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American Afternoon Tea at Karbon Grill.













Just looking back at these photos makes my mouth water! This is the first time I'd ever heard of an American style afternoon tea so as you can imagine I was pretty excited to see what it was all about. A few thoughts had passed my mind about what it could include, but it was pretty much a mystery. Luckily I was pleasently surprised with what I received. 
Karbon Grill is found on the site of the best football stadium in the world, the Stadium of Light. Like everything else on my blog that is my personal opinion. The restaurant is linked to the Hilton Garden Inn hotel. The venue is stunning, very simplistic and modern, I can imagine it being a great place to host party events as well as conferences. It's also very close to the city centre so easy to get to if your using public transport.

Not only was I shocked by the quality of the afternoon tea, but I was also quite shocked at the price. I found £14.50 to be very reasonable for what you got. I've known places serve less and charge nearly double that price. Also this was far from an ordinary afternoon tea, the American style really rubbed off, as it included all the American classics. Including Key Lime Pie which one of my friends predicted would be on the menu. I had never tried Key Lime Pie or Pecan Pie before, so it was great to try them in a miniature form to see if they were up my street. Of course, like pretty much every other dessert, I loved them both. However my favourite was definitely the Mississippi pud pie slices, not too rich and very moreish! So typical of me to talk about the puddings before the savoury options.

Like I've said the range of American classics was great, for the savoury selection we had a yummy mini cheese burger, although it was miniature it still had a good quality burger inside, again I could have easily eaten more than one. We then got two calzones, one had quite a spicy filling to it and the other was a simple cheese and tomato, both were lovely and I quite enjoyed the kick of the spicy one. We then had buffalo chicken wings which were just a little too hot for most people, the kind of heat that takes away all the flavour. I wasn't a massive fan of that one unfortunately! 
And finally we had cheese and pickle bites, usually I would stay clear of anything with cheese and pickle in, as it's not a combination I've ever been a fan of. But there were scrummy, I just tried one because I thought it would be rude not to, and I was really shocked that I loved them. I was super happy that I got seconds of these.

Over the last few months I've tried a few different places to eat in Sunderland, and this has definitely been up there with one of my favourites so far. You'll have to pop along and try it for yourselves, don't forget to book beforehand, would hate for you to be disappointed.
I'm hoping to pop back in in a few weeks with the other half to see if he loves it as much as I did.

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