get asked what supplements I use, what companies to purchase from, and what I feel I get the best results from . So I thought I would introduce fitness back into my blog. One thing people alway ask me is what would I recommend them using, and in my opinion Kinetica Sports BCAA Hydro Fuel should be one of the top products on that list. I have used so many different types of BCAA's over the last 3 years, and I stopped using them all for various reasons. Such as repulsive flavours, unable to mix them properly and just generally not liking the product aswell as expense.

Back to basics, for anyone who doesn't know why you use BCAA's. BCAA's are essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body, making it necessary to consume them through supplementation. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and make up one third of muscle tissue. When used the amino acids are metabolised by the muscle instead of the liver, so the muscle can quickly utilise them as fuel when exercising. So not only does Hydro fuel have all of these benefits, it also includes Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate and Citrulline Malate, which help stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and improve insulin response. As well as reducing muscle fatigue, this is one of the benefits I love most about Hydro Fuel. I ache so much less after my workout now, and I honestly believe it's because my muscle are receiving the correct nutrients to help speed up recovery. I find nothing worse than trying to work out a couple of days later when I'm still feeling the aches from a heavy workout, my muscles feel fatigued and I struggle to get the same results. With Hydro Fuel I can train 5 days a week and still work hard in each session, without the aches.

The reason this product tops others on the market, is not only just the nutritional benefits it has on my muscles. But the taste of both the fruit punch and orange crush is actually really good, they don't make me bork and I actually enjoy drinking them. Not only that but they mix really well, I no longer have clumps of powder getting through the mouth piece of my shaker, and I don't have to add cordial to make it taste better. Aswell as everything else I feel the price of Hydra Fuel is well worth the purchase at £34.99 a tub, which normally last me around 4-6 weeks. You can purchase yours at

Pamper night with Nugg






I'm not sure if it's just me but as soon as the weather starts to change, so does my skin condition. The cold winds and rainy weather make my skin so dry, especially my lips, which makes it a little difficult when applying make up. My foundation seems to go patchy and my lipstick peels off with my cracked lips. Every girls nightmare!

Since I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself and struggled to get warm I felt like I was well overdue a pamper night. I feel Sunday's are such a great day to have a pamper, why not start the next week feeling refreshed. So tonight calls for a hot bubble bath while using the nugg face mask, lip mask and eye mask. Why not do it all ey?

The reason I really love the nugg products at the moment is because they are not drying at all. I did try and take some photos using the products but you can't really see them on. Because they look just like moisturiser. They don't have colours added to them to make them noticeable unlike other masks that dry to your face and start to crack when it's time to take it off, or turn a darker shade as they dry, it feels like your treating your skin when you put them on. Even after the allotted time the product is still wet to touch. This is perfect in the autumn and winter months, because when my skin is already dry I don't want to make it worse by adding a drying product. This is same with the face, lip and eye mask. 

The face masks come in hand little pots that are perfect size for one application, I think this is a great idea as you don't need to worry about the rest of the product drying up. It also means they are really handy to take away with you without taking up too much room in your toiletry bag. So far I have tried the hydrating, exfoliating and deep cleansing face masks and I've loved all of them. They do exactly what they say they are going to. And they match so well with the lip mask, which is becoming my saviour when my lips start to crack. I've used it the last few nights before I go to bed and my lips feel so much smoother. 

I've only ever used a handful of eye products before, but I'm starting to get to the age where I think I should be treating the awful bags under my eyes with a little bit of love. When I'm tired I get terribly puffy eyes mainly because I suffer from severely dry eyes, I have found these eye masks really do hydrate the bags under my eyes, and I've noticed they appear a lot less puffy. Which is great, I have such a busy schedule but I hate that it takes a toll on my appearance.

It's so important to pamper yourself regularly, if we don't look after ourselves we feel so much worse. Get your hands on some nugg products now so you can have a pamper evening. 
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